President Obama Is Winning – He Keeps Creating Jobs For Americans!

And he has done this while fighting the Republican Party who has pulled out all the stops to try to kill our economy so they can grab even more power and give even more money to the richest people in the country who by the way, have been sending American jobs overseas. Ask the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of the GOP’s biggest supporters how they feel about shipping American jobs overseas. They actually teach classes on how to do it – how to stick it to American workers. Thanks to Steve Benen for the awesome chart and story.


13 thoughts on “President Obama Is Winning – He Keeps Creating Jobs For Americans!

  1. So Obama gets none of the blame for the high rate of unemployment, that was all Bush and the republicans, then gets the credit for a little drop.

    The unemployment rate didn’t improve until the change in congress and companies feel better about the US’s future. I have yet to see any positive response towards small businesses, a lot of rhetoric but no action.

    This administration does have a love of large corporations especially the ones they own. Do nothing about oil exploration and sell more Volts, get what he wants and become totally green. Great strategy to screw the poor and middle class while claiming to support them.

  2. the more I am reading into what the republicans are doing to this country the more I support violently removing them out of office if this cannot be achieved through legal means. I know I know I am overreacting many may argue but extreme measures against the fundamentalist rightwing may be required. They are taking peoples rights away, trying to destroy our country.

    Have you heard that Scott Walkers budget proposal defunds planned parenthood among many other programs? Have you also heard hick Rick Perry poised to sign into law an extreme rightwing abortion bill? Someone needs to take care of these fucking assholes.

  3. wanted to come back and say I don’t think violence is the answer but what the republicans are doing is making my rage grow by the day.

  4. “Today’s employment report shows that private sector payrolls increased by 222,000 in February, marking 12 consecutive months of growth that has added 1.5 million jobs at private firms”.

    You are entitled to your opininon, but not your own set of ‘facts’

  5. correction as long as he’s a republican. if he’s a democrat it stays around for centuries.

  6. To even begin to discuss the *jobs* we have to put forth definitions. *Jobs* to Republicorps means upper mgmt, because their goal is to deconstruct and rebuild all middle mgmt overseas. Leaving only the Big House and the field hands behind.

    Boehner: “Where are the jobs?” translation: where can I carve out from middle class benefits to create more $10million salaries for my peers?

    Blue collar: “Where are my jobs?”
    Republicorps: We’re withholding those until we’ve repossessed all your houses and cars so we can resell them back to you for 3 times the cost. Just call us the Company Store.

    College grads: “Where are the jobs?” Republicorps: We don’t need you. Go back home and live with your parents and be grateful you got a degree before we took over the education system. We have all the software developers we need overseas, contributing to our new consumer market there.

  7. Here in Barcelona, a few locals I’ve engaged in conversation already think the USA is becoming a fascist state, and with their memories of Franco here, they know about fascism. Have driven 100 miles in my rental VW diesel (mid 40’s mpg) and nary a pothole in any road, the freeway system is great and many new road construction projects currently underway.

    In Texas, our Gov. Perry wants to defund most of the highway projects already approved thus costing Texas JOBS! It’s almost like the GOP wants NO NEW JOBS before the 2012 elections. What’s some misery for millions of Americans IF Republicans can take back the White House. The “ends justify the means”! But the GOP won’t raise the Texas $0.20 a gallon state gas tax.

    Diesel here in Spain is $7 a gallon but nobody gripes, knowing what they are getting for their taxes (plus everyone drives economical autos, too). Gas taxes also help with mass transit that is everywhere. Houston has no trains, in fact our Republican congresscritters were behind tearing out the existing MKT railroad tracks to widen I-10 to 20 lanes that allow everyone to drive the 25 miles from Katy, TX to downtown Houston, most often one person to one car!

    Here a round trip from Sitges to downtown Barcelona cost me about $5 dollars US for the 60 mile round trip. I am driving to Madrid but could take a high speed train to cover that 300 miles in 2.5 hours…faster than flying if one accounts for terminal time plus the train goes from center city to center city which saves time.

  8. Wish I had the fortune and time to travel the world but I am just a working man supporting my family and paying my taxes so others don’t have to work. I guess traveling the world will have to wait.

    Looking at that chart I noticed that the downturn happened during the demopcrap control of congress and the recovery started after conservatives got a say. Like was posted, “You are entitled to your opininon, but not your own set of ‘facts’”

  9. Where did you find a chart stating your information? Keep in mind that you are entitled to your sources, but they are subject to the “opinion vs facts” criteria.

  10. Click on the last sentence that says “Thanks to Steve Benen for the awesome chart and story.”

    Which begs the question, did you read the post? I’m just saying…

  11. A littel green with envy, Ralph???

    My Republican UNION parents, children of the Great Depression, never traveled much, but instead put aside savings every week and ended up investing 1/3 million dollars in bank CD’s. They feared having to go to a nursing home but both died quickly and thus were able to leave behind a nice inheritance including stocks from a grandfather, too. Now I have to cash out some annuities, having reached that certain age (and PAY taxes which I don’t mind doing!). I am traveling the world thanks in part to their frugality. If I had to live on my paltry teacher pension and Social Security, I would be living in a pensioner fleabag hotel. I feel sorry for many senior citizens barely making ends meet.

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