I’m Sorry, But Governor Chris Christie Is As Dumb As A Box Of Rocks!

He’s like the male Sarah Palin, in my mind. For some reason the DC Media people fawn over him and his “plain talk.” They of course just love that “style” thing, but don’t ever seem to be concerned with what actually comes out of his mouth. Last week his very scripted line about raising the retirement age on Social Security and then his very clever punchline about still standing there, not being vaporized, wasn’t that oh so clever? The media just ate it up with a spoon, while all those seniors and us 50 somethings (and close to that) said to ourselves, oh yea, we’ll see about that! I saw him on “Propaganda Joe with Mika the Enabler” the other morning when he said that unions are destroying the middle class…I laughed out loud, seriously. That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time, unions helped create the middle class in this country, read a damn history book you mindless Fox News drones. Here is the clip from “Propaganda Joe”…

Think Progress has more…

Because of his mass layoffs of public employees, the number of unemployed workers has actually increased in New Jersey since Christie took office. And Christie’s assertion that unions are not good for the middle class is quite troubling.

As David Madland and Karla Walter pointed out, “the middle class is markedly stronger when workers join together in unions.” In fact, the decline in unionization rates over the last forty years has been almost perfectly mirrored by a drop in middle-class incomes. Income inequality in the U.S. is the worst its been since the 1920′s, with nearly 25 percent of the total income in the country going to the richest one percent. The richest 10 percent of Americans control 2/3rds of the country’s net worth.

Another Bizarro World Republican who sees up as down and down as up, black as white and white as black, helping rich people somehow helps the poor, and giving tax breaks somehow increases revenue. Cue the Twilight Zone music again.


16 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, But Governor Chris Christie Is As Dumb As A Box Of Rocks!

  1. Chris Christy really is going to run in 2016? I think he’ll lose his bid but who knows the guy just doesn’t strike me as presidential. If he does get elected I think the guy will be a weak president.

  2. I just wanted to add something because I go on the young turks not to really listen much to what to say but rather analyze and find out what really makes them tick and have come to a couple of conclusions. I watched their take on Obama’s assertion on DOMA, here it is:

    One thing that I figured out is that Cenk is definitely not a progressive nor is he actually for gay marriage like he claims. He is actually a closet libertarian with some progressive ideals. I mean think about it he believes in the legalization of drugs and is very flamboyant about it. I am one progressive that am not for the legalization of drugs and don’t think that pot legalization would solve anything.

    I’m still unsure about his political stances and again what I’m saying may or may not be true but I think he’s a libertarian which explains why he bashes Obama so much. The people that follow him aren’t that bright either and if you read the comments I found things like the N word being used in describing Obama and other unsavory words. Well I don’t know about you but these people don’t sound like progressives at all too me.

    anyway sorry for the rant.

  3. The “professional left” including O’Donnell and Schultz all over Obama for not traveling to Madison to support the union demonstrators. If he did, the “states rights” REICH would be screaming blood murder. Personally, I think the union supporters in Wisconsin are doing a great job on their own.

  4. Personally I think Wisconsin dug their own grave when they elected a republican as governor. What did they expect when they elected someone like Scott Walker? They got fooled but the question are they going to get fooled again and vote republican in 2012? I can only hope not!

    As for Shultz and O’Donnel goes they can just shut the hell up. Obama’s dealing with Libya albeit quietly and somewhat secretively which they can’t stand but thats how the cookie crumbles.

  5. I checked out FireBag Underground and they had that Ed Schultz’s chip and I said Ed went from being angry that President Obama wasn’t saying anything but once he did comment about what’s going on Ed pushed the goal post to now he has to show up to Wisconsin. Now if President Obama shows up union rights, Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers will no longer be the main story. The President will become a distraction and knowing how the corporate media works that distraction would be welcomed by them.

    So a firebagger question my liberal cred because I don’t think the President should show up and becoming a distraction. I swear I believe these people want the Republicans back in charge so it gives them something to bitch about on these websites like Fire dog lake and Democratic underground.

    I thought this could be a turning point but the firebaggers are still running around and talking their shit. As for Cenk I got into a quick debate with one of Cenk’s flying monkeys that post TYT videos and work on their web show.

  6. What was Christie thinking, he seems to believe in having a balanced budget, what an idiot he is.
    He doesn’t support the upper class because in NJ the upper class are the union government workers. They make more than private sector, have better benefits that they contribute less for and scream the loudest when someone thinks they should pay their fair share.
    He needs to stop supporting the middle class and start supporting the upper class government workers, what an idiot he is.

  7. Dylan Ratigan is bitching this afternoon from his Steel on Wheels bus at the Hoover Dam. He says Obama promised to “walk picket lines” during his campaign. I guess the crisis in Libya should just be passed over in favor of the demonstrators in Madison, who don’t seem to be without energy and vigor to fight their own battle.

  8. Dylan is one phony ass S.O.B dude works for a corporation that didn’t even pay their taxes last year and GE is one of the biggest lobbyist in Washington D.C.

    These folks are willingly to piss away another election over symbolism. Seriously after the year the Repugs put us through and yet if they managed to win back the senate and the white house I wanna declare war on the fire baggers.

  9. Persons earning more than $91,705K make up 20% of Americans with the top 1% making a million or more, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Poorest (20% of the population) earn less than $19,177

    Lowest “Middle Class” (20%) earn from $19,178
    to $35,999.

