President Barack Obama – Thank You For Your Leadership

He really needs to write his own speeches more often. Bravo, bravo Mr. President.

Sometimes I seriously think he reads this blog or even more, my mind. I guess that is why I support him like I do. I read his two books and he is a very good writer and thinker. I really wish everyone would read his books before judging him as a person or the caricature that the right has painted him as. He is a true leader, whether some fight like hell not to be led by him or try to throw roadblocks in the way of his leadership, he perseveres and rises above it. Anyone who underestimates him, does so at their peril.

I wonder what sort of depths Rush, Glenn and Sarah will sink to now… know it has to drive them absolutely nuts that he is so good at his job. In Rush’s case, of course, it’s because he is black. But Sarah and Glenn I think are just opportunistic and too fucking stupid to really know what they think. There doesn’t seem to be a bottom to how low they will go.

More on the vitriol later, lots of good stuff out there on the internets.