photo of the day

I absolutely love barberry bushes, I’ve posted another photo of this same one before. I just read that it has been used for medicinal purposes for 2500 years. I wish we had more sunlight on our property, we have thousands of trees all around us so shade is about all we have, with a few exceptions. This one was at our old house, where we had plenty of sun. I have this photo linked to the high resolution version, this plant is a work of art and is really beautiful close up. Download it (right-click and save) or click on it and zoom in, it’s amazing. At least to me, but I told you already…I absolutely love them.

Photo by Extreme Liberal


Too Much Fun For One Day!

These are the stories that I enjoyed reading today.

Michelle Bachmann in 2012…bring it on, how much fun would that be?

Robert Gibbs is out…I’m actually pretty glad about this even though I defended him when he lashed out at the firebaggers. I just don’t think he puts a good face to the president’s agenda. Sorry Robert, love ya man.

Put the filibuster back into the filibuster…but of course the Repugnant party has to make shit up, what else do they have?

And really, if you haven’t subscribed to the Bob and Elvis Podcast, you are just plain stupid….or maybe you don’t have an mp3 player, which is cool if that’s the case. But you can still listen to it. GO!