Ed Schultz Bending Over Backwards To Bash The President!

Now that Ed is on at 10 pm on MSNBC, I have had the chance to watch a couple of his shows, but I can tell you that I won’t be a regular.  When he first came on the scene at MSNBC, my first thoughts were that he seemed to be kind of simple. Not exactly a deep thinker, from what I’ve heard him say anyway. I think it was Bob Cesca that mentioned in his podcast that after the State of the Union, Ed sounded like a child amongst a panel of adults. I got home from work the other night and started watching Ed, he was on a rant about the SOTU speech and had the graphic up “Omission Accomplished”. How clever is that? I found the Youtube clip of the segment, if you didn’t see it, take a look or jump ahead to the parts that caught my eye.

At 08:10 of the clip, Ed makes the following statement which is a perfect example of how his obvious dislike for President Obama, for whatever reason, makes him say complete horseshit like this…

…And President Obama doesn’t seem to have anybody around on his economic team or staff who really understands labor. In fact, I can’t think of one person that has ever been connected to labor in factories and manufacturing –  that’s on the President’s staff.

Jump to 09:22 where Leo Gerard annihilates Ed’s hypothesis by reminding him about a little thing called the bailout of the auto industry and the man who helped make that happen, Ron Bloom, the President’s senior counselor for manufacturing policy.

At 09:39, Ed tries his hardest to backpeddle, he kind of admits his omission…maybe that is where his graphic came from, his own “omission” of the facts in his rant.

So after a SOTU speech where CBS’s flash poll showed 91% who saw it, liked it. 91 freakin percent, people……that is off the fucking charts. Polling the following day showed it in the mid 80%. So what does Ed focus on for 14 damn minutes on his show, trying to pick out “omissions”. This is one more example of supposed liberals taking down our Democratic Party from the inside. With friends like this, who needs enemies?


27 thoughts on “Ed Schultz Bending Over Backwards To Bash The President!

  1. I just can’t watch him anymore, I haven’t since before the 2010 elections. He is a reactionary and really doesn’t get his facts correct all the time. I’m glad he is on that time slot, I don’t stay up that late half the time or am just reading. I don’t watch Cenk either, he is not one of my favs. I actually didn’t turn any of them on at night, if I want to watch one of the shows I do it on the internet the next day and can pick the segment I want to watch.

  2. Hmm I thin Ed is seriously hurting himself by doing this because what I find puzzling is that at certain points of his show he praises Obama, says he’s going to work with him, etc. Than he goes off on rants like this. I find it puzzling and troubling because this has made me realize that he isn’t as much pro-Obama as he claims, especially as he was claiming earlier just before this segment.

    I still watch his show once in a while (I watch people that I disagree with all the time), but I don’t give them much credit for having anything constructive to say. Ed has lied in the past about several things that have made me question his stances.

  3. I think it was last night that I saw him trying to get people to criticize the president on his handling of the Egypt situation, no one would take the bait and he was acting like a child who wouldn’t take no for an answer. He is seriously trying to play to the Obama haters, even if he has to make stuff up or exaggerate to do it. Sickening, really.

  4. I was going to make that point Ed goes from questioning Obama’s left wing street cred to saying he’s going to support him 2012. I maybe in the minority I still like Ed because I do like his overall message of getting the middle class back working.

    I’m going to watch MSNBC outside Cenk there are good progressive voices on that network and I rather have what MSNBC have on than the RNC information wing that is Fox News and CNN who claims to be middle of the road yet play footsie with tea baggers and having Erick Erickson from Red State on the payroll.

  5. Cenk was also trying to get some Obama-bashing going on yesterday but guests like Gen. Wesley Clark did a good job of shooting him down. Cenk wants an IMMEDIATE solution, go into Egypt with guns blazing so to speak. Sounded almost like right-wingers who shoot first, try diplomacy later.

  6. Hmm are you thinking of Cenk? He was doing that more than any of them, thinks the government should take sides. I did watch Ed on that and noticing he was doing the same thing actually and I switched it to the next talking point on MSNBC website because you can do that.

