Republican Governor Of Wisconsin Blocks Access To Pro Union Website – Are We Still In America?

Unbelievable!!! Now if that doesn’t speak volumes about this nut in Wisconsin, I don’t know what does. I’m almost speechless, I can’t even believe it. From Raw Story…

he Democratic Party of Wisconsin spoke out forcefully Tuesday after it was discovered that the state Capitol had blocked a website that was attempting to organize those protesting Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to strip unions of their rights.Anyone trying to use the state Capitol’s Wi-Fi connection to access Monday and early Tuesday received an error message.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Teacher Assistants created the website to share information with protesters and let them know where volunteers were needed. Democratic party officials claimed that it was available at the Capitol until at least last Friday.

“In a direct assault on the First Amendment, Scott Walker’s administration is blocking access in the Wisconsin Capitol to opposition websites,” Wisconsin Democratic Party press secretary Graeme Zielinski told CNN.

“It seems that we are entering a nightmare period in Wisconsin history in which Scott Walker is drawing all power unto himself, to the point that he feels comfortable blocking the First Amendment rights of protesters at the exact time they are exercising their First Amendment rights,” Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Michael Tate said in recorded audio message.


3 thoughts on “Republican Governor Of Wisconsin Blocks Access To Pro Union Website – Are We Still In America?

  1. So Gov. Mubarak er I mean Gov. Walker wants to take peoples right to assemble away as well as collective bargaining away. I say its time to over throw this guy. Forget about voting this guy out through a recall. You have to wait a year to be able to do it and what he is trying to do is tyranny he must go.

  2. Glad to see Democratic legislators in Indiana have left that state, too, to prevent a quorum in the Assembly. Gov. Mitch Daniels (who is being talked about to be the 2012 GOP presidential nominee) praised Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for pushing legislation in his state that would scale back collective bargaining rights for public unions.

    “I think that what [Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker] is trying to do is in the public interest,” Daniels said. “The most powerful special interests in America today are the government unions.” [Not Big Oil, the corpfascists?]

    Thousands of workers protested at the Indiana Statehouse today, according to the Associated Press, and the AFL-CIO is leading plans to continue the rallies.

    Even though Indiana is conservative state, it is also a Union Shop state where there is a large union membership. My Republican family were all UNION and although they might complain about dues going to support Democratic candidates in most cases (because Dems had their interests front and center!), my parents enjoyed their union wages and benefits. I grew up with great medical, dental, and eye care thanks to my parents’ unions.

  3. went on youngturds to listen to the assholes talk and boy I’m steaming and wish I was a hacker because I’d crash their site if I could. I am sick of the anti-Obama agenda and have yet to figure out how this exactly will help the democrats or the liberals. Cenk seems to think think its us versus them and its seriously pissing me off.

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