A New Year Of Crazy From Republicans!

Steve Benen, one of my favorite bloggers, found this gem from one of the incoming GOP congressmen. This crop of idiots that was voted in are keeping up the traditions of the GOP, acting like complete idiots and being proud of it. From Benen…

The NYT‘s Deborah Solomon asked West about President Obama’s relationship with the military. The right-wing Republican, a scandal-plagued Army veteran, replied, “I don’t know, you gotta ask guys in the military, but I will tell you this: I think that going in in the middle of the night doesn’t show leadership.”

It led to this exchange:

Solomon: Are you referring to that recent three-hour trip to a base in Afghanistan? He needs to consider his own safety, doesn’t he?

West: Leaders lead by example, and if I’m asking my young men and women to go out there and put their lives on the line, I should be willing and able to do the exact same thing. As I told my soldiers when I was commander in Iraq in 2003, the most expendable person in our battalion was me.


As a substantive matter, this is incoherent. West is effectively suggesting the commander in chief in a time of two wars is “expendable” and should therefore take unnecessary risks in order to “show leadership.” None of this makes a lick of sense.

But I’m also fascinated by what unhinged conservatives can come up with when it comes to whining about the president. I’ve seen the right launch some pretty odd salvos at President Obama over the last two years — remember when they were apoplectic for a week because Obama urged kids to work hard in school? — but this is a new one.

West isn’t complaining that the president visited U.S. troops in Afghanistan; he’s complaining about the time of day the president’s plane landed.

The level of Republican silliness continues to reach new depths.


19 thoughts on “A New Year Of Crazy From Republicans!

  1. In this matter West is right. Obama should have either, with all proper support, come in during the day or not gone at all – either one would have worked.

    Coming in under the cover of darkness doesn’t show the sense of bravura needed to inspire the troops – and what other purpose than inspiration – other than political posturing – could such a visit have? It’s not like Obama is useful in a warzone.

  2. What a bunch of bullshit, you don’t think a president addressing the troops in a war zone is inspirational?

    Typical troll bullshit, Jonolan. Military people understand better than you wingnuts how you need to protect the commander-in-chief and whether it is an enlisted man or the CIC, you do it in the safest possible way. A lot of military people travel at night for safety, it’s just the smart thing to do. Only you nuts would contort your views to make this a bad thing.

  3. Except I am, or was, one of those military people and I know how every past POTUS has behaved and has traveled to and from war-zones – and we haven’t lost one yet!

    And no! The POTUS coming in at night just reinforces the idea that we don’t have control of the situation. It might be sound tactics for him to do so, but it’s bad strategy.

  4. Bush made an unannounced Thanksgiving Day visit in 2003 UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS to visit some selected U.S. troops at the Baghdad airport. He was on the ground for a total of 2 1/2 hours where he spent some time serving a plastic turkey to the troops before meeting with four members of the Iraqi Governing Council. Bush never left the Baghdad airport due to security concerns. This report is from Fox News so it has to correct!


    Bush never made a FIRST visit to Afghanistan until 2006, five years after he started his war there. All of his five visits to Iraq and Afghanistan were top secret affairs. The surprise landing in Afghanistan was a deviation from a scheduled trip to meet with heads of state in Pakistan and India.


    The second secret visit to Iraq was on June 13, 2006 to visit with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. On September , 2007, another surprise visit was made enroute to the APEC Summit in Australia.

    As a “lame duck” on Dec. 14/15, 2008, Bush visited Camp Victory in Iraq and Bagram AFB in Afghanistan.

  5. No matter who the POTUS is, it is all political posturing. Obama would have been better off taking his whole family and friends to Hawaii for another vacation at huge taxpayer expense, oops guess he was listening to me.

  6. When you are president, Ralph, you can take your family on a vacation too. Until then, you’ll just have to sit in your underwear in your basement writing snarky, stupid, Fox News comments on liberal blogs. What a great life you lead, Ralph.

    If I were president, I would hope that their would be a couple of perks that go with the job like vacation and at least a 401K or something.

