Helen Thomas Is A National Treasure!

Now I’m sure I’ll get called an anti-Semite for even posting this clip but I know that I am not one, so it doesn’t bother me. Just like with so many things in our world, nuance just doesn’t sell very well. People want black and white, no grays allowed. If you listen very carefully to what Helen says, how can you really disagree with her? But of course if you are a “knee-jerker”, than there is all sorts of stuff for you to get upset about in this clip. As I mentioned before, I had the great privilege to meet her years ago and have corresponded by email with her a few times over the years. She is a national treasure, one of a kind and very wise. Go Helen….


6 thoughts on “Helen Thomas Is A National Treasure!

  1. you may not be a jew hater if you posted this clip…but if you agree with one thing that helen said, you are as ignorant as she is.

    do you know what happened to jews who tried to return to poland after the war?

    do you agree that all blacks are liberals?

    she is an ignorant racist and a bigot.

  2. On Jews returning to Poland after the war, Helen was pretty clear that she is talking about today, not after the war, she emphasized it a couple of times as I recall. She was asked a question in the present tense, so what Poland was like right after the war isn’t part of the question at hand.

    I actually have a lot of sympathy/empathy for Jewish people, I worked on a project interviewing Holocaust survivors for the Holocaust Museum of Houston. I interviewed a couple of people who were from Poland before the war. One of them actually stayed in Poland during the war, he hid out at a farm…a family took him in and pretended he was there child. His parents were killed. He told the most powerful story about people having to dig their own graves, being told to stand in the bottom of the hole and being shot. He said he decided that night that he was going to escape and he did. He was 11 years old, as I recall. I shot 5 interviews of survivors and then went through another probably 30 hours of footage from about a dozen and a half more survivors. I’m very familiar with what Jewish people went through. It changed my life learning what I did about the Holocaust.

    On blacks all being liberals…I watched that clip twice and I don’t remember seeing that. I’ll have to watch it again. I saw someone else comment about that on a different site and didn’t know what they were talking about. Now, you are aware of the numbers when it comes to how African Americans vote, right? I’ve seen Helen talk, met her for a few minutes, read a couple of her books and never seen any thing that made me think she was a racist. She’s pretty freakin liberal. What exactly did she say?

  3. Helen is a Lebanese ARAB, which makes her a SEMITE, so she can’t be anti-Semite. Like even many Jews, she is anti-Zionist and has empathy for the dispossessed and tortured Palestinian Arabs at the hands of the Zionists.

  4. Once again, American politicians, fearful of the backlash of the Israel Lobby, VETOED a UN Resolution today that would curb illegal Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Ambassador Riyad Mansour, the permanent observer of Palestine to the United Nations, objected to the veto in a statement following the vote.

    “The proper message that should have been sent by the Security Council to Israel, the occupying power, is that its contempt of international law and the international community will no longer be tolerated. We fear, however, that the message sent today may be one that only encourages further Israeli intransigence and impunity. This must be remedied.”


    And “they hate us for our freedoms!”

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