Republican House – You Want Symbolism, They Got it!

As a veteran political observer…damn near 40 years now…I’ve seen all sorts of strategies and tactics used by all political parties. Republicans certainly know how to gather support however they can and they understand and perpetuate the cynicism in politics. They don’t see any downside to being hypocritical and as Rachel Maddow says, they are shameless. They divide and conquer, they pit one group against another….but they understand completely that when it comes down to election time, they can get all their people in line. Usually it entails sending out racist dog whistles, abortion, immigration, and they throw in a little socialism, fascism, communism and all those salivating dogs coming running home.

The latest manuever that everyone sees through and is just a symbolic gesture, red meat to the base…is the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” that they are playing with in the House of Representatives. Steve Benen has been all over this over at the Washington Monthly, this is from one of his posts…

After a week-long break, House Republicans will get back to work today, renewing their admittedly-pointless effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The vote, which will likely come tomorrow, isn’t hard to predict — the House will easily approve the repeal measure — but even supporters know the bill will promptly fade into oblivion soon after.What’s more interesting is how little Republicans’ ostensible allies are doing to give them a hand. (thanks to reader V.S. for the tip)

The health care industry’s biggest trade groups have remained uncharacteristically neutral on the Republican effort to repeal the health care reform law, choosing instead to save their political capital for smaller, more targeted changes that have a chance at becoming law.

America’s Health Insurance Plans lobbied against much of the health care overhaul when it was passed in Congress, but it is not supporting the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. The heads of Aetna and Cigna, members of AHIP, have publicly said they do not support efforts to repeal the law. […]

The pharmaceutical industry, which spent months cutting deals with Democrats to protect its interests, has remained mum on Republican repeal efforts.

Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a leading opponent of the Democratic reform law, is on record formally supporting the Republican repeal bill, but isn’t at all interested in investing any time or energy into the GOP push.

When your allies turn their backs on you and ignore your symbolic bullshit, you know you are wasting everyone’s time. But I suspect that it will be plenty of red meat for the base to keep them satisfied until the next batch is thrown out to them. Democrats will of course use it to their advantage too. The big difference is that Democrats will be using it to appeal to moderates, some of whom are in the 129 million people with pre-existing conditions. So it is kind of a win-win for both parties, right?