    Lower “Middle Class” (20%) earn from $36,000
    to $57,657.

    Solid “Middle Class” (20%) earn from $57,658
    to $91,704

    Upper Class (20%) earn from $91,705 to…..Bill Gates, Walton Family, Koch Brothers, etc.

    Once again our TROLL Atlanta Ralph is pulling shit out of his ass. Here is a graph of teacher salaries in several key states. New Jersey’s salaries aren’t much higher than Texas and the cost of housing is up to 3 times higher there!


    Compare to PRIVATE sector jobs:


    As I finally worked up to $39K after 15 years of teaching in Texas, had a former physics student of mine drop by my classroom after he had just graduated from the University of Texas, with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He was excited as he had been recruited fresh out of college, at age 22, inexperienced, by Dow Chemical in Lake Jackson, TX at a starting salary (back in 2003) of $62K. Here I was nearly 65, worked all of my life, had 200 undergraduate and graduate college hours and was making about $25K less. But I was most happy for him, a most poor Mexican, living with a single mother, the first in his family to even finish high school. I didn’t go into teaching for the money, anyway, and am happy that we have Mexican-Americans in Texas who are now professionals, and whom I helped to train.

  10. Now it is Cenk Uyur who is ranting, dissing President Obama for not marching with the protesters in Wisconsin. First of all, there would great security issues (The Koch brothers might have some brownshirt thugs there lock and loaded!). Remember this week, at a rally held by Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun on Tuesday, asked the “Who’s going to shoot Obama?”

    Georgia State Senator Robert Brown released a statement calling for an apology from Broun.

    “Congressman Broun showed no leadership, no tact, and no courage. No elected official should tacitly agree that shooting the president is an acceptable act. He should apologize for his stunning lack of moral courage to the citizens of Georgia, and to the president himself.”

  11. I am sure the President is quaking in his shoes being scolded by Cenk. Uygur is grilling Gov. Paul Quinn of Illinois about WHAT was said today in the president’s meeting with Democratic governors. When Quinn said the President is solidly on the side of collective bargaining and the unions, Cenk seemed to dispute that.

    Republicans don’t need to worry about turning out Obama in 2012 when the “left” is painting the town with meme after meme, doing the job of taking down Obama for them. Wonder how many MSNBC clips will be used AGAINST Obama in the next campaign?

    Can’t stand watching any more Cenk…time to go clean the bathroom.

  12. On Cenk’s videos in youtube they call Obama the N word saying that he’s a pussy that he’s a centrist which equals pussy. Every bad name in the book. It has made me come to the conclusion that these guys aren’t really democrats but republicans or libertarians pretending to be democrats.

    I talked to one just recently who was trying to tell me not to vote and when pressed insinuated that republicans were actually victims here. Here are the ones calling Obama a republican? LOL

    As far as I’m concerned Obama has a lot of work on his plate and as far as Cenk and his self centered egocentric beliefs concerned about keeping it real… Well lets just say he needs to grow the fuck up. Cenk will dispute everything and anything that Obama does even if he’s supposedly for it and say that he’s no leader.

    For pundits I much prefer Mathews and Maddow. Mathews is a centrist and yes the guy pisses me off at times but he’s way better that that asshole Cenk. What a useless piece of shit that guy is.

  13. I unsubscribed to Young Turks video when they turned anti-Obama. I’m starting believe Greenward, Hamster, Cenk and others like them want the Republicans back in power because bitching about a Republican controlled government is better for business.

    Guys like Scott Walker, Rick Scott, that douche in Ohio and Rick Snyder are in power today because firebag liberals stayed home on election night. And reading some comments on Firebag Underground some are willingly to pull this shit next year. I swear I wished these fuckers tell me how does the take your ball and go home strategy works? How does electing more far right wing Republicans help their cause?

    If anything the Democrats will moved further to the right because they think the base won’t be there for them so why appeal to them?

  14. I’ve been working on a long post ripping Glenn Greenwald apart…a post he did that was a huge reach and where he went out of his way to twist and spin things to fit his anti-Obama narrative. But he is so tiring, his post is just loaded with lies and distortions. It would be one thing if there were just a few, but my god, writing a counter to one of his posts is a lot of freakin work, and not because he uses good logic, but because he lies so much or mischaracterizes things.

    I share both of your anger and frustration with the firebagger motherfuckers. I wish I could get paid to blog full-time and take those assholes down a notch or two.

  15. I wanted to turn the subject real quick to Chris Christie. The guy doesn’t have a chance to win the presidency he was involved in a major scandal.

    “Christie has been accused of using his office’s role in crafting deferred prosecution agreements to award lucrative federal monitoring positions in no-bid contracts to friends, supporters, and allies.[21] Questions first arose after Christie awarded a multimillion dollar, no-bid contract to David Kelley, another former U.S. Attorney, who had investigated Christie’s brother, Todd Christie, in a 2005 fraud case involving traders at the Wall Street firm, Spear, Leeds & Kellogg.[22][23] Kelley had declined to prosecute Todd Christie, who had been ranked fourth in the investigation-initiating U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) complaint among twenty traders who earned the largest profits for their company at the expense of their customers. The top three were indicted, as were eleven other traders.[24]”

    Sorry if its long but you can get more of it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Christie

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