Enjoy Your Weekend, Thank A Union!

I’m thankful for my union this weekend. Speak out for unions this weekend whenever the subject comes up. It’s important that Republicans don’t destroy the unions for their rich friends. Speak out.

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7 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Weekend, Thank A Union!

  1. You have a lot of support. Unions and their ludcris demands have made China what it is. Unions have been responsible for more jobs going offshore than and other single factor.

    Unions are not bad and in many industries are needed. When they defend workers who are totally non-productive they hurt their entire brotherhood/sisterhood. That is one reason unions have declined over the last several decades.

  2. wrong it wasn’t unions that did what your saying it was NAFTA. You know that the bill that republicans created and yes Clinton signed but I bet he regrets signing that bill to this day.

  3. China….NAFTA, I don’t think you did your homework on that one. Other than Obama sending Chrysler to Mexico to build engines, most job losses lave not been to Mexico.

  4. Once again, our TROLL ATLANTA RALPH is full of crap! Mexico and Central America are still full of American companies but that may be changing.


    The US-Mexican border is still lined with many maquiladoras, American-owned factories just over into Mexico. American 18-wheelers are backed up for miles in traffic jams at Laredo, TX, to bring back the Mexican-made products to their parent American corporations.

    A friend of mine from Indiana is a supervisor at a maquiladora in Tijuana, Mexico, crossing over the border daily from his home in San Diego. He speaks fluent Spanish. That particular factory makes electrical “yokes” for the Big Three Detroit auto-makers. Formerly 500 Hoosiers assembled them, but being UAW workers averaging $18 an hour, these Americans (some were my childhood friends) lost their jobs to Mexico. Only a few management personnel were moved to San Diego. Indiana once was full of factories making auto parts, from Delphi for car radios to piston rings, tires, coil/leaf springs, even tail-light bulbs. Many are in NE Indiana, closest to Detroit. Over 100,000 Hoosiers still work in these UAW industries. Indiana is a Union “closed” shop state. I belonged to five unions in Indiana, four before I was 21 starting at age 16 when I sacked groceries at a Kroger Supermarket.

    However, the US-owned “yoke” factory, relocated to Tijuana from Northern Indiana, has moved now in part to China as workers were paid $1 (US) an hour in Mexico and now they get the same yokes assembled for 20¢ an hour in China. So poor Mexicans in Mexico are suffering again due to China. The “Big Three” now get some very cheap yokes but I haven’t noticed the price of autos going down due to the savings.

  5. Funny how you make a big case for a few hundred jobs go to Mexico and I don’t know my facts.

    Clothing, electronics, furniture, toys, appliances etc etc have gone to the Pacific Rim and you site a few auto workers loosing their jobs. $18.00 an hour, you must be thinking 1960 because that is less than half what they make.

  6. Ralph, let me introduce you to this new thing called “Google.com”…it’s really cool, you can look up FACTS, history, all sorts of stuff. Instead of just pulling shit out of your ass, maybe you should use this google thing before you say stupid shit.

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