President Obama – One Kick Ass President!

From Booman…

The Senate passed a test-vote on START ratification with 67 votes. What this means is that the president is going to succeed in his number one priority foreign policy item in his first two years in the White House.

He also just completed a total repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, and in a manner far superior to doing it by executive order, as many impatient people insisted that he do. He’s going to get the 9/11 Responders bill passed. He is the only president in our history to successfully pass a bill to establish the right of access to health care for all our citizens (not to mention, the subsidies to make sure people can access it).

He’s already the best president of my lifetime and he has six years to go. It’s not even close. I’m basically at the point now where I don’t even want to hear the complaining and griping. He’s about the last person in Washington DC who deserves criticism. When you get done handling everyone who makes his job difficult, then you can get to him. Wake me up when someone has his back on Guantanamo. Wake me up when he can get some money to conduct a trial for an al-Qaeda suspect.

And he did all this with a 60-vote requirement, a Party of No opposition, two shitty wars he didn’t start, a seven million job lost deficit, and a bunch of people calling him a Kenyan socialist Nazi who wants to kill your grandma and turn the country over to Sharia Law.

But he didn’t do x so I guess McCain/Palin would have been just as good and really no different if you think about it.


10 thoughts on “President Obama – One Kick Ass President!

  1. Right the F on EL! I’ll be passing this on to both my pubtard family and my impatient liberal friends — you said it so well.

  2. McCain would have been far worse! He’d never work to change this country and whats worse Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would never have gotten repealed. He would have sought to make the tax cuts for the wealthy permanent. Their is nothing this guy would do to help this country he would have sent it to the dogs.

    I agree with Obama being one of our greatest presidents but unfortunately I don’t think people are going to realize this till its too late and we have some useless dirt bag republican in office again. Than they’ll complain and ask themselves how this could possibly happen while their livelihood gets destroyed.

  3. I just heard Ezra Klein on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show saying that Obama didn’t do ANYTHING on immigration, and he OWES the Hispanic population something for letting them down. Let’s see, the President had two wars, high unemployment, a drowned economy, a fucking oil spill, a pandemic threat, the asshole Republicans, the bullshit media, an ignorant electorate and the rabidly insane “professional” left. Yeah, I think he should have gotten to immigration too – fuckin’ slacker.

  4. Rodger Hodge and Jane Hamsher were on Lawrence O’DonnellLast Word tonight and they can barely stomach the successes of our president these past few weeks. Jon Stewart was given more credit, even! They fear Obama will make even more compromises with Republicans in the coming two years.

  5. I think he is doing a great job. In the four years the democrats have controlled congress, it took a Republican victory to get President Sorento some traction.

    He got rid of Bill Clintons DADT, bout time, demoted Pelosi, got rid of a number of long term Democrat Congress persons. He has passed extended unemployment benefits guaranteeing 9+% unemployment for at least all of 2011.

    He did fail on closing Gitmo because only Detroit wanted detainees and recruiting future democrats by not passing the dream act. Overall I think he is doing well and can take credit for what good will come over the next two years. Then he can go on the speaking circuit with Bill and get really rich.

  6. Cenk is filling for Ed Schultz today and he is having a hard time giving President Obama any credit for the “Lame Duck” accomplishments. I guess Jon Stewart with his couple of million viewers has much more influence than does Obama with his “Bully Pulpit”? If anything, some Republicans may see the good poll numbers that Americans are responding to compromise and bipartisanship as the stronger moderates in the GOP finally showed their mettle and Mitch McConnell comes out looking like he is herding cats.

  7. Yeah I really don’t like Cenk. I was watching his show and I really don’t see Cenk as a progressive at all. He seems more like a libertarian with some progressive ideals but not much else. It’s also really hard to give Cenk any credit for anything other than bitching and moaning.

  8. I read a article in Yahoo today and now have to agree with the rest of you. The “rich” don’t pay their fair share of income tax. The top 10% pay 70% off all taxes and pay 46% of all income. The bottom 50% pay 2.7 of all taxes and 13% of all income.

    It is time to make the “rich” pay their fair share and reduce their percentage of all income to 13%. I knew the Bush tax cuts were screwing the “rich” , just didn’t know how much. Hope the arrogant one will make these changes in the tax code.

    Maybe a fair tax, sorry I forgot fair is not a liberals word the accept.

  9. “111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S.”

    That is a great accomplishment, we should be so proud of your government spending the US into oblivion. They all should be thrown out especially the spend on nothing crowd, in both party’s.

  10. yes obama is the man. don’t you think it’s funny how in the past few months his critics have gone from totally slamming him to praising him and calling him “the comeback kid?” talk about bandwagon jumpers.

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