Arianna Huffington Is A Corporatist Now, Right?

So the Huffington Post was bought out by AOL and Arianna has finally cashed in on her scam. She saw an opportunity to make money off liberals, and she took it. $300,000,000 will make you forget your new found liberal ideas in a heartbeat. You have to give her credit for making money off and feeding the discontent on the left, she’s done it masterfully. I’m listening for Jane Hamsher, Cenk Uygur, Glenn Greenwald and the rest of the gang to put her in the “corporatist” wing of the political world. I am not holding my breath, however.


10 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington Is A Corporatist Now, Right?

  1. And best of all, Arianna built her empire on the backs of many UNpaid or low-paid bloggers. How capitalist can you get? Most people blog to present their point of view, IOW want to make their voices heard and not in it for any profit. But some sites like HuffPo, ABlog, etc. sit back and collect money off advertising (“hits”) while others do all the work! Nice “job” if you can get it.

  2. Yeah, Grant, I almost posted a comment at Bob Cesca’s blog asking if he got a raise with the new buyout, but I thought that wouldn’t be very nice. I wouldn’t be surprised if his days there are numbered, although he tries his hardest not to offend ole’ Arianna.

  3. Can you explain to me why you hate Huffington Post? I go on there all the time along with a lot of other websites including MSNBC and CNN and find it to be better than both of those. Is it because it sometimes feels like they go after Obama? Well thats what happens when your the president! The media loves to go after those that are in charge to seem like they are unBIASED. Personally I loath most of the media in general but that doesn’t stop me from honing in on what they’re saying.

    Once you read between the lines you’ll get the general picture. I hated the media when they bashed Clinton and said he wasn’t doing enough. Of course I was a teenager at the time but I loved Clinton and his policies yet the media had no probs bashing him. Why would Obama be any different?

    Either way your right its funny about Cenk because now he’s working with MSNBC like that fucktard Ratigan bashing corporations all the while working for them. They are so humorously hypocritical.

  4. My main problem with Huffington Post is that the headlines are misleading, too much celebrity crap and they use their blazing headlines to subtly, and not so subtly, bash our president. They also don’t pay their bloggers and basically use others stories, change the headline a bit (often misleading) and then get a little money when you click on that misleading headline. Also, Arianna is all platitudes…she is riding the populist outrage around like a pony. :)

    It used to be my home page, until I decide to take a stand…and it was during the health care debate when they were helping the Republicans to propagandize the bill. Just say no! :)

  5. Speaking of Cenk Uygur, he is livid today that Obama “appeased” the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, first by even going over to talk to them. Cenk asks, “Is Obama a Democratic or a Republican president?” [Plant those doubts, Cenk!]

    I don’t think Cenk will last long in his new job, but with the right-wing Comcast now owning MSNBC, maybe he needs to keep trashing Obama in order to gain favors.

  6. E.L
    I’m not going to lie I do like those check out this female celb nude or semi nude pic headlines. But I stop linking those stories to my blog because once you get passed those headlines the story didn’t match up.

    Dylan Ratigan I never really trust that dude there something about him that screams phony. As for Cenk something must happen between 09 to 2010 I used to watch The Young Turks every night but sometime in early 2010 they went fire bag and I had to dropped them.

    Like Grant said, it wouldn’t shocked me if Comcast was only keeping Cenk on is because he’s bashing Obama. And for whatever reason Cenk has some cred in the progressive movement even he sometimes admits he’s a conservative and the only reason he shifted his politics was due to the nuts on the right taking over.

  7. My big problem with Huffington Post is their misleading headlines, too. That toxic red meat thrown out by professional leftists to fatten their own coffers over facts about the Admin.

    Hamsher, Cenk, and Glenn complaining about Arianna? They want to know how they can get some of that AOL’s not as if they haven’t been pulling the same shyte as Huffpost.

  8. Johnny – I clicked on a few of those celeb nude links myself, way, way, too much. I found myself going there to get news and being sidetracked into seeing Kim Kardashian’s latest bikini pics or whatever.

    I didn’t know that Cenk admits he’s conservative sometimes. I’ve only seen linked clips to Young Turks once in a while, during the election, but I never really followed that site or him that much. Since he joined forces with Jane Hamsher, I’ve read a few things from him, but not much.

  9. I remember hearing Cenk say he was a Republican but switch his politics when the Republicans were heading too far right. I knew about the Young Turks for a while they went from internet radio, a very short stay at Air America Radio, that web show and now Cenk hosting gig at 6.

    I remember reading your friend over at Angry Black Lady post about how some of these people like Hamster, Greenwald and Cenk are exploiting progressives’ frustration of this slow progress because they know clicks, views and traffic will go down. Due to the political realities of people are no longer pissed off because Bush is gone and someone from our political side of the fence is in power.

  10. bah I go on youtube to see headlines of what they are about on their videos and usually move on. These guys are stupid and know jack squat about politics. Its funny that people like Cenk talk about Roosevelt but forgets that this isn’t the 1930s. Another thing is although Roosevelt fought against the Chamber Of Commerce he did end up developing better relations and worked with them.

    Either way Obama is kind of in a corner when it comes to this sort of thing, mainly because he has to push and get this economy moving. Sure it might be some optical illusion but he still has to show as much as he can that he wants the economy to improve.

    As I said fuck Cenk that piece of shit doesn’t know anything about nothing and needs to learn to shut the fuck up. I might actually go against what I said earlier and boycott MSNBC until they get rid of this asshole.

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