A Smorgasbord Of Issues On A Monday!

I absolutely loved this post by Matt Osborne at Osborne Ink about Bradley Manning’s detention for his admitted leaking of military documents. My favorite parts of Matt’s post follow…

Manning has not been convicted — yet — but there is nothing especially harsh or unusual about his conditions. The Rosenbergs were isolated. Aldrich Ames was isolated. There is no “plan” to drive Bradley Manning insane. He’s a prisoner accused of giving away his country’s secrets. Such prisoners are held in solitary confinement as standard counterintelligence protocol. Who wants a caught spy to tell the other side what you have sweated out of him in the interrogation room? Who wants him to be free to do more damage?


Giving away American secrets is against the law; the penalties are stiff. Manning knew that, but chose to give secrets away — and then got caught by bragging about it to strangers on the internet.  That there are no other prisoners in Quantico accused of espionage is a happy accident: most American service members take their oaths as seriously as I did, and do. Manning didn’t. A justice system will adjudicate what that means, not Glenn Greenwald.

I’ve also been reading a lot about the backlash against Arianna Huffington and The Huffington Post since she sold out to the right wing CEO of AOL, they share visions, you know. I’m just going to throw out all the links I’ve collected about this deal and Huffpost in general, feel free to read at your leisure…and discuss in the comments if you feel so inclined. Here they are. Internships for rich people, AOL is a mess, The AOL Way, it’s all about the money, citizen journalism (Mayhill Fowler), tainted AOL money, science schmience, stealing content, Arianna’s flip-flop-flip, her wageless employees, Hamsher likes this corporatist (why is that?) and last but certainly not least, we have Al Giordano at The Field telling us why he scrubbed The Huffington Post of all the posts he ever did there.

And finally, if you haven’t read Lawrence Wright’s piece in the New Yorker about Scientology (The Apostate), I highly recommend it. It is a long piece, so set aside some time or plan to read it in multiple sessions. I’ve personally been fascinated by the cult of scientology and in particular, it’s appeal to celebrities. This piece sheds a lot of light on the situation. I’ve thought for years about doing a documentary on the Church of Scientology and may still do it, but I have reservations because of their ways. Read the piece and you will know what I mean.


10 thoughts on “A Smorgasbord Of Issues On A Monday!

  1. This morning, Chuck Todd showed many of the very anti-Obama sound bites from the CPAC weekend. Nothing like giving the REICH more free access on MSNBC, as if they don’t get enough air time on Faux News. Now, Douglas Holtz-Eakin of the Conservative Action Forum (also worked for Bush and McCain) is dissing the “budget” for not making enough cuts in discretionary spending. He is not getting much rebuttal by anchor Norah O’Donnell who seemed to be a little rough on Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD). Is the influence of COMCAST being felt there now?

    The 25 ‘Best’ Quotes of CPAC 2011
    from Esquire Magazine. Below is a summary of the “wit and wisdom” of the conservative wonks, hand-puppets, media whores and policy shapers.

    25. “If [the shooting of Gabby Giffords in] Tucson tells us anything anything at all, it tells us this: Government has failed.” – Wayne LaPierre, CEO off the National Rifle Association.

    24. “The presence of a firearm makes us all safer.” – Wayne LaPierre.

    23. “Many of us think of him as the thinking man’s Marlon Brando.” – George Will on Mitch Daniels.

    22. “I refer to the debt — the new red menace. This time consisting of ink.” – Mitch Daniels. [Keep the communism links coming, Mitch!]

    21. “[Obama’s reelection] would subject the country to what might be a fatal last dose of statism.” – Mitch Daniels.

    20. “Our fiscal ruin and resulting loss of world leadership will, in [liberals’] eyes, be not a tragic event but a desirable one.” – Mitch Daniels.

    19. “Anybody that brings up amnesty in this Congress, we need to just take the scarlet ‘A’ for amnesty and pin it on them.” – Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

    18. “If Joe Kennedy wants to show he is really concerned about ‘some’ things [Hugo] Chavez is doing… he can see to it that the Fenway Park CITGO sign is covered up until freedom and democracy return to Venezuela.” – Rep. Connie Mack.

    [BTW, CITGO is an AMERICAN corporation, gasoline refined in Corpus Christi, TX; Lemont, Illinois; Lake Charles, LA; and headquarters in Houston, Texas. It is now wholly owned by PDVSA but employs tens of thousands of Americans in the US. Most of their stations are Mom and Pop AMERICAN owned.]

    17. “Our liberties, which have made us great, are now destroying us.” – Rev. Michel Faulkner, at the CPAC “Traditional Marriage and Society” panel.

    16. “We should end the Environmental Protection Agency’s war against American oil and gas.” – Newt Gingrich.

    15. “A lawsuit a day helps keep the liberals at bay.” – Dr. Mike Adams at the CPAC “Defending Free Speech on Campus” panel.

    14. “Maybe conservatives need to start thinking about forming other institutions, and new types of universities that will be able to create our own Harvards and our own Yales and our own Princetons.” – Dr. Richard Brake, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, at the same panel.

    13. “Conservatives tend to be happy because they tend to like freedom. You are happy people, you here today, because like Reagan you have intellectualized conservatism and have rejected liberalism as anti-intellectual.” – Craig Shirley, author of Rendezvous with Destiny, at the CPAC “Reagan at 100: Role Model for the Next Generation” panel.

    12. “Now that [Reagan’s] place in history is secure, [liberals] are trying to remake him. A pernicious myth is that Reagan and Tip O’Neill were great friends.” – Craig Shirley.

    11. “I have fairly but intelligently earned many billions of dollars which, in a sense, was both a scorecard and acknowledgment of my abilities.” – Three-time bankrupt Donald Trump. [Who started his companies with $50 MILLION he inherited from his father!]

