photos of the day – Saturday Morning Fun

This is what I did this morning…had a lot of fun with my very smart granddaughter. She’s kind of cute too, wouldn’t you say?

Photos by Extreme Liberal




4 thoughts on “photos of the day – Saturday Morning Fun

  1. I would say Yes she is a cutie. What are those Mushrooms? They are really neat. Did you make them? They look just like something a darling little Granddaughter would enjoy. Looks like Grandpa and Grandma are having a good time.
    Enjoy, they grow up so fast.

  2. Her mother is planning an elaborate “Alice in Wonderland” themed first birthday party, it’s going to be quite the production. I’m designing the invitations with her face on the queen of hearts. She’s going to be dressed up, the decorations will be off the hook, her mom is an excellent artist. May 3 is the birthday.

  3. Baby Pickel,
    I am sure that EL would like to hear whatever it is you have to say. He has a pretty open forum.

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