I Could Have Been A Contender – The 2012 GOP Horse Race!

Wow, it’s getting pretty fun to watch the jockeying in the Republican Party for the 2012 Presidential race. I’m loving it. It was pretty easy for all the different competing factions within the party to run in the midterms, but when you throw them all into a big pot that has to produce one viable, electable candidate…well then, that’s when the fun begins. Let’s start a discussion about who will probably get the nomination and who would be the best to get the nomination. The list of names begins below, please add any other that I missed.

Mitt Romney

Sarah Palin

Ron Paul

Mike Huckabee

Mitch Daniels

Mike Pence

John Thune

Michelle Bachmann

Joe Scarborough

Rick Santorum

Rick Perry

Haley Barbour

Tim Pawlenty

Newt Gingrich

John Bolton

Jeb Bush

Jim DeMint

Donald Trump

Who did I miss? If I had to pick someone on a hunch, I think I would pick Mitt Romney at this point. But just like everyone else says, he has the whole Mormon thing to worry about. My second pick would probably be Mike Huckabee. But really, there is a long time before the dust settles on this bunch. Fun, fun, fun.


22 thoughts on “I Could Have Been A Contender – The 2012 GOP Horse Race!

  1. If I was Jeb Bush I lay low about another seven years until people forgot my brother was the reason the economy was in the toilet bowl. Mitt Romney should really think about changing political parties, shifting further right isn’t helping him. Those right wing activist might be the dumbest group of people on the planet but for whatever reason they can sniff out wannabes and fakes.

    Ron Paul I remember tossing one of his flyers in a garbage can and one of his supporters gave me a look. Other than Iraq what issues can you go yeah Ron I agree with you? Not too many.

    From Mike Huckabee to John Thune they either have limited appeal or they’re boring as hell when they talk and Barack Obama would make them look foolish if they debate.

    Michele Bachmann let’s be real here even the hardest Bachmann fanboy can’t defend her once she opens her mouth. Added the fact she says the dumbest thing an elected official can say she looks incredibly insane from the spaced out expression on her face to her limited blinking.

    Everyone else falls in the same boat of being boring or having limited appeal outside that wingnut base or in Donald Trump case just another thing he could be in the news for.

  2. Is there a Republican NOT running? Don’t forget Rudy “9/11” Giuliani and UN Ambassador John Bolton who has already claimed he could beat Obama. Dark horses include up and coming star Rep. Paul Ryan (WI), Rick Santorum, General David Petraeus, Jon Huntsman, Jr, Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA), Buddy Roemer (Former Gov of Louisiana), Sen. Scott Brown, Sen. John Cronyn, Sen. Judd Gregg, Gov. Gary E. Johnson (NM), Gov. George Pataki (NY), Sen. Lindsey Graham (and possibly John McCain AGAIN!) have been touted by some. Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) claims he has not interest at present.

  3. Agreed. Ron Paul is a lying racist fascist who will destroy Our President if he gets half the chance! Of course, everyone knows all rethuglicans are insane racists just like all the trolls in the pay of Karl Rove.

  4. I heard Gov. Jindal doesn’t want to run. Seriously McCain? Someone needs to retire. I thought Romney too. Huckabee – well my mom will probably vote for him again. Hahaha.

  5. I have John Bolton on the list. I missed Giuliani, but I haven’t really heard him mentioned at all as throwing his hat in the ring.

    Many on your list above, Grant, are just names being thrown around and I don’t take seriously. David Patreaeus said he would not run for president, emphatically…so I take him at his word. I think he’s too smart to do it. Bobby Jindal is a joke now, maybe in 4 years for him. I missed Pataki, he is a possibility, huge ego there. Scott Brown isn’t going to run, way over his head as a Senator already, Lindsey Graham…no way, he would have to come out or be outed. McCain can’t handle it, he barely did the last time. Rubio is the same as Scott Brown, too green.

  6. I’ve heard that Mitch Daniels would be a tough candidate to run against. But the conventional wisdom says he isn’t conservative enough…the anti Tea Party candidate. I think the Tea Party presents the new litmus test for GOP politicians. They have to smooch their asses now to get the nod.

