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Dealing With Devils and Julian Assange IS Dr. Evil!

What a drag that President Obama had to deal with those motherfucking Republicans. I personally think he should have let the tax rates expire for everyone and then beat the Republicans over the head with it incessantly. The bitch of the whole thing is that the GOP continues to hold American workers hostage for their rich benefactors. The unemployment extension is a great thing for all those folks who got crushed by the Bush recession and for the fact that it will keep money in the economy…it is much needed, it sucks that it was in exchange for giving tax breaks on income over $250 K. I’m afraid the next two years are going to be hell with the current configuration of our national government. Especially since the idiots in the “firebagger brigade” scream every time the president compromises on anything. Those dumb shits can’t seem to understand how Washington works or more likely, they do understand, but pretend not to so they can beat up on President Obama. He’s not Hillary, you know? He’s not Ralph Nadar, you know?

I’m not a fan of Julian Assange and his rat fink Wikileaks website. I’m sure the trolls out there think it is just because President Obama is in the Whitehouse, which isn’t the case at all. Assange has clearly shown that he isn’t about whistleblowing, he’s about power. He’s about fame…well, I think the man has gone a little bit too far and is crossing into infamy territory. It is one thing to expose atrocities and attempt to bring justice for those that were affected by it, but it is quite another to just dump diplomatic cables into the public sphere that serves no other purpose than to embarrass the United States and other countries. Oh, and fuck with our diplomatic efforts which for the most part is how we prevent wars, establish trading relationships and keep our partnerships cozy in the event of some catastrophe. When I heard about this “poison pill” that Assange claims to have that he will release on the world if he deems it necessary, it sounded an awful lot like Dr. Evil to me, how about you?  Actually, I thought more about the Dreyfus character in The Pink Panther Strikes Again who kidnaps a scientist to build the disintegrator ray to hold the world hostage until Clouseau is killed. I also thought about the old Batman television series, I think there might have been a “poison pill” in one of those episodes. I was reading one of the character assassination pieces that is already springing up against one of the women who is accusing him of “rape” and what did I come across, a link to Firedoglake. Imagine that?

We live in a fucked up world, people. The village idiots have taken over the Republican party and the corporate media is helping them take and keep power. When you add to that, the boneheads on the left like Hamsher, Greenwald and the rest who don’t understand how they are weakening the Democratic party and lessening their chances for ANY progress in the future…things really don’t look very good in the near future. I might have to start drinking.

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Gratuitous Granddaugher Photo

Photo by Extreme Liberal

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Gonna Miss Alan Grayson!

Here is a transcript of a speech by Alan Grayson on the floor of the House of Rep’s. Even though Alan crossed the line a few times in his two years in the house, he was a breath of fresh air in the current political spectrum. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him, though. Enjoy his opinion on tax cuts, H/T to Crooks and Liars

Madam Speaker, we’ve heard endless braying from the Republicans, time after time, demanding an extension of tax cuts for the rich in this country. They tell us that somehow extending tax cuts for the rich will somehow create jobs. When we’ve had tax cuts for the rich for nine years and I haven’t noticed a lot of jobs being created in nine years.

They tell us it will boost the economy well I haven’t noticed that happening for nine years either. So you have to wonder why they persist in this mania, this obsession of theirs that we need to have tax cuts for the rich when the economy is flat on its back and unemployment is almost 10%. I think I have the answer. The answer turns out to be very simple.

They want tax cuts for the rich because they want a tax cut for themselves. What do I mean by that? Let’s take a look at the people who are really in charge, the ones who actually run the Republican party.

Let’s start with this gentleman here, the man with the cigar, Rush Limbaugh. Doesn’t he look happy? According according to Newsweek, he makes $58.7 million a year, and extending the tax cuts means he’ll have another $2.7 million. Mega dittos, Rush, and mega money. Let’s look at the next one.

Here’s Glenn Beck, according to Newsweek Glenn Beck makes $33 million a year as a pundit and extending the Bush Tax Cuts means a cool $1.5 million for Glenn bBeck’s ongoing imitation of Howard Beale from Network. Now let’s look at the next one.

Sean Hannity. Newsweek says that Sean Hannity, this man of the people makes $22 million a year from his act on Fox. And that means the Bush Tax cuts mean an extra $1 million. $1 million for Sean Hannity. Maybe he can afford some anger management classes. Let’s take a look at the next one.

