Mubarak Steps Down – Kudos To The Obama Administration, Good Work!

Now I certainly don’t expect the media or the brain dead leaders of the GOP and I better add the Obama haters to the list too…but I don’t expect any of them to grasp how nuanced our position has been, walking a fine line between looking like we are dictating to Egypt what to do (just a little resentment if we did that), making sure we show that we support the people of Egypt, balancing our economic interests (our oil addiction, drill baby drill) and many other delicate issues involved like our relationship with Israel and other middle east countries. Do you suppose Sarah Palin took even one of those things into consideration before she opened her pie-hole the other day and spewed out another word salad? Not me!

In our political environment where the village idiots have been empowered and the media seems to play to them, I don’t expect anyone to really get it. But we true progressives do and many honest Republicans actually do too. Thankfully the foreign policy experts in the GOP haven’t drank the Kool-aid quite yet, but give them time.


Booman has a great post up with a quote from our awesome president’s speech in Cairo. Go look at it. Here is Booman’s wrap up which adds to what I typed above…

The brave Egyptian people deserve the credit for making this revolution happen, but it was crucial that our president signaled his support for the effort, did everything he could to protect them a violent crackdown, and finally put his finger on the scale at the crucial moment. We will learn more details in the years to come. There is no doubt that there has been division within the administration, with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and even envoy Frank Wisner showing support for a continuation of the Mubarak regime. But the president didn’t waver and he kept the promises he made in Cairo nearly two years ago.

He has not disappointed me. His leadership validates my belief in his instincts.


10 thoughts on “Mubarak Steps Down – Kudos To The Obama Administration, Good Work!

  1. What a difference a day makes!!! We had a revolution without bloodshed except for the pro-Mubarak thugs cracking heads and killing 300 peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators.

    What a difference between CNN, MSNBC, and FAUX NEWS. CNN, and MSNBC are reporting JUBILANT crowds in the streets of Egypt, today. However, FAUX is reporting a feeling of FEAR in the streets there. Sad how the REICH seems to prefer DICTATORS over DEMOCRACY everywhere else in the world.

  2. There was cheering in the Iraq streets after the downfall but that didn’t last long.

    No one knows what the relationship of the new regime will be with the US and Israel. The brotherhood has stated they want the accord with Israel voided and they do not want US involvement in Egypt.

    Maybe we should not send them billions every year and Obama could claim that as part of his deficit reduction plan or help fund his Lionel project

  3. It figures that you would be snarky about the high speed rail proposal, you Republicans want to take us back to the dark ages and high speed rail is way too modern for you, isn’t it. Horse and buggy, damn it.

    You are right that we don’t know what will happen in Egypt, but for now, the dictator is gone who is a known quantity. Let’s see what happens. I’m hopeful because their military leaders studied in America, had a taste of freedom and democracy and we can only hope they want that for their own country.

  4. I’m convinced that the only reason youre only writing about this after nearly three weeks of struggle in egypt, is because you didn’t know how it was going to turn out and didnt want to express an opinion that you wouldnt then be able to praise obama for helping with.

  5. You got me, frank. You know me so well, it’s amazing.

    I don’t comment on a lot of things with my blog, foreign policy usually isn’t political except maybe to the fringe like you and Ralph. My personal feelings have been support for the people of Eqypt and hope for a peaceful resolution. I also hope that Democracy does flourish, and based on what I’ve learned over the last few weeks, they seem like they have a great chance at it.

    I particularly liked the chanting “Muslim, Christian, we are all Eqyptian”…that is pretty cool if you ask me. I’m sure that offends you and Ralph, but to 85% of the population, that’s a great thing.

    Now maybe you don’t read my blog very much, or more likely, you just comment based on the name of the post. I don’t think you actually read the posts, to be honest. But like I said above, I don’t comment on a lot of things either because I’m really busy or I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other or the situation is fluid and commenting would be premature or I use the limited time I have to write for this blog to comment about something else I feel strongly about. I just have to find the iPhone app that will allow me to write a post while driving. I’m sure it’s out there.

  6. It is a great idea for the government to invest money we don’t have on a system that is proven to be incapable of supporting itself. Amtrak, USPS, SS Administration are all well run Government controlled institutions that are black holes into which billions are poured. This is just a way to create more government Union jobs/votes.

    I hope the Egyptian people do get their independence. The issue is their alliance with the US and keeping hands off approach toward Israel which is the unknown.

    You need to look back two weeks and see how the current administration waffled on this issue. Obama and Plugs looked like incompetent politicians in the way they handled this. Wasn’t Egypt where he declared himself King and the second coming?

  7. Seems intelligent Republicans are not blaming Obama for what has happened in Egypt.

    Former Sec.of Defense William Cohen and today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Speaker Boehner said the administration “handled what is a very difficult situation about as well as it could be handled.” The protests in Egypt and Tunisia, which led to their leaders giving up power, surprised everyone, including U.S. intelligence officials, he said. BTW, the highly acclaimed MOSSAD intelligence organization of Israel was caught off guard, too!

    A WEEK AGO on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday, Boehner said that the preservation of an “imperfect [Egyptian] government, capable of reform” was exactly the right policy for the United States to follow. What a difference a week makes! Wet finger to the wind, anybody? Seems the world doesn’t like dictators as much as do the neocons.

    John McCain on CBS’s Face the Nation today praised the outcome which was a result of Obama’s diplomacy behind the scenes. He too was concerned about the performance of U.S. “intelligence” saying there was “a failure to realize that a sophisticated, educated, freedom-yearning people, sooner or later, were going to demand their rights.”

    Seems only REICHwing TROLLS like Atlanta Ralph, teabaggers like Tim Pawlenty in his speech to CPAC, can only find fault.

  8. I always had a liking towards McCain which is why I could never figure out where his positions keep on going. It seems like one day he’s real neocon and another he’s moderate to even liberal compared to the tea baggers.

    Btw its pretty obvious that Atlanta Ralph believes in redefining rape so women can’t get abortions. Its all to obvious that he’s your typical con.

  9. Never said Obama was responsible for the situation in Egypt. You make it sound like he was responsible for the outcome and that is just not the case. When Plugs Biden said Mubarak was not a dictator it just shows how incompetent he is. I do feel Obama did all he could and tried to stay away from it.

    Actually Jeff, I support a womens right to choose what she should do with and to her own body. She is the only one who has to live with her decision.

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