Steven Colbert Rips Huckabee For His “Gaffe”!

I’m sure glad we have Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and their staff to do the work of real journalists in this country.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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4 thoughts on “Steven Colbert Rips Huckabee For His “Gaffe”!

  1. I like Stephen Colbert way more than Jon Stewart. For one Stewart’s become less funny as time goes by yet Colbert seems to stay funny.

    BTW extreme, what do you think about Matt Damon? I’ve been thinking of boycotting his movies for awhile.

  2. It’s weird because I just got the Informant form Netflix to watch because everyone said he was so good in it, but I haven’t watched it yet.

    He’s welcome to his opinion and with so many on the left lying about stuff, it’s possible he is just badly informed….get it, Informant..

    I’m sure he will come around and support the president when the election gets in full swing.

  3. Thats true… Your right he’s entitled in his opinions. I was disappointed in Clinton many times but despite this I would have voted for him if I could. I was too young at the time so couldn’t.

  4. We have only been able to get English BBC and Sky News, Russia Today, and sometimes CNN International in our hotels in Spain. Nary a word however about Charlie Sheen, but did see a long interview with Damon and I was surprised that he is so disapointed. Maybe he spends too much time on sites like FDL or HuffPo.

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