The Ralph Nader/Ron Paul Alliance – Let The Crazies Unite!

First we had the Jane Hamsher/Grover Norquist alliance and now we have the Nader/Paul alliance. It does seem that crazies are attracted to each other, doesn’t it. From The Raw Story…

However, on Wednesday’s broadcast of Freedom Watch on the Fox Business channel, Judge Napolitano sat down for an amiable interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Ralph Nader to discuss a progressive-libertarian alliance in the 112th session of respective chambers in Congress.

Nader, who has recently called this coalition “the most exciting new political dynamic” in the US today, explained that it works well because both groups stand against corporatists who believe government should be run in the interests of corporations.

“I believe in coalitions,” Rep. Paul echoed. “They talk about we need more bipartisanship, and I say we have too much bipartisanship because the bipartisanship we have here in Washington endorses corporatism.”

Here is the video of the two on Fox News, so much crazy in one segment…

And go here for Angry Black Lady’s take on it.


4 thoughts on “The Ralph Nader/Ron Paul Alliance – Let The Crazies Unite!

  1. People like Nader and Paul are easy to look towards for simple answers but when it comes to scrutiny they offer no realistic solutions. Look at Rand Paul who wants to cut urban housing development completely and slash anything else that might help the poor. Than he wants to slash center of disease control among everything else. Its simply ridiculous which is why the Democrats need to let Rand Paul talk about his proposals so the whole united states can hear them.

  2. You should try to look up the Randi Rhodes and Ralph Nader interview, the guy only runs for president he doesn’t run for senate or congress and in between elections he doesn’t offer policy solutions. I still believe the Bush Crime Family pay him to run in states he promised he wouldn’t run in.

  3. I do agree with Sen. Rand Paul who is calling for the US to cut off the billions we have been sending to both Egypt and Israel, $45 billion and $150 billion respectively over the past 30 years. In essence this diplomatic “aid” is blackmail to keep Egypt and Israel from going to war with each other and even to restrict Mubarak’s Egypt from giving humanitarian aide to the suffering Gazan Arabs on their borders. In Egypt our taxpayer money is not going so much to help the millions of poor there but instead lining the pockets of Mubarak and his circle of wealthy friends.

    “We share Senator Paul’s commitment to restraining the growth of federal spending, but we reject his misguided proposal to end U.S. assistance to our ally Israel,” said Matthew Brooks, executive director for the Republican Jewish Coalition.

    Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY), the top Democrat on the House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees foreign aid, said “the United States cannot renege on its commitment to the only Democratic nation in a dangerous region”. She is also sympathetic to the strong Israel Lobby. Ask Muslims and Christians living in theocratic Israel if they are “equal”.

    “Using our budget deficit as a reason to abandon Israel is inexcusable,” Lowey said in a statement. “It is unclear to me whether Rand Paul speaks for the tea party, the Republican Party or simply himself. I call on all those who value the U.S.-Israel relationship to make it clear that our nation will not abandon our ally Israel.”

    These Jewish voices in Washington seem to feel it is okay to abandon “our ally” Egypt, but not the “elephant in the room”…Israel!

  4. yeah but his other proposals are flat out stupid. He wants to cut the urban housing market or dismantle it completely and not only that but it seems he wants to dismantle the entire system. I agree with him about Israel and Egypt but thats about it because he goes way too far with everything else. Personally I think the democrats should let Rand Paul speak about his economic proposals so everyone can hear them.

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