  7. Your circular logic must be biting you in the ass, Jonolan. Doesn’t that hurt. So you really think that visiting troops at the holidays to show your appreciation and support is a “strategy”? Seriously?

    Protecting the POTUS is kind of important, but of course for all you people that really are evil and wish harm on him, it takes away one more chance for a crazy like you to take him out. That has to be frustrating for you all, heh?

  8. Whats funny about all these right wingers is that most of them never served in the military. Thats right they talk all tough but in the end of the day they are the real cowards who never even bothered to join the armed services. Classic examples of this is Atlanta ralph and that idiot Jonolan. Both complete morons who have never served in the military.

  9. It seems our friends on the right have short term memories or selective outrage when it comes to presidents. I didn’t hear the right complain when Bush spent half his term on vacation at tax payers’ expense(not going to mention the fact he stayed on vacation when he got a the infamous daily briefing saying Bin Laden determined to strike) and I didn’t hear the right complain Bush stayed on vacation during Hurricane Katrina.

    Hopefully in 2012 alot of these scum sucking pieces of shit that won in 2010 will be making vacations plans past January 2013.

  10. Jeff, Sorry to disappoint but when you were right out of school in 1966, you went into the military, either via the draft or join another branch like the Air Force. You have no idea what it is like to fly a rock with twins over an area where you were a target but couldn’t shoot back because politicians couldn’t decide which way to turn.

    Johnny C, I am glad you are working toward your GED because you can succeed in life with the right education.Swearing just shows a limited vocabulary but you can work on that.

    I am glad to see Obama look toward someone from Chase/JP Morgan to put in his cabinet. Nice to see he is finally realizing that the people in academics don’t know what to do and that is why they teach. Maybe his pounding and failures will teach him to appoint better advisers. If he keeps this trend going, he can have unemployment down to 9.1 by the end of the year.

  11. Yeah right Atlanta Ralph. Your doubtless a 5 year old boy who never served in the military with the exceptions that your daddy or grand daddy told you. Stop lying about your military service.

    Pisses you off? Than why do you guys do it to John Kerry and others?

  12. Obama didn’t arrive in the middle of the night. Remember it is winter and it gets dark early in December! This is Obama’s SECOND visit to our troops in a war zone in his first 22 months of office. Bush didn’t make his second trip until his 5th year. Even Fox News reported that our President was greeted with enthusiasm by our troops.

  13. One thing Ralph I’m amazed you know what a GED is and two maybe you should actually know the things you’re talking about instead of going on what Limbaugh and his ass plug Sean Hannity tells you.

  14. Jeff,

    Wrong again, sorry to keep doing that to you you really are clueless. We just differ in our opinions. I believe I can take care of myself and my family, you feel you need the government to provide for you. Just a different view.

  15. atlanta ralph: And I know you’ve never been in the military. Your a typical neocon coward. You never served and I you were never even in Vietnam.

  16. Probably had a student deferment to work on his doctorate in climatology at the University of Stockholm.

  17. I emailed “the Boner” letting him know that a majority of Americans elected this president and to keep a Democratic majority in the Senate. I reminded him that the House Republicans need to think twice before they start repealing everything.

    Just got an email back from Boner’s office saying…

    Thank you for contacting the Office of the House Republican Leader. Your thoughts are important to me and are appreciated. Due to the volume of E-mail I receive, it may not be possible to personally respond to your comments. If you would like to share and debate your priorities in real-time with members of Congress and other Americans, please visit America Speaking Out.


  18. This video is disgusting, that the retired Marine Drill Sergeant R. Lee Ermy, who appears now on GEICO commercials as a psychotherapist, uses the occasion of a Toys for Tots rally to call for revolution against our duly elected President Obama. We don’t have coup d’etat in this nation to replace our leaders, we ELECT them.

    I sent $200 to the U.S. Marines for Toys for Tots instead of buying toys for my grandnieces/nephews whose parents are employed professionals who buy their kids all of the toys they need. I’ve written GEICO who has been my ensurer for a couple of decades that I may not renew my policy with them in April.

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