How About This!

I propose that Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh observe a moment of silence for oh, how about a year?


13 thoughts on “How About This!

  1. The folks on the right have no souls, they’re trying to white wash their role in inciting their audience to violence or they’re trying to paint this greasy piece of shit as a liberal.

    And as predict the corporate media is playing the same ole tired both sides inflame their side record.

  2. I usually only get Glenn and Rush from Media Matters or Jon Stewart, they find the best of for me.

    I’m not much of a fan of MSNBC either. I like Rachel Maddow but have grown tired of Keith.

    You like playing the “both sides” game, huh?

  3. It’s just not Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh (Beck already reached out on his radio show this morning to give comfort to Sarah). Red State flame thrower Erick Erickson, now elevated to being an “analyst” on the once prestigious CNN, had this to say a year ago:

    At what point do the people tell the politicians to go to hell? At what point do they get off the couch, march down to their state legislator’s house, pull him outside, and beat him to a bloody pulp for being an idiot?

    Were I in Washington State, I’d be cleaning my gun right about now waiting to protect my property from the coming riots or the government apparatchiks coming to enforce nonsensical legislation.

    And this violence-laced babbling by Erickson was just over Washington state banning phosphates in laundry detergents!!!

    And Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post even had crosshairs over a picture of Eli Manning this weekend:

    Read the comments as many are trying hard to make excuses for such gun-related “violence” and to absolve the likes of Palin.

  4. Violence is Violence no matter who says it or who does it. They bring a knife we will bring a gun, is that just a saying or a threat?

    How many times have you seen a bulls eye on something or someone. Does that mean to commit a violent act, only if you are a nutcase and then you really don’t need a reason.

    This gut had a history of extreme mood swings and was a wacko. It doesn’t matter that he was an extreme liberal, he was a nutcase and has sole blame.

  5. EL, didn’t mean anything by referring to him as an extreme liberal, that is how one of his classmates referred to him and has no reflection on your site name.

  6. The REICH-wing blogs, Free Republic are full of NEW stories now, one an alleged letter from Amy Loughner saying her son was a big fan of The Daily Kos. One site on Google has now taken the letter down saying they couldn’t confirm the letter and nobody was putting up a credible link. The “letter” is on the link below…

    I see this site also his “Facebook” page up which is different than the one I saw first thing on Saturday. Whereas the first one had Loughner as a “fan” of Sarah Palin and Tea Party Patriots (could have been a phony too), this page blames liberals. This one has a new twist, also says he is interested in “men” too! A poster on a gay blog predicted on Saturday that after being demonized as being an atheist, he expected “gay” to come up next. Then when there was a report (now proven false) that a 50 year old man had driven Loughner to the townhall meeting, a gay poster jokinging said, “OH NO, now it will be out there that he was in a “Daddy/Son” “Master/Slave” gay relationship.

  7. We won’t really know the reasons why this individual took it upon himself to be judge and executioner. There are stories all over the place, with right spinning that Loughner was a leftie loon and then some on the left are pushing the opposite agenda. Time to take a deep breath for awhile and wait for the REAL facts to come out.

  8. He was a loon regardless of which way.
    I heard one congressman say today that he did it because the Repugs were going to repeal Obamacare, what nonsense since he has said nothing. Why not make this about what it is, mental illness.

  9. To your question: Yes I have and I know the kind of crap these worthless pieces of shit shovel to the idiots that listen to them. Comparing what MSNBC to Fox you might as well compare Derek Jeter to Devi Cruz.

  10. The right wingers in America have learned lessons used successfully by the Zionists….that is to paint yourself as “victims” and this guilt trip will shut down any real opposition to one’s agendas. Robert Parry, in the article linked below, gives a time-line of the right consistently using “victim-hood” ever since the civil rights fights in the 1960’s. They have successfully used a phony victim-hood status up to the present day and already trying to deflect any blame from themselves over this latest massacre in Arizona that has been partly blamed on inflammatory rhetoric from politicians and right-wing media pundits.

    For example, heterosexuals are now the “victims” of gay rights agitators. Even in a nation where Christians are a vast majority, they are now “victims” of secularists who even want to deprive them of Christmas to hear Bill O’Reilly wail every December in his annual spouting about the “War on Christmas”!

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