Call Their Bluff – Let’s Have A Vote On Repealing The Health Care Law In The Senate!

The conventional wisdom of late has been that Harry Reid won’t let the repeal of health care to come to the floor of the Senate but as with most conventional wisdom, it isn’t usually very wise, just group-think really. Well now it looks like ole’ Harry is going to call their bluff and might say, “bring it on.” I hope this is true and that it signals a new strategy for the new dynamics in Washington. Back in the day, when I used to spend time watching C-Span, it seemed like both parties would use every rule and loophole to their advantage. In recent years, the Democrats have been getting rolled and taking the high road too much for my tastes. Politics is a dirty business, get dirty people. Steve Benen clues us into what may be in the works in the Senate, let’s hope…

Kevin Drum had a creative take yesterday, arguing that Senate Dems’ instincts may be backwards — don’t ignore the House bill, embrace it and make the most of it.

They should bring the House bill up for a vote quickly, let Republicans speechify about it for a bit, and then vote it down, 53-47. End of story, time to move on.

But wait! With Republicans in control of the House, it’s not like the Senate can really get much done anyway. So what’s the harm in wasting a bit of time and making this a knock-down-drag-out fight? After all, the House leadership got a nice, clean repeal vote by bringing up the bill under a closed rule and allowing no potentially embarrassing amendments and virtually no debate. In the Senate, by contrast, Democrats control things, and they can bring up all the amendments they want. So maybe they should play along, hold hearings, and force Republicans to vote on, say, an amendment to the repeal bill that would keep the preexisting condition ban in place. And another one that would keep the donut hole fix in place. Etc. etc.

Jonathan Bernstein, who had a generally positive take on this, noted some of the risks of the amendment strategy, and Senate Dems would be wise to consider them.

That said, as of this morning, it appears there’s some fluidity to the Democratic strategy in the Senate. Whereas the plan earlier in the week was to simply ignore the House Republicans’ repeal bill, there’s apparently a fair amount of interest in pursuing a plan very similar to what Kevin wrote about yesterday.

Please, oh please make those Republicans get on the Senate floor and tell us why pre-existing conditions should be repealed and why all those senior citizens should pay back that $250 they got. Republicans are losing their minds and we ought to help them do it. Give them a nudge…or maybe a body block. :)


14 thoughts on “Call Their Bluff – Let’s Have A Vote On Repealing The Health Care Law In The Senate!

  1. Another great post, EL! I agree completely and absolutely. We have such wonderful leadership in Our Party, sometimes it makes me weep just thinking about how historic and wonderful they are. ‘Give ’em Hell’ Harry will surely kick rethuglican butt in the Senate, save Our President’s historic health care bill and crush the racist insane rethuglican tea baggers in the Senate. Keep up the good work, EL and don’t let up on those stupid fire baggers who should all be crushed along with their rethuglican troll friends and naderites!

  2. TROLL Orson P. doesn’t sound like ANY Democrat I know so he is actually here trolling as a REICH-winger in sheep’s clothing. So much for giving him the attention baby Orson covets….

    I see the Republicans in the House are going to bring up their healthcare reforms like allowing interstate sales of insurance and put as many roadblocks for insurance companies to insure abortion, halt federal aid to states to help them prop up Medicaid health insurance FOR THE POOR. The GOP wants to remove requirements in many states that insurance covers maternity care, cancer screenings, and mastectomies. And the Republicans want to bar the Justice Department from defending the new Healthcare Bill passed last year against court challenges current in various states.

    So the Congresscritters, who have a gold standard insurance plan paid by US, the taxpayers seem to be attack the least powerful, the poor and women. Now BIG PHARMA contributing $2 million to both Boehner and Cantor.

  3. Another ranking of the world’s happiest people is out and once again it includes at the top, the “socialist” nations of Finland, Norway, and Denmark where people happily pay about half of their income in taxes but get cradle-to-grave care including daycare for infants to nursing home care for seniors, free education through a PhD., and most of all…government healthcare. The Scandinavians report that “happiness is much more than money. It’s being healthy, free from pain, being able to take care of yourself. It’s having good times with friends and family.”

    This ranking featured by Forbes has the USA ranked 10th, Forbes saying the 90% of Americans are “satisfied” with their healthcare. But aren’t 50 million Americans now without health insurance?

  4. Ah if the Senate Republicans get out on the floor, they will just regurgitate words like socialism and how we can not afford it. They’re all for keeping the wildly popular pre-existing condition cause because it’s…wildly popular.

    A lot of us see what they’re trying to do. Hand the keys back to the insurance companies and big pharma who are pressuring them.

    The more the American people benefit from being able to keep their adult kids on their insurance plans and not being dropped because of pre-existing conditions, they will see that there is value to this law. Hopefully, they’ll see it’s worth working with instead of trashing it.

  5. Keith Olbermann just reported that after 8 years, MSNBC has fired him from Countdown.
    Wonder if the new owner Comcast had anything to do with it?

  6. Comcast just took over majority ownership of MSNBC this past Tuesday, so it didn’t take long to shut down their most viewed program, Olbermann’s Countdown. The Comcast owner/CEO Brian L. Roberts was a host for the 2000 Republican Convention, owns two sports arenas in Philadelphia plus the franchises for the Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey team and the NBA Philadelphia 76ers. Roberts is also a board member of the The Bank of New York (Mellon) so represents BIG BANKING!

    Wonder how long it will take to make MSNBC just another Faux News clone? Corpfascists win!

  7. MSNBC is already moving the chairs around. Lawrence O’Donnell will take over the Countdown slot, with Ed Schultz to take the “Last Word” at 10p.m. and Cenk Uygur will be given his own show in Schultz’s old slot.

  8. Yeah I read and am more than a little upset although I’m not the biggest fan of Olberman I really don’t like Cenk at all. He’s way too far hard nosed about everything and lacks skills that Olbermann had in my opinion.

    I wonder what Keith is going to do…

  9. I’m somewhat worry about the futures of Ed, Lawrence and Rachel(fuck Cenk)but there are cases where companies that are own by right wingers have left leaning programing (Clear Channel, that group that syndicate Rush and Beck also airs Randi Rhodes’ show and remember GE was one of the biggest donors of the Bush 04 re-election campaign)

    I’m going to miss Keith while I disagree with him on his commentary regarding President Obama he was one of the few people on cable tv that told the truth with force and passion. I will still watch MSNBC just to support the remaining progressive voices(not Cenk fuck him)

  10. Yeah I am glad to find that some people feel the same way about Cenk as I do. I have yet to hear Cenk EVER compliment Obama on anything. First off I know a lot on here dislike Ed Sholtz but Ed is WAY better than Cenk, At least in my opinion.

    Of course its not just Cenk’s dislike towards Obama being the reason I don’t like him. Its the fact that he acts like such a know it all about politics and every given subject like he’s some form of expert about everything. Hell I like Mathews more than I like Cenk… Well to be honest about Mathews I actually am a sort of fan lol. (looks around guiltily)

  11. One wonders what this shake-up will do for Ed Schultz as he had revived MSNBC’s 6 p.m. time slot. Ed was up 8% in A25-54 and up 20% in total viewers last year, while CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has dropped –28% in A25-54 and –29% in total viewers. Now Schultz will be opposite the popular Anderson Cooper and the network prime-time lineup instead of local news.

  12. Agreed. Cenk Ugly (haha!) and the firebaggers should stfu or be banned! Anyone who criticizes Our Party and Our President is a traitor to our Nation and should be banned and have their posts deleted! I know EL and all true Democrats agree with me.

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