Bill O’Reilly. He makes a modest $20 million a year from his gig on Fox. That means that the Bush tax cuts give him not quite seven figures, nearly $914,000 of extra cash. It’s easy to see why Bill O’Reilly wants to see the Bush tax cuts extended. And I have to say, he’s no pinhead when it comes to that.

And Now, Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has made $14 million this year from cashing in on her fame. In fact, she’s done a better job of turning fame into cash than anyone in American history. $14 million. So she wants the Bush tax cuts extended so she can make an extra cool $638,000. As she was — as she would gesture (shoulder shrug.)

And now on to Newt Gingrich, the man who did such a great job of running America in the 1990’s, he wants a second chance in this decade. Newt if you do to us now what you did to us then, we’ll be in trouble. But Newt Gingrich makes $5 million a year from his punditry, he’ll get an extra quarter million dollars a year. An extra quarter million dollars a year from the Bush tax cuts being extended.

Now let’s go on to the big cheese. George W. Bush himself. The man who got us into two endless war. The man who brought us to the brink of national bankruptcy. The man who gave us $4 a gallon gasoline. George W. Bush makes a cull $4.2 million a year, according to Newsweek. That means that extending the bush tax cuts for George Bush means an extra $187,000 in his pockets every single year.

I have a better idea. Instead of placating these people and letting them spew out onto the airwaves their lies about the Bush tax cut ever revealing the fact that they stand to gain millions, millions of dollars each year from their selfish desire to take advantage of the rest of America, let’s do this. Let’s take that money and create jobs.

All that money that the Bush tax cuts are charging us that can create jobs for three million Americans a year. $30,000 job a fair wage for fair work, a dignified wage for dignified work and a way to — a dignified wage for dignified work and a way to help our economy, a better idea than putting money in the pockets of the rich. The problem is not that the poor have too much money, that’s not the problem at all, it’s that they need jobs. Thank you.

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Bushi-leaks – Diplomacy Equals Peace

I was listening to the NPR show “On Point” the other night on my way home and heard a mention about how SIPRnet came to be and it all came into focus for me. In case you didn’t know, SIPRnet was developed in 2005 by none other than the Bush Whitehouse. It is one more fuckup that was left behind by the boneheads who ran our country into the ground for 8 fucking years. This was W’s response to the criticism of the government intelligence agencies not sharing intelligence. So what do they do, put it all up on a server where even privates in the military have access. What a great fucking idea. When you let the village idiots run the country, you end up with this sort of stupidity.

Now I’m all for our government being accountable and I long for the days when the press actually did reporting, investigating and actually sourced their information and made decisions about how – what they say – may affect people. Not anymore, anything goes these days. Anyone can jump up and down now and get attention from the media…”if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested”…was I the only one who could tell that this guy was going for hits on his blog, his 15 minutes of fame. Well he got it, and more. The media fell for it like it was a kid trapped in a silver balloon flying across the country. Now we have Wikileaks, which is a perfect avenue for any disgruntled employee to dump massive amounts of raw intelligence, opinions, innuendo, trade secrets and yes, wrongdoing within the organization. The floodgates have been opened up, there are plenty more people in the world looking for their 15 minutes and Julian Assange has given them a perfect vehicle.

This latest dump of information is starting to set in with opinion leaders and the knee jerk reactions have gone away, replaced with caution and a better sense of how this will impact the world. My biggest problem with this leak is that diplomacy is like a good thing, the opposite of war in a lot of ways. It’s how we deal with other countries, get cooperation, build relationships that benefit real Americans and the world. Julian Assange obviously doesn’t give a shit about what effect his leaks will have on real people, he clearly has an agenda to damage America and the collateral damage of his leaks don’t seem to concern him. I agree with Hillary Clinton that this latest dump was an attack on America.

I see Assange and many on the left like the “firebaggers” (Hamsher and gang) as anti-everything. It is all black and white, you’re either with us or against us…where do I remember that from? They seem to think everything should be transparent, as if anything that is secret or kept internal to our government is inherently bad, it all must be revealed regardless of the consequences. For people who otherwise seem intelligent, this attitude is completely naive and myopic. It must be dark with their heads so far up there asses.

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How Republicans Ruined Christmas For 1.6 Million People!

Unemployment checks will run out for 1.6 million unemployed Americans before Christmas. That’s a nice big lump of coal from the Republicans who really don’t give a shit about people at all. They are pure evil.

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