    Personally I think Obama is in an awkward situation because of how much Egypt and US have been allies and they are our only alley next to Israel. Its really not a good idea for Obama to rush in and help the Egyptian people. He already came out and told the president of Egypt to not run again which he said he wont. That just happened today though.

    BTW with Ed I think you’ve missed many times that he came out and praised Obama especially during the oil spill crisis. Ed praised him for the billions of dollar deal that he made with BP. All the other pundits were bashing him with nothing but criticism.

  7. No to Cenk, I’ve never seen his MSNBC show. Of all the MSNBC folks, Rachel and Lawrence are my favorites, even though they both piss me off sometimes. I won’t watch Cenk, he lost me when he made his appeal to the Teabaggers and he’s pissed me off several times since then. I have no use for him.

  8. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that looks at Cenk as a fake progressive. He had me at one point with his support towards Obama while he was running but it was a fast dive since. I really don’t believe that Cenk is a progressive at all. For one he believes that all drugs should be legal which is something that libertarians believe not really progressives.

    His other stances are even more questionable but I wont fill the site with his rants. :)

  9. I used to like The Young Turks then they turned fire bag so I had to take down their link from my blog and removed them from my bookmarks, if Cenk isn’t accusing President Obama of caving he’s shitting on what Obama and the Democrats did.

    I get it we shouldn’t treat President Obama like the right wing media treated George W.Bush but damn at least we can give this president credit when he does something right. It seems when President Obama does something right those folks spend like a few minutes going over it and spent the rest of the time saying he should do this or do that.

    I still don’t get what people want Obama to do in Egypt other than let nature takes it’s course. If these folks want to keep their followers pissed they should direct them to the Republicans.

  10. Hahaha I chuckled at the “left wing street cred” comment. He has none. Some of my friends are faaaar left. They see Obama as Bush with a tan. :-)

    Regarding the post, I wouldn’t worry too much. The 91% of those who liked the SOTU address probably don’t watch Schultz anyway.

  11. I was given Ed’s latest book, Killer Politics for Christmas, so since we’ve had rolling electrical blackouts all day, started reading it whenever the TV and lights go off. So far he hasn’t been that tough on Obama but feels that the president has fallen into the Washington rut since being there, IOW kowtow to the power structures in banking and corporations or die.

    Says something about the electrical grid and infrastructure in our nation when a near record cold night means that a city of 5.5 million cannot support people having on electrical furnaces and space heaters. Talked to a friend in Indianapolis and even with an ice storm yesterday, they have power! We have 3 more days of mostly below freezing temperatures. Now I know how people in Baghdad feel having only a few hours of power per day!

  12. I found a good article about Cenk Uygur and wanted to share it with everyone here it is:


    It was a very enlightening read. I also read up on some other progressives are saying about good ole Cenk and it seems that more than a few share our views on the guy. Too bad his clueless fans are almost as stupid as he is. Just argue with them on youtube or on his website and you’ll see what I mean.

  13. Before a week ago the current administration was just an inept bunch lead by a incompetent narcissist. His administration had no clue how to run a hot dog stand much less a nation.

    With Egypt in turmoil the stakes have greatly increased and he has reached new heights in ineptitude. I always thought his choice of VP was a joke but after the last few days I see the reasoning. It makes Obama look like the second most incompetent person in the administration instead of the first, they should get their opinions straight because these choices have severe consequences. Instead of just ruining a country like he is trying, he has the ability to ruin a whole part of the world.

    Egypt riots against a dictator, don’t tell plugs that Mubarak is a dictator, with weapons we riot against a wannabe incompetent crooks with the ballot box.

  14. I wish someone would delete your posts I really don’t care what you have to say and your attitude is filled with so much hate I find it hard to believe what your saying and that you actually believe this.

    Egypt has been having problems for a long time. Also what is your proposal to handle Egypt? Invade them?

  15. I won’t delete a post just because they are stupid, only if they are racist and/or attack a fellow commenter personally.

    Ralph is our poster boy for Fox News, he gives us good examples of how twisted their thinking is. He often disagrees with people who agree with him. :)

  16. Most REICH-wing Christian Zionists, like our TROLL Atlanta Ralph here and Mike Huckabee, don’t want Obama to do anything about removing Mubarak and/or his thugs from power as they care more about the security of the relatively well-off Israelis than they do about the millions of the impoverished in Egypt.