    10. “When they talk about raising your taxes, I think raise the taxes on some of these countries that are taking advantage of the United States.” – Donald Trump, again.

    9. “Four fifty-four for gas… because we have nobody that calls up OPEC… and say, [mobster voice] ‘That. Price. Better. Get. Lower. And it better. Get. Lower. Fast.'” – Donald Trump, still. [It’s only $2.75 in Texas due to low state tax which Gov. Perry refuses to raise, instead wants freezing road projects costing Texans JOBS]

    8. “The movies television and music we used to produce created an image of America that the world envied…now the millions around the world call us the Great Satan — and with good cause.” – Pat Boone.

    7. “Leftist, socialist, former and current communist czars.” – Pat Boone, on the Obama Administration.

    6. “The objective of the liberals is to destroy this country.” – Herman Cain.

    5. “Liberals could not be less interested in democracy when it came to taking out Saddam Hussein… Now a loyal American ally [Mubarak] comes under attack and they are burning for democracy.” – Ann Coulter.

    4. “What do you mean, ‘knowing that there are more jailed journalists’? I think there should be more jailed journalists!” – Ann Coulter.

    3. “That is [liberalism’s] goal — to destroy the family… [liberals] just made up this gay marriage thing… gays are natural conservatives.” – Ann Coulter.

    2. “It’s just like a liberal, they import slaves, they hold slaves, they fight for slavery, they go to war in a civil war to defend slavery. They then install legal discrimination against blacks for a hundred years…” – Ann Coulter.

    1. “It’s gonna be a big heart-breaker
    Gramma needs a new pacemaker
    And the doctor says, “I realize she’s ill
    But there’s talk of legislation
    On all our medication
    And maybe all we can do is put her on a pain pill.
    Aw me! Hey Congress!
    You vote Obamacare, and we’ll vote you outta there
    We the People have wakened to your tricks
    You vote to let this pass, you’re gonna be out on your
    [funny noise instead of the word “ass”]
    We the People have awakened…” – Ray Stevens, in song.

    And another, just because:

    0. “Sit down and shut up.” – Dick Cheney as he was heckled by protesters.
    [More from The Politics Blog on the future of the Republican party: Ladies and Gentlemen, the GOP Dogfight Has Commenced]


    Sounds like it was the summit of the best minds today in the conservative movement, except for Huckabee and Palin who I think didn’t want to attend a meeting that also invited gay Republicans of GOPride.

    Nice to see that the political climate is still the same as before. All hate, all of the time!

  2. I really hate Huffington Post and am now thinking about boycotting but I see it doing very little good. One did you see the article about what how Obama wants to cut the deficit. Saying how it hurts the poor and working class. It seriously made my teeth grind because it was obviously spun in a way to make Obama look the worse ever.

    For one this is what happens when you cut spending and guess what we’ll still be in the red no matter what we do when we cut the budget. Why? Because we have to raise taxes and if we don’t do that we’ll be in debt forever.

    During most of the article I noticed that the author had a particular slant to the point that really fired me up. I guess you were right about huffington post and I doubt that I will go back. For one I asked why the huffington post was owned by the tea party practically and why a tea party advocate backed the creation of the huffington post if it was so supposedly liberal. Well the post got deleted. No real surprise though now that I think about it.

  3. MSNBC seemed most critical of the Obama budget proposals from Morning Joe on all day, I switched to Dr. Oz rather than to hear the blathering of Dylan Ratigan. Nora O’Donnell let Stephen Moore, of the Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal rail against the budget proposals. Nora couldn’t have asked for a more biased talking head.

    Of course, the Republicans have NO PLAN but claim to come forward with SOMETHING later in the Spring.

  4. Why does MSNBC always seek to address what the republicans and Fox say? Why do they almost ignore what the democrats say except when its an attack against the republicans?

    Hmmm inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Now Frank Gaffney, the most extreme rightie out there, is guest on Cenk Uygur’s show. Why is MSNBC giving all these radical nutjobs a voice? Don’t the REICH-wingers have their own network? Fox would never invite Uygur to get any of his points across. Like O’Reilly, Cenk thinks he can talk over guests and get an upper hand. But the radicals still get their talking points out there. Gaffney says Obama has “withheld” support for the Iranian opposition and thinks we will probably end up having to bomb Iran. Gaffney is sure the Muslims will be taking over Egypt, too.

  6. Watch the “Collateral Murder” video again. This was a war crime. Bradley Manning is a courageous whistleblower, not a spy. His only mistake was being tricked by Adrian Lamo — a convicted felon posing as a journalist.

    In a democracy, it’s best when we have an informed populace. If Manning is guilty of of leaking — than he is a hero and should be thanked for exposing lies and criminality.

  7. I don’t think “courageous whistleblower” is a legal defense in military circles. Don’t think that is going to fly at his court martial.

    It would be one thing if he leaked that video alone, then he might have a case as a whistleblower, but for some reason I don’t think leaking hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables really qualifies as whistleblowing, unless that is one big fucking whistle. The buckshot approach to whistleblowing, leak everything, there must be something in there that qualifies as a whistle, isn’t whistleblowing if you ask me. It’s betraying your country.

    If Julian Assange was really so concerned about the world, you would think he would be a little more tactful. Instead of leaking a bunch of gossipy type crap, he could have just leaked the bad stuff. Maybe he wouldn’t have looked like such a tool and brought on such criticism.

  8. Curveball comes forward proud of the lies he told the Bush Administration about the nonexistent WMD’s in Iraq.

    Maybe I was right, maybe I was not right. They gave me this chance. I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime. I and my sons are proud of that and we are proud that we were the reason to give Iraq the margin of democracy.”


    ONE MAN LIES and tens of thousands die, a country is destroyed, and the USA is bankrupted!

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