Friday Night Funnies – George Carlin Wasn’t An Environmentalist!

I have to admit that the first time I heard this rant, I thought it was pretty wild. I thought of it tonight as I was thinking about the incredible power of earthquakes and tsunamis and how we mere humans are defenseless in a lot of natural disasters.

I certainly don’t agree with George on all or maybe most of what he says, but he sure presents his case well. He was one of my favorite comedians growing up. I’m sure this will provoke a discussion or two. Have a great weekend, I’m sure I’ll do some posting this weekend, especially if I procrastinate on the other things I should be doing.


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Funnies – George Carlin Wasn’t An Environmentalist!

  1. Round 3 report can I say I love firebagger logic? Instead of blaming those who didn’t vote I should blame myself and those who still support the president and voted in the last election. So I responded with this little long but I was super piss.

    Firebag logic gotta love it almost Charlie Sheen like,

    When you joined in on the president has fucked everything up bandwagon people who don’t pay attention to politics or follow news closely will go “Damn left winger Ed Schultz and right winger Sean Hannity both say the president is a screw up, why in the hell would I vote for his party?” I said the healthcare bill should have been better but how you’re going to get a better health care bill when you allow the Republicans control of the house for the next two years? Yeah I wanted tough Wall Street reform but how the hell you’re going to get it now when you let the Republicans run the house?

    I chose to vote and I chose to tell people that you don’t want the Republicans to win because bad shit is going to happen and surprise, surprise bad shit is happening and it’s my fault. Damn me for wanting to save the Democratic majority in the house and trying to warn people about allowing wingnuts to take over their state houses.

    You confuse cheerleading with trying to prevent a total wingnut takeover.. And guess what who’s right and who’s wrong right now? Republican house trying to pass a repel of health care, cuts to NPR and PBS, cuts to education, cuts to social services, dumb ass anti-abortion bill after dumbass anti abortion bill and their strange obsession of going after Planned Parenthood and if you like me and you live in Michigan democracy is about to die at any moment. Yeah I’m a fucking cheerleader because I wanted people to prevent what’s going on now. Here’s the truth about people like me and people like you we fight, you guys people whine. we vote to save our interest and you people cry about wanting some left wing president that never existed.

    You let the people you claim to care about down I didn’t I got my ass up every morning posting stories about what Republicans want to do if they get power back, I send out emails and letters and on election day I made sure everyone I know got their asses to their voting place. The people you follow Cenk and Jane Hamster wanted clicks and ad money and you fell for their shit. Being disappointed is temporary, damages a right wing government can cause last almost a lifetime.

  2. Oh yeah I was called a freeper I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen too many freepers standing up for a Democratic President and his accomplishments.

  3. Loving Al Jazeera (English) on my TV here in my room at the Fez Ramada Hotel, with that network’s extensive reporting of the earthquake. Since the nuclear plant has lost its cooling system (broken water pipes), there is still fear of a melt-down that would only add to Japan’s problems. Death toll is constantly mounting and now over 1000 dead.

    Also getting many stories on riots in Yemen, and updated Libyan stories. Even saw all of Obama’s press conference yesterday complete with the journalists’ questioning. I don’t know why Al Jazeera is banned in the USA other than it is a Muslim-owned network. It is most “fair and balanced” but I have not seen a Charlie Sheen/Lohan story in the past week and a half either in Europe and North Africa!!!

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