Saturday Morning Cartoons – Foghorn Leghorn!

It’s hard to believe that these cartoons were made in the 50’s, it shows how animators are way ahead of their time. My favorite part, Daffy Duck saying “Walla Walla Washington”…they really don’t make cartoons like they used to, for the most part. There are some great ones being made today, but when you look back at what they were doing in the 50’s and 60’s it’s really amazing. Enjoy your weekend and thank a union. I’m in home improvement mode this weekend…finishing my basement, there are walls to be built, electric to be run, outlets, light fixtures…fun stuff.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons – Foghorn Leghorn!

  1. There were so many great cartoons back in my childhood…I was born in 1962, but the greats were shown continuously through the 70’s. I have the Rocky and Bullwinkle DVD set, they were pretty great too. And of course, Bugs Bunny was a long time favorite as well as the Flintstones.

  2. I got yelled at by a teacher when we had to write who our hero was. I wrote about Foghorn Leghorn. She said he wasn’t a hero. What the hell did she know? He taught me sarcasm. It takes years to perfect it. Some never get it.

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