President Barack Obama – Thank You For Your Leadership

He really needs to write his own speeches more often. Bravo, bravo Mr. President.

Sometimes I seriously think he reads this blog or even more, my mind. I guess that is why I support him like I do. I read his two books and he is a very good writer and thinker. I really wish everyone would read his books before judging him as a person or the caricature that the right has painted him as. He is a true leader, whether some fight like hell not to be led by him or try to throw roadblocks in the way of his leadership, he perseveres and rises above it. Anyone who underestimates him, does so at their peril.

I wonder what sort of depths Rush, Glenn and Sarah will sink to now… know it has to drive them absolutely nuts that he is so good at his job. In Rush’s case, of course, it’s because he is black. But Sarah and Glenn I think are just opportunistic and too fucking stupid to really know what they think. There doesn’t seem to be a bottom to how low they will go.

More on the vitriol later, lots of good stuff out there on the internets.


12 thoughts on “President Barack Obama – Thank You For Your Leadership

  1. Our President did a great job last night, which even right-wing columnist Charles Krauthammer found commendable, as did Fox News’ Brit Hume, and Chris Wallace. (In reading some right blogs they are now getting some hate, too).

    I too was so “blown away” by the President’s speech, that I didn’t notice the applause, even cheering.

    Krauthammer’s latest column states that Palin, Limbaugh, and Beck et al are being “libeled” by the left.

  2. The Mayor of Tucson was just interviewed by Dylan Ratigan and he had high praises for the President’s speech. The mayor was not offended by the joyous tone of the audience saying there is a time to grieve and people will continue to do so in their own time, but there is also a time to return to normal life and felt the service indicated that needed turning point has begun.

    I was also inspired by the humble Daniel Hernandez’s speech. Although only an intern a week on the job, he has known Giffords for a couple of years partly through her support of the GLBT community in Tucson (a reason she switched from being Republican to Democratic several years ago?)

  3. I think we all owe Our President and Our Party a vote for thanks for his wonderful historic words. I think we also owe Extreeme Liberral a vote of thanks for his wonderful support of Our Party and for deleting trolls and banning firebagger comments so we all have a safe place to blog. THANKS EL!

  4. Exactly who has been banned, Orson? I haven’t banned anyone, so this must be your attempt at a disinformation campaign…did Roger Ailes teach you how to do that.

    You must have missed my reply to your last bit of disinformation.

    I guess I’ll repeat for everyone else, I’ve never banned anyone and the only comments I don’t allow are those that are racist or personally attack a commenter, other than that, it’s a free for all here. Oh, and I have one commenter that I should probably report to the FBI, I think he might be a tragedy waiting to happen.

    Even boneheads like Orson P. are allowed to post. And you are welcome.

  5. I support the statement by EL about making this an open forum. Although we disagree on some issues, OK most issues because he is just wrong, he just insults me and lets me post.

  6. boy you are a little troll aren’t you? How old are you btw 5? I wasn’t saying they shouldn’t be allowed to vote I was saying simply that the public is being mislead and will continue to be mislead on where the real issues are.

  7. I know that it doesn’t mean much to many on here but I’d like to address something McCain said recently. I know we don’t like McCain and I myself cant stand the man at times but than their are times he puzzles me and actually makes me think that he is actually a good person whose been sort of befuddled with politics.

    I just hope that in time that at some point we can all come together but of course that’s probably a hopeless liberal dream of mine that probably wont happen.

  8. Great link Jeff. He’s kind of become a jekyl and hyde over the years. Very classy op-ed from McCain, maybe now that he isn’t running against a far right whack-job (Hayworth), maybe he will be more reasonable.

    It sounds like the Prez won him over pretty good with the speech.

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