The Ralph Nader/Ron Paul Alliance – Let The Crazies Unite!

First we had the Jane Hamsher/Grover Norquist alliance and now we have the Nader/Paul alliance. It does seem that crazies are attracted to each other, doesn’t it. From The Raw Story…

However, on Wednesday’s broadcast of Freedom Watch on the Fox Business channel, Judge Napolitano sat down for an amiable interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Ralph Nader to discuss a progressive-libertarian alliance in the 112th session of respective chambers in Congress.

Nader, who has recently called this coalition “the most exciting new political dynamic” in the US today, explained that it works well because both groups stand against corporatists who believe government should be run in the interests of corporations.

“I believe in coalitions,” Rep. Paul echoed. “They talk about we need more bipartisanship, and I say we have too much bipartisanship because the bipartisanship we have here in Washington endorses corporatism.”

Here is the video of the two on Fox News, so much crazy in one segment…

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