Bill Daley, Chief Of Staff – Oh, The “Sanctimonious Left” Is Whining Again!

I penned this comment over at Crooks and Liars, which has gone “firebagger” with a few exceptions. It was in response to a John Amato post, who I used to really respect, but not so much anymore. He drank the Kool-aid that Janey Hamsher’s been serving up to fellow bloggers, I assume. I don’t know a hell of a lot about Bill Daley except that he is a democrat and has worked for President Clinton and chaired Al Gore’s campaign in 2000 and apparently he has worked for some major corporations, heaven forbid. I just thought I’d share my rant from over there at C & L…

I guess if anyone has ever worked in the private sector….for one of those EVIL corporations…then they are a “corporatist centrist”, right? The man has been a good democrat his whole life, worked for democratic presidents, chaired Al Gore’s campaign (I suppose you call him a corporatist too, he’s been on boards of corporations, you know?)….and yes, he’s a lawyer and businessman. Don’t you want liberals on the boards of some of these corporations? Do you know anything about the kind of input he gave at the corporations he’s been with? I personally want liberals to be in the business sector, maybe they can temper some of the greed from the damn conservatives who occupy all these boardrooms. But of course if anyone ever works for a corporation, they are shunned by people like you and your fellow whiners and so-called progressive egotists.

Under your standards and the other “firebaggers”, damn near anyone could be painted as a corporatist centrist. I’m a flaming liberal, but you know what, I too have worked for corporations and there is no way that I am whatever the hell a corporatist centrist is according to your’s and Jane Hamsher’s definition, which I suppose changes with whichever person you are trying to taint with your whiny bullshit.

I would also argue strenuously that President Obama has not lost any of his base. Your base are the people who stick with you, who support you, who are loyal liberals who vote democratic no matter what. I’m sorry, but it is always the lesser of two evils, deal with it and grow the hell up already. I am the President’s base and I fully support all the smackdowns of you selfish people who have been undermining our DEMOCRATIC president for your own whiny, selfish, petty reasons. Every single thing the President said in his presser after the tax cut deal was dead on. You are sanctimonious, you are selfish and you aren’t doing the common man any good by taking shots at our president from the left. There are better ways to express your displeasure or have input with a democratic president other than undermining him and helping Republicans destroy our country.

Get over yourselves already and start thinking about the people who need help in this country instead of whining about your bruised egos because someone calls you out on your bullshit.

Crooks and Liars has really gone down hill, it’s pretty sad to see really. I used to recommend this blog to people but really can’t do it in good conscience anymore. And based on your email response when I complained, I don’t see it getting any better.

End Rant!

I won’t even go over to FDL, I can just imagine how they are hyperventilating over there and taking sanctimony to a whole new level.


8 thoughts on “Bill Daley, Chief Of Staff – Oh, The “Sanctimonious Left” Is Whining Again!

  1. Just watched the snarky Rachel Maddow who is one of the worst bitchers. Thankfully I wasn’t home to watch Cenk, Ed, and Chris Matthews. More and more I understand why Democrats LOSE. It’s like many ENJOY gloom and doom. Obama doesn’t need the right wingnuts to cut him off at the knees with such “friends” from the so-called left. I think Obama NEEDS a tough manager and where do you get this type of resume? This guy already has EXPERIENCE in the White House under Clinton. I guess Obama should be looking for some janitor down at the corner Burger King who can come in and sweep up things.

  2. They probably want Howard Dean or Michael Moore, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Chiefs of Staff usually just managers of the white house staff and not really involved in policy making….much. I know some chiefs have been more than that, but in recent years, that’s the impression I get from it.

    So WTF is the problem with the bitchers, I posted my rant at C & L and you should see the comments…they hate them some generic corporations, man. It’s kind of wild, it’s a blind hatred….vicious, with extreme contempt for anything corporate.

  3. Maybe Obama should tap a W aid. Than they’d seriously bitch. Clinton’s aids have experience, besides the alternatives that huffington post was listing weren’t much better. Hell some were way worse lol.

  4. Thanks for that wonderful analysis, ExtremeLibbberal! You’re right on the mark! Also, thanks for banning all those firebaggers who aren’t 100% behind Our President and Our Party!

    We TRUE Democrats will always do whatever Our President and Our Party tell us to do no matter what and THAT’S the true definition of loyalty. DISSENT CANNOT BE TOLERATED! Let’s hope other websites follow your lead, supporting Our President and Our Party 110% and keeping dissenters in the trash with the firebaggers and naderites! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!!!!

