Republicans Vote To Send Your Tax Dollars To Big Oil – Who Are Earning Record Profits!

Isn’t it about time we start cutting corporate welfare? Why should the American people subsidize an industry that is raping us all and raking in profits like never before? Oh wait, that’s right, because Republicans would rather cut programs that support women, children, the disabled, homeless people, starving Americans, people freezing in their homes and education instead of taking one penny from the richest corporations in the country. Exxon-Mobil paid no taxes in 2010, how about you? From Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly…

For the typical American, I suspect this will seem hard to understand. In the face of fiscal challenges, Republicans are ready to slash funding in education, health care, job training, and national security, but they’re not willing to end taxpayer subsidies — our money — for the oil industry? An industry that’s already enjoying extraordinary profits?

Also note, ending the subsidies would save the federal government tens of billions of dollars, making a significant dent in the deficit-reduction campaign that Republicans pretend to care about. It’s a reminder that the GOP’s commitment to fiscal responsibility is shaped in large part by who’ll suffer as a result of the cuts — working families can feel the brunt of the budget ax, under the GOP vision, but Exxon-Mobil can’t.