How Much Did You Pay In Taxes Last Year? GE, Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America And Citibank Paid ZERO!

The Republican con of America continues and their brainwashing of Republican voters have made them believe that the real problem in America is those overpaid firefighters, teachers, police and union workers in general. To me, this is the most blatant campaign yet by conservatives to separate the wealthy from the working class people in this country. I can’t even believe the contempt I hear from conservatives towards the people who teach their children, police their streets, fight fires in their communities and do the jobs in factories that they would never do. Are none of these people members of their families? Are they really so removed from people who work hard for a living that they are able to label them, marginalize them and basically talk about them as if they aren’t really people but leaches. Do they pass this on to their kids and is that the reason why so many kids have no respect for their teachers or any other authority. The politics of smear, divide, diminish and lie has overtaken our country and caused many people to see everything through that veil. Is it any wonder that politicians are acting like they are, they are a reflection of the monster they created.

Think Progress has a great article about how little the largest companies in our country pay in taxes. Astounding…

[Gibson] explains, “I have one dollar in my wallet. That’s more than the combined income tax liability of GE, ExxonMobil, Citibank, and the Bank of America. That means somebody is gaming the system.”

Indeed, as politicians are asking ordinary Americans to sacrifice their education, their health, their labor rights, and their wellbeing to tackle budget deficits, some of the world’s richest multinational corporations are getting away with shirking their responsibility and paying nothing. ThinkProgress has assembled a short but far from comprehensive list of these tax dodgers — corporations which have rigged the tax system to their advantage so they can reap huge profits and avoid paying taxes:

BANK OF AMERICA: …didn’t pay a single penny in federal income taxes…

BOEING: Despite receiving billions of dollars from the federal government every single year in taxpayer subsidies from the U.S. government, Boeing didn’t “pay a dime of U.S. federal corporate income taxes” between 2008 and 2010.

CITIGROUP: …Citigroup’s deferred income taxes for the third quarter of 2010 amounted to a grand total of $0.00.

EXXON-MOBIL: …Although Exxon-Mobil paid $15 billion in taxes in 2009, not a penny of those taxes went to the American Treasury.

GENERAL ELECTRIC: …he world’s largest corporation — filed more than 7,000 tax returns and still paid nothing to U.S. government…

Of course people on the right characterize asking corporations to pay some taxes as an attack on corporations. They don’t seem to have a problem “attacking” middle class Americans, teachers, firefighters, public employees, all types of union workers and those people who don’t have any opportunities in front of them. Not only do they want working people to bear the brunt of the deficits that were created by allowing the above corporations to not pay a fucking dime in taxes, but they want to cut services to people who don’t even have a fucking income for them to take any taxes from. It is the ultimate in kicking people while they are down and they seem to revel in it. They are the lowest form of scum, if you ask me


One thought on “How Much Did You Pay In Taxes Last Year? GE, Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America And Citibank Paid ZERO!

  1. There may be reasons why some of those corporations paid little or no taxes that year.

    Bank had billions of dollars of losses on bad loans. I would suspect Bank of America and CitiGroup fall in this category.
    Exxon Mobil paid a very high tax rate in other countries. I am assuming they recieved a credit for taxes paid in other countries

    I don’t know why GE’s rate is so low not just that year but most others.

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