I just had to say that, sorry. Those 3 fucks have spent two years trashing President Barack Obama over his not moving fast enough, for not acting like a king and issuing an executive order to stop enforcement and basically any other angle they could come up with to trash him. I’m sure they will now laud him and heap praise upon him for the next two years (cough, choke, gag)…I knew you’d like that one. I have a saying I’d like to pound into those 3 fucks heads that I have learned in my advancing years and is completely true, according to Random House, the proverb has been traced back to ‘Piers Plowman’ by William Langland…


I added the “you whiners” part myself, kind of the 2010 version of the saying. I had to, since I was banned from Americablog for basically using that word. Aravosis and his moderator apparently did not like that word and banished me from their….I won’t say it. I also like the Latin version…

Maxima enim..patientia virtus (Patience is the greatest virtue)

Or how about the French…

Patience est une grant vertu – (Patience is a great value)

Chaucer even wrote it in his Canterbury Tales

Patience is a high virtue

Of course the damage has been done by the 3 fucks above and their many minions and fellow haters. And now we have a Republican controlled congress coming soon to a theater near you and how much do you want to bet that everything that doesn’t get done because of it, will be blamed on President Obama?



  1. OMG! What wonderful news to come home to after hours and hours and hours of Xmas shopping for others! Speaking of those others, THEY CAN SUCK IT! SCREW YOU ASSVOSIS, GREENWALD, SAVAGE, AND THE FIRE-GANG-WHO-COULDN’T-SHOOT-STRAIGHT! Your whining over the last 2 years has been pathetic.

    Love you Jim and your patience & rationality! :D

  2. They’ll probably try to make it into a bad thing some how. I can just see it now: “Obama didn’t fight hard enough to make it happen faster.”

    Bunch of low life whining fuck tards.

  3. I went over to Americablog and he had a long list of people he thanked, but from what I scanned, not a single thanks to the president. He thanked as an afterthought, OFA, but you could tell he didn’t want to. What a total asshole Assvosis is, one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever seen.

  4. While this is good news, still pissed in the idea what the next 2 years could have been if these three losers and their clones i.e. Cenk,Hamster haven’t demobilized the base and the Democrats managed to kept the house.

    Instead we gotta watch the House passing wing nut bills and President Obama has to veto them or Darrell Issa wanting to hold invesgation to see what President Obama put on his hamburger

  5. He’s a fool and he knows it! I’m Facebook friends with a few online “popular” bloggers and you should see how they’re acting. Embarrassing to watch them! Almost instantly, one of them tried to squash the great achievement of the Democrats yesterday by trying to push what Gates said: implementation is going to take time. Well, duh! Of course it is! DADT has been the law for 17 years now! Change doesn’t happen over night, but you can’t stop the Debbie Downers from spewing their displaced hatred anyway!

  6. You know honestly I’m not surprised reading on MSNBC about how the Census makes the democrats prospects look grim. Everything nowadays that comes from the media seems to make the republican’s look favorable. Its a depressing prospect but what can you do?

    People continue to follow the big corporations as they’ve always had. Forgetting what Bush did and instead blaming it on Obama. Gee there’s a surprise.

  7. You might add Rachel Maddow to your list of whiners. After one of her shows before the election that was almost entirely devoted to DADT, I could imagine gay voters losing all of their enthusiasm to go out and vote.

  8. Grant,

    I posted a story a day after the election saying that 31% of the gay community voted Republican some of them were saying they were frustrated with the Dems.

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