Is Governor Scott “No-bid” Walker Really Into Sex Parties?

I’m waiting for the pictures of Scottie and his Wackenhut buddies who like to have parties like the ones shown below. In case you missed this story,  Governor Walker, when he was Milwaukee County Executive fired the unionized security at the county courthouse and hired this British company. No shit, he didn’t even hire a company from his own state or country. A little background from Think Progress…

The last time Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) went after public sector unions it had “disastrous results” for him and for taxpayers. As Milwaukee County Executive in 2009, Walker tried to get rid of the unionized security guards at the county courthouse and replace them with contractors, which he promised would save the county money. The County Board rejected the idea, but in March of 2010 Walker “unilaterally ordered it,” claiming there was a budget emergency. Walker hired the British security contractor Wackenhut — of Kabul Embassy sex scandal fame — to replace the guards. Unfortunately for Walker and Milwaukee taxpayers, an arbiter later ruled that Walker had overstepped his authority, and ordered the county to reinstate the unionized workers, pay backwages, and pay tens of thousands of dollars in arbiter fees.

Wackenhut came into the American public view in a rather controversial way, wouldn’t you say. They were the contractors in Afghanistan who like to party like frat boys and rugby players, apparently. The photos really say it all, don’t they.

Party animals, those Wackenhut employees. Woooo hoooo, let’s go party with Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Someone has to have photos of Scott with his British buddies, come on people, haven’t you ever heard of Photoshop?


6 thoughts on “Is Governor Scott “No-bid” Walker Really Into Sex Parties?

  1. Gov. Walker is blackmailing public sector employees with “it’s either my way or the highway” the latter meaning he will rip away their jobs.

    This is a great Wisconsin website that allows one to follow the money (Much of which comes from out-of-state like from the Koch Brothers who want Wisconsin to become the first of union-busting dominoes).

    Some even think Walker is being groomed possibly as a vice-presidential candidate in 2012 by the Kochs and their corpfascist ilk. Wondering if Morning Joe Scarborough’s wet dream is Christie-Walker 2012?

  2. Gov. Walker on TV this afternoon is talking about DIRE CONSEQUENCES, having to LAY-OFF 12,000 government JOBS in Wisconsin if the Democrats don’t buckle under and pass his “budget REPAIR bill”. Talk about BLACKMAIL! Walker says that one to two thousand dollars a year could be returned to Wisconsin workers IF they were no longer required to pay Union dues. Seem like Wisconsin has union dues like no other state. This anti-union website reports that the AVERAGE annual Union dues per worker in America are only $400!

    I see Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is backing away from changing Indiana from a long-time Union Shop state to “Right-to-Work” state. I see the right-wingers have inflated union costs for Hoosiers, too:

    I think my RCA (Retail Clerks of America) dues were $2 a month at Kroger when I was a teen. I remember my wage for stocking shelves/sacking groceries was 87¢ an hour! We had a lousy shop steward who was kissing up to get promoted to management, so our gripes were mostly ignored. Often, when we tried to take our morning or afternoon “breaks” as per our contract, the store manager would force us to sack groceries. I started going to the toilet (not because I needed to use it) to lock myself in with a Coke and he would bang on the door and order me, “to get to work!” He also used to “clock us out” at quitting time then make us sweep/mop floors for another half hour FOR FREE! I quit finally and went to work at a non-union men’s clothing store for 65¢ and no benefits.

    I have held cards in five unions (four in Union Shop Indiana) and found UAW and USW to be the best run. My AFT (Teacher’s Union) was impotent (true for most of Texas school districts) but joined in part to get cheap union legal insurance in case of a lawsuit (teachers more vulnerable anymore).

    I went from union worker at Youngstown Sheet and Tube mill in East Chicago to a line supervisor. I actually respected the USW more after I was on the other side of the table. So many petty squabbles between workers I could shove off onto the union to settle. Also, when Youngstown management ignored my requisitions for items to make the mill a safer place (we had a terrible accident/death record…I have stories!!!), I could go anonymously to the union safety officers and get the items I needed to be installed (like light bulbs). Once had a Puerto Rican crew working in near darkness feeding faulty pipe into giant shears to cut them into scrap for the open hearth furnace doors. One slip in the dark and the conveyor belt would have fed a worker into the shears, chopping him into pieces. BUT, they were only Puerto Ricans which was the attitude of some in management. And light bulbs COST MONEY!

  3. I pay about a thousand dollars a year in union dues myself. Worth every penny, in my opinion. Especially since our idiot Governor Ric Snyder is cutting the funding to my university by 22%. I’m feeling pretty safe being in the NEA and MEA. Michigan is also getting raped by a Republican governor…and you know, we’re doing so well here in Michigan with jobs and the economy. Cough, spit, puke…..

  4. As I’ve said before, my REPUBLICAN parents were union (of course Indiana is a Union Shop state so had no choice). Dad was a Teamster and Mother belonged to the ILGWU (a union led by the late “socialist” David Dubinsky). My parents rarely complained about dues because the unions had done so much for them. Our family benefited from union wages and many benefits. They only complained occasionally about “their” union money being given to Democratic candidates.

    It is only FAIR that if a union negotiates good wages and benefits for EVERY worker in a shop, that everyone pay their share. But the “Right-to-Work” proponents seem to like the free loaders who get it all but with no sacrifice.

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