    Huckabee and actor friend Jon Voight just attended a ground-breaking ceremony at a new Jewish ILLEGAL settlement in East Jerusalem being built on confiscated Arab land. Huck says that since GOD gave all that land to Abraham, Jews should be able to live anywhere they want in the West Bank…IOW, to hell with UN Resolutions and World peace. Forcing Armageddon and the return of Jesus at the Rapture are more important! So one of the elephants in the room in Egypt is also a Zionist one.


    Obama, Biden, Clinton, in fact nearly ALL of the politicians in D.C. are scared to death of the Israel Lobby which wants the US to continue to support a heavy handed leadership in Egypt. Politicians know the clout of the Israel Lobby who have bragged ever since the mid 1980’s that they OWN U.S. politicians. AIPAC’s heavy political funding defeated Republican Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois who voted against the warnings of Israel to allow a sale of Boeing AWAC radar planes to Saudi Arabia. In essence blackmail!

    “All the Jews in America, from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy,” said Tom Dine, executive director of AIPAC, at an AIPAC fund-raising dinner in Toronto, Canada. “And the American politicians those who hold public positions now and those who aspire to” got the message.

    So with at least $200 BILLION in aid to both Israel and Egypt over the decades, in part not to go to war against each other, essentially US taxpayers have been victims of extortion.

  17. When Jane Hamsher isn’t mugging on Dylan Ratigan’s show, he often has on a favorite Peter Morici, the smirking conservative “economist” who today told Dylan that he is skeptical of the new unemployment numbers out today and said the Obama economic plan has been a total disaster.

    Morici is a contributor to right-wing rags like Human Events and other blogs.

    Ratigan also had on R. Glenn Hubbard, the Columbia professor who has written a book, Seeds of Destruction, where he blasts the Obama economy, too.

    I don’t get upset when I have to miss the Dylan Ratigan Show as IMO he is a “know-it-all” who takes 15 sentences to make ONE complete statement (and if you miss what he says, he repeats it day-after-day….”banksters”, “corporate communists”, etc.). Now Ratigan is going to solve unemployment in America from his pimped-out bus tour called “Steel on Wheels”, kind of like a “Tea Party Express”!

    Ratigan calls himself a conservative, so who says MSNBC is liberal?

  18. So Ratigan is a conservative and a liberal? Interesting taking two different positions at once while railing against BOTH parties. Typical Ratigan the corporate pawn who believes he knows what is best for everyone. Why doesn’t this idiot run for president?

    Either way I saw the daily show and Jon Stewart BASHED Ed Shultz. Thought you guys would think it was funny because I was in hysterics over it. Whats funny is I don’t care if Jon stewart makes fun of the pres. even because thats his job to make fun of people. Ed didn’t think it was so funny though.

  19. Stewart did a good job of editing that portrayed Schultz as an angry loud-mouth. If Schultz can take this criticism to heart and temper his outbursts, it will make him more palatable to many viewers, who if they want such anger, can always switch to Fox.

    Just watched Meet the Press and David Gregory makes me wish we still had Tim Russert around. Gregory is a smartass, more interested in throwing “gotcha” bombs as if he worked for Fox, than having any real honest discussion. Gregory did his best to try to show the Obama administration being caught “off guard” and sending mixed messages. His guests Mohamed El Baradei, Ambassador Mohamed ElBaradei and John Kerry didn’t always let him get away with it, that is they could talk louder than Gregory who likes to talk-over and interrupt. Meet the Press repeats on MSNBC at 4 p.m. ET today.

  20. Did you see Hillary Clinton on last week, I think it was, I’m going to try to find it on youtube, but after Gregory asked one of his loaded questions…all sorts of assumptions etc., she said something like “I never said anything like that” and scolded him for the question, more people need to fight back against his attack interviewing style.

  21. I wanted to add something about Ed Shultz he gave Obama a lot of credit recently. Praised him for the auto industry bailout and gave him massive praise. I think you need to re-look at him. He really isn’t that bad of a guy. :)

    Sure I don’t like him a huge amount but he has his heart in the right place and is way better than Cenk.

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