photos of the day

I think I’ve posted this one before, but here it is again…call it an oldie but goodie. Another photo taken on that fall morning I wrote about in the previous photo post.

And this one was taken nearby the one above. I haven’t been back to that spot in many years

Photos by Extreme Liberal


2 thoughts on “photos of the day

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love autumn. We are just now winding up fall here along the Gulf Coast where our deciduous trees are dropping leaves like crazy (most releaf in March). Half or our broadleaf trees like live oaks, magnolias, hollies and most shrubs are evergreen. The maples, oaks, elms, ash, tallows, myrtles, pears, sweetgum reach their peak of color just before Christmas. We rake leaves in January and plant tomatoes in February.

    We had one of most colorful autumns I can remember with most vibrant reds and golds. The colors may have been due to the drought we’ve had for most of the year with warmer days and cool nights these past few months. We had some record highs in the 80°s the week before Christmas. Only 69° today and to be 56° overnight. So far no hard freeze or killer frosts and none expected for the next week but will get some needed rain.

  2. Thanks Grant. I love taking nature photographs, have since I was a teenager. I look forward to the day…in the next couple of years…when I can travel and photograph. Photography is the one art form that I don’t ever want to get paid to do. I think that is why I still love it so much. I have gotten paid a couple of times to take photos, when I was younger, but not in more than 25 years I bet. I shoot photos for free sometimes for family, graduation pictures, baby pictures, you know.

    We’ve had a mellow winter so far. I bought a nice new snowblower, so it figures. I’ve only used it twice and one of the times it didn’t really need it. :) I love autumn too and late spring, when the leaves are brand new on the trees and everything is shades of green. Ahhhhh, only 5 more months to go.

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