Saturday Cartoons – Foghorn Leghorn Classic

Take six minutes of your weekend and watch this classic cartoon, do they make them like this way anymore?


6 thoughts on “Saturday Cartoons – Foghorn Leghorn Classic

  1. Since our cartoons have been digitalized, outsourced to overseas production companies, they are not as good as the old homegrown Disney, Hanna-Barbera, variety.

  2. I have been watching that site for a couple of months now. It is really good, and the commenters are sane people. I haven’t posted yet because someone always makes a remark that I would have made. BWD, is one classy site. Lots of information. Thanks for sharing it with EL and anyone else that is interested in viewing her place. She also goes through the comments and takes out all the nasty nasty crap that usually shows up. She wants a positive site. You Go Girl. :)

  3. I watched some meet the press and can only hope that they replace this bozo soon. David Gregory sucks as a journalist and is a disgrace to that word. He should be fired and shown the door a long time ago.

    Meet The Press used to be fair and balanced and a real joy to watch. Now it just plain SUCKS.

  4. well I liked that guy who passed away by a heart attack. Usually his interviews were fairly fair if you will. May not have been as good as the guy before him but still it was way better than it is now.

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