Cognitive Dissonance On The Left!

Waaaaaa?? You mean Howard Dean thinks that Bill Daley was an excellent choice for Chief of Staff at the White House? How many on the “professional left” started banging their heads on their computer keyboards and saying “does not compute, does not compute.” I saw his interview with Rachel Maddow last night…watch it below. When I saw the first story about it, I thought myself, there has to be a reason why he was picked. Like maybe he would be good at the job or something. But those whiny, poutrage, firebaggers see it as just another betrayal, a slap in the face. Because you know, the whole damn world revolves around them now and anything the Obama administration does has to pass their new found litmus test…if you’ve ever worked for a corporations or Wall Street firm, you are not suitable to them and just have to be sending some mysterious smoke signals by doing it. And they like to demonize anyone who has ever sold their soul to Big Business. Every thing seems to have deeper meanings these days, all symbolic and shit. It wouldn’t possibly be that he is qualified, a good democrat, a good manager and as Howard Deans says, a reasonable man. Check out this exchange and watch as Rachel pouts and tries to make more out of the hiring than it really is…


7 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance On The Left!

  1. Give those firebaggers hell, ExtremeLiberl! What makes these lefty traitors think they can get away with criticizing Our President’s decisions! It’s completely unfair and totally bigoted and all they want to do is whine whine whine because WE won and THEY lost!

    Plus, they’re all probably rethuglicans in the pay of Karl Rove They’re trying to bring down Our President and Our Party. It’s WE, the 100% LOYAL AND UNQUESTIONING DEMOCRATS OF AMERICA who are fighting for justice and liberty and President Obama! YES WE CAN! YES WE CNA! YES WE CAN!

  2. This isn’t about being 100% loyal, our side have been worked up in a frenzy over nothing by some in our progressive media who’s doing it just for their sorry ass websites and youtube channels can get a few extra clicks or views. It’s one thing if President Obama were reaching getting former Bush White House officers but it’s not the case.

    Adam Green a dude that can barley speaks for himself is acting like he speaks for the entire progressive community probably didn’t know who Bill Daley was prior to his appointment.

    This is the thing that ticks me off about our side we got a entire political party in the Republicans trying their best to sink this country into the 19th level of hell for their own political gains. So instead of fighting them we get stuck into these circular pissing matches every time President Obama says or do something.

  3. Finally the extreme narcissist appointed someone who has something to offer besides a suffix. This was a good choice and Daley is smart and tough enough to clean out some of non-qualified advisers, Jarrett comes to mind.

    Now we will see how many of his advisers get thrown under the bus and it is about time.

  4. Exactly! Who do these people think they are? Criticizing Our President is treason to Our Party. The truth is these firebaggers just hate Our President because they’re bigots and right wing rethuglican liars in the pay of Karl Rove. You know how I know? Because REAL Democrats don’t criticize the leadership!

  5. “Extreme Narcissist?” My, my, my, the hate is showing! In every administration there has usually been a big revamp of advisors every two years.

    Geez, REICH-wingnut Ted Nugent just now on Anderson Cooper’s CNN hour giving his expertise on Obamacare which he hates, of course, and of which he says will “bankrupt” the nation. Nugent supports Sarah Palin “fighting big government” PUSHING on Americans what we can eat! Says parents should decide to offer their kids healthier food choices. So I guess it isn’t the government’s job to ever EDUCATE??? Didn’t Nancy try to educate us with her “Just Say No” program?

  6. I hardly take Maddow seriously… I honestly believe that Maddow is more of a supporter of Obama than she lets on. Of course she doesn’t agree with every decision he’s made but than again who agrees with everything one president has made?

    That said I still get in a tiff with Maddow over her objections towards Obama. They sound like hissy fits. They complain about things like Daley but to be perfectly honest any pick for chief of staff was going to be met by complaints by liberals and conservatives.

  7. How much power does the chief of staff really have? It has been reported that Rahm Emmanuel and Obama didn’t agree on introducing healthcare last in 2009. Rahm wanted to concentrate on jobs and the economy and not touch healthcare the first two years. But Obama is the person in the end who makes the final decisions.

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