Petulance Vs. Principle, How Some On The Left Have Lost It!

The Awesome Bob Cesca simply out-did himself with his latest column which unfortunately appears at the Huffington Post. Here is a rare link to that crappy, populist site because Bob is worth it. Here are some of the highlights, but you must go read the whole thing and then close the window….don’t be tempted by the sexy stories on the bar on the right, unless you really need to know about “Elin Nordegren’s New Boyfriend?” Notice the National Enquirer technique of adding a question mark….oh Arianna knows how to sensationalize, doesn’t she. From Bob’s Awesome piece…

Somehow, though, certain progressives don’t get it. They believe the president is betraying progressive principles and deliberately sticking it to “the base.”

First of all, the progressive movement is hardly the president’s base. Most progressive leaders supported John Edwards during the primaries, and many were ambivalent about the president once he was nominated. The president’s base is made up of mostly non-political Americans — many of whom desperately need their unemployment benefits to continue until the jobs return.

Second, stop whining and wise up, progressives. The president isn’t going to pass every last thing on your personal wish list. Just because he compromised on something that you’ve been frantically tweeting about doesn’t mean it’s time to pitch a tantrum and hurl the board game across the room — storming off in a snit.

Like the president said in his presser the other day, our country was founded on compromise and it has continued to this day. Sure compromise pisses off both sides, usually, but in a way that is the definition of compromise. This next piece of Bob’s column gets to the heart of why I have little or no respect for Hamsher and her firebaggers and usually turn off Keith O’s “Special Comments”, they are using Republican tactics while decrying those tactics out of the other side of their mouths, I fucking hate hypocrites.

Last week, Keith Olbermann delivered a Special Comment about the tax cut deal. In it, he predictably eviscerated the president for accepting the tax-cut compromise. Fine. I get it. And I like Keith.

But within the cablecast essay, Olbermann noted how the president engaged in a “preemptive abandonment” of both the public option and single-payer. Regarding the aforementioned and ridiculous notion of running a primary challenger to the president, it’s worth noting here that not one serious Democratic presidential candidate has ever proposed single-payer. Ever. Not the 2008 progressive favorite John Edwards. Certainly not Hillary Clinton. And not even 2004 progressive favorite Howard Dean. And neither did Barack Obama. So I’m not exactly sure how President Obama can “abandon” a policy he never proposed in the first place.

The public option wasn’t “preemptively” jettisoned either. Like every aspect and line item contained within the various health-care-reform bills that were ricocheting around Congress, it was up for negotiation. Every policy within those bills was negotiable. Not just the public option.

Bob Cesca sums it up like no one else can do.

Okay, okay. I’m not making any friends here, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to participate in a movement where so many colleagues have careened off the rails. We’re supposed to be the smart ones, the reality-based people.

And yet, out of some sort of manic-depression or desire for hipster cred, we’ve become overly preoccupied with tearing down the most liberal president in decades using non-reality-based criticisms instead of laser-focusing our efforts and resources on tearing down the real killers — conservatives, Tea Party people and the GOP.


But mainly, enough with the pouting. We have to stop mistaking petulance for “principle” and get something done.


6 thoughts on “Petulance Vs. Principle, How Some On The Left Have Lost It!

  1. Thanks for the blog EL. I have been reading most of the blogs(except the unmentionables). For the life of me I can’t understand these people. Did they honestly think President was going to do everything in one or two years. The republicans have caused so many problems and the media is not calling them out on them. I sometimes think I live in another world than most of the rest of the nation (except for you and a few other people).
    And where are the so called Democrats, including the ones in the House and Senate that can’t get in front of the camera and let the American people know what they have done and talk up what needs to be done and what is really happening the Senate. It’s enough to want to scream.
    Thank you again for your sanity in all of this garbage being put in the media.
    Have a safe and happy holiday season.

  2. I pretty much stopped watching Ed,Keith and Rachael since the deal was struck..While I agree with their dislike for extending tax cuts for rich people and the estate tax but if you listen to them you would thought President Obama got nothing back in the deal. And looking at the nuts that are coming to the house next month this was probably the best deal he could have got from the Republicans.

    I believe the problem in the blog sphere despite the president STILL being popular within the base, they need conflict and ad clicks because outlets like FDL and The Young Turks need revenue so stirring up the base drives up clicks and readership. And others not naming names cough Bartcop are still pissed off Hillary Clinton didn’t win and still think she would handle the Repugs better. Blogs like mine who don’t depend on ad clicks nor I depend on it as my main source of income, so I’m free to express what the majority of the liberal community feel.

    The real villains in this political fight isn’t Barack Obama and the truly progressive Democrats in Washington D.C. it’s the Republicans and their greedy corporate sugar daddies who pour in millions of dollars in their campaign war chest.

    As for Roberta point, I also believe one of the main issues for the Dems were the blue dogs they were so scared of the label liberal and being link to the President and the Speaker of the House(she’s going get that title back after the 2012 election)they ran away from what the Dems did so the Dems didn’t have a united message. And another factor the Dems suck ass in messaging or at least explaining things in one minute or less.

    Now 2012 could be a tough one because those progressives that have a voice in the media are trying to turn this President into a image of that nerd in the school yard that’s get his lunch money taken from him day after day. The Republicans are willingly to let millions of people to suffer for political power and those progressives rather pay the President is a wimp card.
    End Rant.

  3. I suspect much of Obama’s decline in the polls are not actually attributed to the republicans or conservatives which didn’t like Obama to begin with but rather The Young Turds, Keith Olbermann and such. They are the reason that Obama’s taken some hits on popularity because Obama’s supporters listen to them. Or at least we did, (I don’t listen to any of them anymore).

    I think the progressives always lose because we attack each other and never try to work together to resolve the issues within our own party. We need to stop sticking to some big naive principle and understand that compromises have to be made in order to get things done.

    I’ve told my friends that happen to be equally or more progressive than me and they simple don’t get it. They’ll continue to complain and moan when things don’t go exactly their way. It’s kind of disheartening to think that my own party can be so blind sided by ideology.

  4. Just read my post. I think I left out some words in my sentences, I’m glad you all figured it out. I am having snow brain problems here in MN. Just got another 8″ in our area. Yuk. :)

  5. On the day they announced the deal, I stopped watching MSNBC nighttime because I knew I would just get pissed. I tuned in a little last night and saw some of the sanctimony and the claims that he is losing his base, which like I said in a post, is crazy…the definition of the base is those that stick with you. If they don’t stick with you, they ain’t the base. Political neophytes drive me crazy sometimes.

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