The Real Issue In Tucson!

I know that many don’t agree with me about not wanting to play the blame game when it comes to the tragedy in Tucson, but I’m sorry, I don’t see a direct correlation between Loughner’s shooting rampage and the violent rhetoric on the right. I abhor the violent rhetoric on the right, but I think many on the left look foolish trying to make a direct connection between the two. Jon Stewart said much of what I’ve been thinking, hat tip to Politico…

“We live in a complex ecosystem of influences and motivations and I wouldn’t blame our political rhetoric any more than I would blame heavy metal music for Columbine,” Stewart said on “The Daily Show” Monday night. “Boy, would it be nice to draw a straight line from this horror to something tangible, because then we could convince ourselves that if we just stopped this, then the horrors will end.”

“You cannot outsmart crazy,” Stewart said. “You don’t know what a troubled mind will get caught on.”

Stewart said he doesn’t know “if there is a way to make sense” of the shootings.

Nevertheless, he did stress a need to tone down political “ramblings.”

“It would be really nice if the ramblings of crazy people didn’t resemble how we talk to each other on TV,” he said. “Let’s at least make troubled individuals easier to spot.”

The real issue that I think we should be focusing on is getting people who need help with mental problems the care that they need. There were many signs from Jared Loughner that he was unstable and suffering from paranoia, but without any system in place for dealing with these people, he just fell through the cracks. The Virginia Tech shooter had similar problems and also showed signs of problems well ahead of his killing spree. As a country, we should be focusing on solving this issue instead of turning a disaster like happened on Saturday into a circus act, which the media does all too well.

The issue of the violent rhetoric that has become the norm on the right (and there is no “both sides” to it…..that’s complete horseshit), is a separate issue. Maybe now is the time to have that debate, but it needs to be separated from the Tucson tragedy. Both sides are using the emotions of the horrible tragedy to bolster their arguments and it sickens me, to be honest. I heard one friend of Jared’s say that he wasn’t a political person at all. Even though he had an issue with Gabrielle Giffords, it didn’t seem to be about her politics as far as I can tell. His paranoia had taken him to a whole different reality. Let’s have the debate about our political discourse, but let’s not play on the emotions of the moment.


14 thoughts on “The Real Issue In Tucson!

  1. His favorite books were interesting and the fact that he shaved his head means a lot. However I don’t think this meant he was a republican or democrat and either way we need to focus on getting the mentally ill the help that they need. Your right the partisan rhetoric needs to stop as far as blaming one side.

    What doesn’t need to be done is repealing healthcare. That will only make this problem worse.

  2. Just finished watching the memorial service. our President out did himself tonight. I couldn’t be more proud of him. He was really well received. What are your thoughts?

  3. The right immediately pounced on negatives to describe the President’s speech tonight and Free Republic is one of many right-sites reporting that blue T-shirts were being passed out at Tucson memorial service making it a “political rally”. Some even claim it was a break-out of Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan….”Together We Thrive”. The right-wing Washington Examiner say they read, “Together We Thrive…Tuscon and America”. Already they are calling it a PEP rally according to Michelle Malkin with people applauding, not unlike the charges made about the Sen. Paul Wellstone memorial service in Minneapolis.

    There were T-shirts but nobody knows who bought them. The U of Arizona was responsible for everything at the service. However, some on the right are saying Obama bought them with “taxpayer money”. So the hate and LIES don’t seem to be subsiding.

    Not everyone CELEBRATES a person’s life in somber tones. Ever seen a New Orleans funeral march complete with brass band?

  4. I for one was moved to tears at many of the wonderful things he said. He showed that he had tremendous insight and wisdom and was moved when he talked about the people slain. One thing I didn’t understand was all the cheering but this seemed to have been since the first speaker spoke. After saying that I think that maybe they were trying to push themselves past this tragedy.

  5. Since the big gym is the site of noisy U. of Arizona basketball games, some have commented that the venue was responsible in part for applause. Holding it in a big cathedral might have changed things, but then religion would be introduced when victims were both Christian and Jewish (Malkin is already outraged at the Native American professor who gave an Indian blessing). And some of the big fundie megachurches have a lot of noise, clapping, jumping around, too, in their worship!

    However, there were certain places where applause was entirely appropriate like the announcement that Rep. Giffords had opened her eyes and was improving. Maybe it’s a difference in viewpoints between liberals and conservatives but I am sure in Arizona, that some of the 30,000 attendees both inside and outdoors the center were Republicans who may even have dared to clap.

  6. Andrew Breitbart is railing at the left, which is no big surprise, as he needs to have readers come to his blog, too! He writes:

    Why does the far-left exploit such situations? Why do they say skeptic scientists are shills on the payroll of oil and coal industries, call tea-party members gun crazed racists, say Glenn Beck and Fox News ‘make stuff up’, and suggest a crazed gunman’s motivations are a symptom of Rush Limbaugh’s vitriol, but cannot offer proof to back up these claims?