  5. Sweet, Orson, I’m glad you agree. And if that is sarcasm, as I suspect, it seems pretty typical of the new left trolls that act so much like right trolls, I like to lump them all together. You take my ideas of supporting the democratic party in our two party system and type stuff like “DISSENT CANNOT BE TOLERATED” and other complete exaggerations of what I’m saying. What does that remind you of? Fucking Lefty Teabagger all the way, man. If you don’t really want to have a discussion about reality, but would rather type shit like that, then you obviously are a fringe leftist, if a leftist at all.

    I am 100% behind the Democratic Party and I’ve said it since I was 10 years old. Call me some names if you like, but I’ve picked my party. That certainly doesn’t mean I agree with everyone who calls themselves a Democrat and I didn’t like a lot of stuff Democrats have done over the years, but I don’t react by saying “I’m taking my ball and going home” and then crawling up into the fetal position and wimper. Which is how I see Jane Hamsher and the rest of the firebaggers.

    It’s the exaggerations, the misrepresentations, the selected presenting of facts and the demonization of anyone who supports this Democratic president that really bothers me. A president who has just happened to kick some ass in his first two years. You are living in an alternate reality which is formed from anger, jealousy, hatred, or something. I even sense a tinge of racism is some of the stuff I read from the firebaggers…certainly the people who cheer them on in the comments of these “firey” blogs.

    You’ve come up with oh so clever names for us to like Obamabot and others. Which always gets a good harumpf from the salivating lefty trolls.

    As far as me banning firebaggers, I haven’t banned anyone, to be honest. No one. There are some GOP trolls who I moderate what they type because they are prone to racist attacks and I won’t allow that shit on my blog, if you don’t like it, start your own fucking blog and ban me.

    But I haven’t banned anyone, ever. But I have prevented personal attacks on other commenters from appearing and like I said, racism. Beyond that, you can type whatever the hell you want but be for-warned, there are are some badass commenters on here who will take on your bullshit and stuff it down your throat. And I might chime in from time to time too, depending on how busy I am at the time.

    I suggest you go to therapy for your irrational hatred of President Obama, it has made you lose your senses.

  6. A lot of great points there, ExtreemLiberal! Of course I agree with you that we have to support our party no matter what. After all, it doesn’t really affect us, does it? It’s more like supporting a sports team really and we have to root for them to win. I really see where you’re coming from here, Extreme.

    Like you say about these firebagger lefty rethuglicans in the pay of Karl rove, anyone who disagrees with Our President must be mentally ill and probably a bigot, too. All us tough guys on the internet know it and we’ll ram it down the throat of anyone who diagrees with us. That’s why they never come here because they’re afraid of us good faithful Democrats.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Good Job, ExtremeLiberall! Keep squashing those firebaggers and dissenters!

  7. Coming from a big Republican family where my father, grandfather, and brother-in-law served a total of 32 years in elective office from the county courthouse to the Indiana legislature, I rebuked my heritage by voting for my first Democratic presidential candidate in 1972, Sen. George McGovern. This was no easy task and even wasn’t invited to some family Thanksgiving dinners!

    I actually re-registered as a Democrat in 1966 but so disappointed in the party’s behavior at the Chicago convention, voted for Third Party Sen. Eugene McCarthy as he was the only “peace” candidate. I learned early on that a “protest” vote is just that, and often places people you don’t want into power, like Nixon, Reagan, or the Bush boys.

    I have always lamented that Democrats don’t seem as focused on WINNING as are Republicans, sitting home moping instead of voting, or backing a third party candidate like Nader, but we do walk around with a SMUG attitude that at least we don’t act in unison like the Republicans, The latter have won more public offices nationwide than Democrats since Lincoln…18 of 27 presidential victories. And now the GOP controls a majority of state legislatures, governors’ offices in a re-districting year!

    The ideologues, both left and right, hate compromise but when it comes down to marking a box on ballots. Republicans of all stripes, when push comes to shove, will most often mark the candidate with an “R” after their name. Our best hope may be that infighting will spoil Republican runs if the Teabaggers cannot be brought under that ugly word….”party control”. Republicans may have learned their lesson with Ross Perot who ruined the elder Bush’s second term, even though the Gingrich revolution placed the “R’s” back into power for 12 years.

  8. People who vote their conscious are idiots. People can’t just vote for whoever they want! That’s anti-Democrat! You have to vote strategically for Our Team or else you’re a traitor liek Ralph Nader who stole our votes and attacked Our Party and is a traitor to Our Nation. Plus he’s a racist and dirty arab terrorist just like bin Laden! I read it on DailyKos!

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