Protests In Lansing, Michigan Over Governor Snyder’s Union Busting!

Check out these signs sent from some family members and fellow NEA/MEA members minutes ago from Lansing, Michigan where they are protesting similar cuts as Wisconsin’s wingnut Republican governor. Democracy in action. And of course because a lot of them are teachers, the signs are even spelled right. Enjoy…I’m sure there will be more.


7 thoughts on “Protests In Lansing, Michigan Over Governor Snyder’s Union Busting!


    I support removing unions for jobs paid for with tax $ !

    I would be there demonstrating against these good people… but I have to work. Im not union so I dont get to hide behind a union stewart to keep my job. I dont show up .. I dont get paid.. I dont show up more … I get fired. It is about time these government employees are held to the same standards as the rest of us!

  2. I don’t get the argument about government jobs not being unionized because it is paid for by taxpayers. What the fuck does that matter? I think it is probably more important considering politicians come and go and are partisan. The government workers shouldn’t be exposed to abuse by a corrupt politician.

    And considering that everything is done out in the open, at least the agreements they reach are public…then to me that is a check on abuses.

    If unions support the Democratic Party, for the most part, it’s because they represent the workers interests more than the Republicans. Duh, Winning!

    I wonder how many of you folks on the right get your panties in a bunch when Haliburton, who supports the GOP, sits across from the table negotiating multi-billion dollar government contracts with our government? Does that bother you in the least? Not if your hypocrisy is in full bloom.

  3. I was a United Steel Worker at Youngstown Sheet & Tube BEFORE I was promoted to management. I liked that the Union STEWARDS were there to take care of many petty arguments that will always arise in the work place. We had some employees who could never show up for work on Mondays, probably due to heavy partying on weekends. Seemed they always had “car trouble” or sickness (themselves or family members) on Mondays! If we proved a pattern of such absenteeism, the Union supported our firing them. Union and management often were partners in the every day functions of the mill.

  4. I’m currently in the MEA and the NEA and it isn’t like we roll the university when we negotiate with them. Our union has made all sorts of concessions over the years in bad times. Unions aren’t anti-business like the GOP wants everyone to believe. It’s just another one of the false meme’s they perpetuate to keep their mindless followers in line. Unions came about with the industrial revolution and have and still do play a huge role in keeping American workers safe and working in a fair work environment.

  5. Looks like you weren’t educated by a union teacher, either. Either you never learned to proofread or never learned to write English.

    Union Stewarts…hmmm. That makes them Scottish, right?

  6. Hey man, there’s no need to be critical of the man’s spelling when he’s trying to make a statement. Hear what he has to say!

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