    They can’t win in the arena of ideas, so they do everything in their power to frame the argument away from this monumental fault. The American public is not stupid, and there is a distinct possibility that an examination of the Tucson shooter’s motivations will reveal a problem not much different than what is being revealed about the so-called global warming crisis. There’s no “there” there.

    Note Breitbart posts that Zionist NEOCON Alan Dershowitz says Palin did nothing wrong using the term “Blood Libel”. However, about every major Jewish group is coming out against Palin painting herself as VICTIM!

    Breitbart even calls Dershowitz one of few HONEST Liberals!!!

  7. I felt that the applause was for the living as well as celebrating the those that had passed. That was their way of starting healing process. There were sad parts of all the people speaking and funny parts. We are all of a sum.

  8. The typical assholes are at it again. They’re spreading the same teabagger vitriol against our president:

    Apparently just like the right wing, they’re the experts in how a memorial is supposed to be! Wow, how can we live without their precious advice? *cringe*

    I loved the whole entire memorial last night! The celebration of positive people who died and who are still living and celebrating the ordinary heroes of our time! Truly was beautiful. :)

  9. I too was moved to tears and wept as Our President gave another wonderful historic speech. We as good Democrats must make the most of this and Our President’s truly wonderful speech is a good start to the 2012 campaign. If only we could somehow shut up the stupid idiot firebaggers and turd party naderites like Jane Hampster (haha!) that spoil our elections and foul the political discourse and leads to tragedies like this.

  10. MSNBC showed clips of Clinton speaking at the Oklahoma City Memorial service and even though a bit more somber, there was still applause at parts of his speech. Then they showed Bush at Ground Zero and it was quite noisy with cheering, and quite an uproar when Bush said that the perps would soon be hearing from the USA! USA! USA! (in the form of bombs!).

    Rather than analyze what the President said, the right is mostly talking about applause (just as they did over the Wellstone memorial service) and the blue T-shirts that were available which “prove” this was nothing but a campaign 2012 “rally” for Obama (who BTW was invited by U of Arizona). The whole event, the venue, programs, etc. was in the hands of the University of Arizona. Heard one person say that Tucson (like Austin here in Texas) is considered the “Berkeley” of that state). But in such a Republican state where it took three days to proclaim Giffords the slim winner over her teabagger opponent in November, I am sure many applauding and cheering (horrors!) were Arizona Republicans.
    Maybe there should have been crying seen like we get from Glenn Beck and Weeper Boehner.

    I do have Fox on my remote quickview and just minutes ago when CNN and MSNBC was showing LIVE the arrival of Christina Green’s family at her Mass in Tucson, I flipped to Fox and they were doing a story on the home market and were painting a most depressing situation in their OPINIONs. Doom and Gloom! Seems Fox is wanting to stay away from Tucson. Plus, don’t we need another Charlie Sheen story?

  11. It’s politics and you have to expect every time a politician has the stage, he will make the most of it politically. Blaming either party for this is nonsense. He was a nutjob who believed in little.

  12. I agree with the opinion piece below which is an indictment on the state of education in our nation. It would help if we didn’t have people trying to insert their partisan political beliefs into the curriculum as the right-wingers are trying to do here in Texas, purging liberal thinkers and thought, science (Evolution and Big Bang) from our state purchased textbooks.

    Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, however, holding muddled political views does not in and of itself necessarily make Loughner mentally ill, unstable, crazy, or even particularly unusual. It makes him American and peculiarly so. In the college classroom, at political events and in grassroots organizing meetings, it does not take long to find many young (and not so young) people who hold what many of us consider to be an oddly contradictory collection of political views. After more than a decade of teaching, I can say that very few of today’s college students have any sense of what “the left” or “the right” are or have traditionally stood for, what “liberal” and “conservative” have historically meant or where on the political spectrum we might place fascism and communism. When asked, most students – most Americans – “know” that Hitler and Marx are “bad,” but very few can articulate what they stood for politically and many often assume that Nazi and Communist are synonymous.

    Glenn Beck is one who is guilty of equating Obama with BOTH Hitler and Karl Marx.

  13. Today’s Sunday paper has several big ads for guns highlighting several Glock models including the same Glock gun used by Jared Loughner which has a regular magazine which holds 16 bullets. They are $529 and makes me wonder where the unemployed Loughner, living with his parents, got the money to buy 3 guns, and extended magazines and bullets? So far it is believed he acted alone BUT did somebody else buy him the weapons?

    Twice the crowd at the Tucson Gun Show this weekend, only 7 days after the massacre in that city with gun sales UP in Arizona 60% this week over the same week a year ago. Gun sales are UP all over the nation.

    In the UK, there are 4 guns for every 100 citizens compared to 90 guns in the USA for every 100 citizens. Deaths attributed to guns are 44 TIMES higher in the USA than in the UK. Guns don’t kill people, people do!

    Guns sales have soared over 2.5 million weapons since Obama was elected but the murder rate dropped last year so this right-wing website THANKS “the chosen one” as they call Obama:

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