More Photos Of Protests In Lansing, Michigan – Support Unions, They Support The American Dream!


5 thoughts on “More Photos Of Protests In Lansing, Michigan – Support Unions, They Support The American Dream!

  1. I was at the rally – it was nice to be with like minded individuals – but the podium needs to be raised and more focus on speech order.

    Add interview spot where we can speak with a journalist


    Becky Hicks

  2. To think that 77,000 showed up to protest in Madison, another 33,000 plus at state houses in every state of the union, yet the REICH says the Unions are losing! Even deep down in their little white, racist hearts, the teabaggers KNOW that this is an assault on the Middle Class. Could be a reason they are not really demonstrating much in opposition. All Haley Barbour could talk about on “Meet the Press” today was the alleged poster with crosshairs over Gov. Walker’s face from a week ago.

    Former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower, wearing his trademark white cowboy hat, said he was happier than “a flea at a dog show” after seeing the hundreds gathered outside the Texas Capitol, yesterday. He said progressive voters had become too complacent and he urged them to vigorously oppose Republican-backed initiatives around the country. This nation-wide rally in the states was only organized 3 days before by and was a great success for something with so little planning.

  3. Texas teachers are the next group to demonstrate in Austin on March 12. For 25 years, Texas has honored a 22:1 pupil:teacher ratio in our public schools from kindergarten through grade 4. The Republicans want to remove this cap but maybe to fool the public, change the WORDING to a 22 pupil AVERAGE per classroom! So which schools will end up with 30 kids with one teacher? For sure it will not be the private schools or Christian academies where the REICH send their kids! Gov. “No New Taxes” Perry will not touch the Texas “emergency fund” which has nearly $10 billion in reserve. Instead he wants to “balance the budget” on the backs of education and health care. Not that he isn’t raising “taxes” but just not calling it that, like for instance increasing traffic fines by $15 which will raise $85 million more for the state (and except for the bad drivers, most will not complain). Perry is keeping the $1 fee already on our license renewals but disbanding the 200 cop auto theft agency the fee funded which had reduced such thefts in the state by 50% due to increased manpower. IOW, loss of police JOBS!

    Right now there is little if no movement to raise our motor fuel taxes, even though they are some of the lowest in the nation, still $0.20 per gallon on gasoline compared to the national average of $0.272. However, Gov. Perry and his super-GOP majority legislature only want to cancel road-building projects, you know JOBS! Even our diesel tax is less and it’s the heavy trucks who do most of the damage to our roads and bridges. Although such taxes are regressive (poor people need to get to work, too), such are mainly USER taxes.

  4. has updated the results of its 50 state demonstrations. From MoveOn:

    50,000 people took to the streets of every single capital in America to stand with Wisconsin and demand an end to the attacks on workers and to the cuts to vital services. We’re done watching the middle class get squeezed while the rich refuse to pay their fair share.

    Another 40,000 people followed along online, watching our live broadcasts and liveblog. And all of this was organized, primarily by volunteers, in only 4 days.

    The reports from across the country were amazing—inspiring and energizing. 1,000 people in St. Paul in 5-degree weather. 3,100 in a downpour in Trenton. And in deep red state America, 300 people on the steps of the Alabama Capitol.

  5. Love to to hear these things. Its truly a great thing to see people standing up and asking collectively for change. If only more people went out and voted when it mattered but unfortunately people were fooled by the media and tea bagging crowd not to mention worse yet the fire baggers. I just hope that something good comes out of this.

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