President Obama Continues To Show Support For Public Employee Unions!

I know this is all over the internet, but I felt I must post it as well. It sure is nice to have an adult as President of the United States. It’s just too bad almost everyone else in our federal government acts like adolescents.

And if you haven’t seen this awesome sound bite from Wally Pfister, the Oscar winning cinematographer for the film Inception, go watch it now. Sorry I can’t find the Youtube clip and there is a commercial that leads into this clip.


5 thoughts on “President Obama Continues To Show Support For Public Employee Unions!

  1. I am proud of this president even though many are ‘displeased’ for whatever reason. Shultz commented on this and he gave grudging respect but said Obama needs to talk more about this issue. Personally I don’t think Shultz realizes how delicate of a situation this actually is. Obama has been pushing silently and heavily for governors to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

    Of course many are upset that Obama ‘caved’ on the Bush tax cuts but I think this was important to get other legislation done. Besides Clinton caved all the time with republicans yet I never heard nearly the same amount of criticism that Obama has got leveled at Clinton before. Of course I was young at the time so my memory could be faulty here.

  2. Great reasoning, take money from people who work for it and give it to people who choose not to. The leftists have one mantra, take from the successful because it sounds good. Doesn’t matter that the successful currently pay a huge majority of the taxes, it is I would rather be taken care of than take care of myself. Poverty, for the most part, is voluntary.

    Somehow I don’t think that is what made this country great. Obama supports the unions because they vote. He couldn’t care less that gas prices are headed for records and there is ample oil in this country to supply all of our needs, the envirowackos vote Democrat and he needs their support.. He has an agenda to provide for all of his entitled base and to hell with everyone else.

  3. TROLL Atlanta Ralph! you are one of the selfish many (mostly Republican) who say, “I got MINE, screw everyone else!” That is not what our President Obama says, asshole. But like all of your REICH-wing fellows, you keep telling the big LIES.

    The REICH claim to love Jesus, but do everything in their power to screw the poor. Religion is a big false front for many of them. Nobody VOLUNTEERS to be poor.

    Many of the rich pay no taxes, nor do many of our largest corporations. They use offshore banks to hide their money and can afford the high priced tax attorneys to find every loophole in the law.

    As far as teacher’s pensions, I PAID INTO THE FUND FROM MY SALARY! No taxpayer money was every used. In Texas, we state workers are exempt from Social Security withholding since we put our own money into the Texas State Retirement System. I paid into Social Security from age 15 to age 50, then only paid into the pension fund to age 65. Since I hadn’t paid into Social Security those last 15 years, have had my Social Security cut in half to $427 a month. Was told by some pencil pusher in D.C. that I was “double dipping” even though in the 35 years I did pay into Social Security, paid a lot some years when I had a large income (six figures), so probably paid in more total than somebody at a minimum wage job who paid their whole lifetime. After 15 years, I went from $20K a year to $39K a year teaching and from that income, I took home a lot less after contributing to my benefit packages and of course IRS withholding. Because my classroom lacked many supplies, I bought around $500 a year to supply my classroom. Thankfully, Staples, Office Depot, Barnes & Noble have 10% teacher discounts which helped. Yeah, we teachers were pampered, OVERPAID!

    So Obama is responsible for the gas price hike? Is he responsible for the hike going on ALL AROUND THE WORLD??? Gas prices were higher under George W. Bush and he never touched our gasoline reserves either. The energy experts as reported in the Houston Chronicle Oil and Gas column are saying prices won’t get as high this summer as they did in 2008 because our refineries have MORE in storage now and have increased refinery capacity since then. Most fuel prices are artificially set by speculators, NOT by supply, anyway.

  4. You paid into your benefit package, who paid the remainder since you did not pay it all, hint Taxpayer. I did not say teachers were overpaid. In Wisconsin they earn salary and benefits in the $80K range, have summer off, spring break, Christmas. They are in front of a classroom 180+- days a year. Most teachers choose to teach for various reasons, very few are indentured servants.

    If it wasn’t for the Envirowackos, we would be able to drill offshore and tap the oil in this country. It is the poor who will suffer the most from Obama’s unwillingness to help the downtrodden in this country in exchange for votes.

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