  7. The problem is that the republicans have very few serious contenders. They just are to polarizing and any moderate that tries to run will probably not win. Romney is top contender but I doubt he will win due to his religion as well as stances that he can’t just simply dismiss that he was wrong.

  8. Cenk Uygur is out of the box on his new MSNBC show right away jumping on the neck of our Democratic President. Cenk had Ed Schultz on to promote his new 10 p.m. hour and Ed says there are “exciting times ahead” at MSNBC. Schultz has some rough competition now going up against PRIME TIME network shows and even Anderson Cooper at CNN. I predict that viewership at MSNBC will fall off. In the meantime, considering to move from Comcast to satellite.

  9. I will not be watching Cenk. I go on youngturks occasionally to hear what his opinion is because I like to listen to what different people say but I just cannot support him because he goes to far in his assessments. Has not complimented or praised Obama ONCE. He used to when Obama did good but now he’s almost as bad as Fixed News.

    Either way I think I will be turning off the MSNBC depending on how it turns I may actually boycott the entire channel for what its worth.

  10. I never forget Obama, I’m a bot, you know. I’ll just direct you to the words “2012 GOP Horse Race”. Last I checked, President Obama is a Democrat, a very successful and popular democrat at that. :)

  11. I used to like The Young Turks before they turned fire bag, people should be critical of President Obama when it’s needed but it seems they spend like 40 seconds going over the positive things he has done and spend their entire time just dragging the president over the coals.

    Going over to Democratic Underground is becoming a pain to go nowadays if they didn’t have interesting videos I wouldn’t go there at all. Like I tell those people there we got a political party that’s willingly to burn this country to the ground for their own political gain and we’re stuck debating rather the President is liberal or not, how insane is that?

    As for MSNBC I still support Chris,Ed,Rachel and Lawrence because rather you like it or not they’re progressive voices and I wouldn’t past Comcast to use a slight drop off from their ratings to flip to the format back to being Fox News little brother.

  12. Yeah Johnny I see your point. I am sick and tired of the debate about whether Obama is conservative or liberal because in the end this means very little. What really matters is results and Obama has accomplished a great deal that is often over looked by people like Cenk. He was at one point a supporter of Obama and still does defend Obama at times but he never compliments him.

    Now I’m not saying he has to endlessly compliment him. Criticism is fine but does he have to focus his entire show on it? Whats more is I’ve found this to be rather true about other progressive voices in the media. Its sort of disheartening but I found that its best not to listen to them if they bother you enough.

  13. Jane Hamsher has been all over MSNBC the past two days complaining that she wasn’t allowed to visit Bradley Manning in the Marine Corps military brig at Quantico. Dylan Ratigan has her back comparing the military prison system to CHINA! Damn Obama and his Justice Department. Does Ratigan realize that military justice is not the same as civilian justice?

  14. I’m sure you saw my brief comments on Manning in a previous post. If you go into the military and then fuck with them, your ass better expect some repercussions. I always question people who go in why they would subject themselves to that kind of justice and they always accept it as the price they have to pay.

  15. Cenk Uygur today is forecasting Obama going “to the right” tonight and asked Sen. Sherrod Brown if he wasn’t concerned about Obama’s “significant shift” to the right. Bob Shrum says that someday we will look back on Obama as a progressive president and Cenk said he cannot agree with him on that. Bob Shrum says we should WAIT and see what Obama actually says tonight! Good one, Bob.

  16. I’ve actually come to some realizations about Cenk looking through his past vids. One he’s not as ‘liberal’ or as educated as he claims. If you listen to what he says other than just political issues you’ll find yourself cringing at how pathetically ignorant he sounds not to mention stupid.

    Anyone knows when your the president you don’t run just to the right or left all the time. It’s like a figurative pendulum where you go left and right than center, etc. There is no one ‘single’ direction you stay or else you become a failure like W. who stayed pretty much to the right indefinitely and wouldn’t move on anything.

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