Firedoglake, Where Crazy People Congregate For Hate!

I clicked over to the blog that I rail against so much to see what kind of crap they are peddling in the Twilight Zone world they live in over there. The top post read…

Obama Haters Praise His Tax Policies Because They Believe Those Policies Will Make Him Fail

It is really a “bizarro” read (Seinfeld reference), I had a hard time following this ramble which is clearly aimed at Firedoglake’s main audience, the Trolls who like to pretend like they are progressive, but when you read more than one comment from them, you tend to notice a similarity to Fox New’s line of the day or week. I’m going to break my own rule and paste from that piece of shit blog for illustration purposes. This is the first paragraph…

Like the Sirens reputed to lure sailors onto rocks, a series of columnists who want President Obama to fail are praising Obama’s capitulation on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. The motif of these comments has three common characteristics – all designed to destroy the Obama presidency. First, and the chutzpah of this aspect is wondrous, those that hate Obama’s policies are telling Obama he is demonstrating his strength by surrendering on the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy. Second, they claim that Obama “moved to the center” by agreeing to support tax cuts for the wealthy. Third, they claim that Obama’s attacks on his strongest supporters are brilliant politics essential to saving his Presidency.

First off, just like every other Obama-hater (and Firedoglake is the main hater), he makes reference to just the tax cuts for the wealthy, no mention of the tax cuts for me or you, or the unemployment benefits in the package or the EITC for poor people or the myriad of other things bundled in the package. No, if you didn’t know better, the bill was purely tax cuts for the wealthy. Second, who are all these “series of columnists” who want President Obama to fail? He mentions Dana Millbank, someone who has gone off the rail in many liberals minds, thus his stupidity on this issue. The only other “columnist” he mentions is Mark Penn, and I don’t really think Mark is a columnist by trade. He’s a bad political consultant from what I have observed. The author lists 3 common characteristics of these “comments” by this “series of columnists.” I won’t waste time replying to all 3, they are quite a reach. I’ll just take the last one, which made me laugh out loud, seriously. “Third, they claim that Obama’s attacks on his strongest supporters are brilliant politics essential to saving his Presidency.” ROFL….. STRONGEST SUPPORTERS, that is some funny shit. In the President’s press conference the day after the agreement was announced, it wasn’t his “strongest supporters” that he was blasting. It was the assholes like almost every blogger at FDL that he was blasting, hardly his strongest supporters. This fits with their constant reference to themselves as “The Base”…and as I wrote in a previous post, the only thing they are the base of is a big pile of shit.

His attack on Penn has some merit, Mark Penn has said a lot of stupid shit over the years, why should we be surprised by this. I doubt that his motivation is to make the President fail, he really believes the shit he peddles in my opinion. Penn does touch on some truth in his statements though, and anyone who is realistic about winning elections…appealing to independents and moderates…will see some truth in what he says.

By becoming reverse tax protesters (chanting “raise taxes”), the liberals are sending out all the wrong messages to a country that overwhelmingly backs the key elements of the bipartisan deal the president struck.

I know the hard core partisans on the left don’t have a problem with saying “raise taxes”, in fact, I say it myself. But if you are trying to appeal to a majority of voters in the country, you really should keep those thoughts to yourself and your fellow “hard lefters.” This really gets to the heart of what the President said so eloquently in his press conference the other day, that we can all stand on our principles and do absolutely nothing for the American people. Accomplish nothing, not help a single person on unemployment, not a single poor person wondering how they are going to feed their family, not a single business that may be able to hire a few of those unemployed folks….nothing, nada. But goddamn it, we have our principles….oh, and our nice jobs, cars and homes. I don’t think Jane Hamsher is going to wonder about how she is going to pay the rent, or feed her family. But she sure is quick to say fuck people with pre-existing conditions, fuck the unemployed, fuck the poor, fuck those children who now have health care, fuck them all….my principles are more important than real people. Check out this link, courtesy of Nicole at Political Ruminations, if you want to know more about how Hamsher rolls.

Here are the final two paragraphs of this post at FDL, tell me this guy isn’t out of his fucking mind, I dare you. There are more twists and turns in logic, my head was spinning just trying to follow it. I’m sure it made perfect sense to the firebagger trolls who simply look for buzz words and grunt. (emphasis on stupidity contained is mine)

Cumulatively, these questions lead to a disturbing inference. The Milbanks and Penns of the world invest the time to spin these fables because they think that senior members of the administration hate liberals so badly, and are so desperate for compliments, that they will fall for praise from people that hate them and want them to fail. They hope that the administration will take their advice and destroy itself and the Democratic Party by adopting policies that harm the nation (by making already record income inequality even worse) and require Obama to betray his campaign promises. It’s hard to conceive of a nastier insult to the administration – they’re convinced that Obama and his senior staff are uniformly incompetent.

The ideal result for supporters of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy is to get them extended in a manner that allows Republicans to escape from the suicidal bargaining position they were in on holding taxes for 98% of American taxpayers hostage and blocking the extension of unemployment benefits, in a fashion in which the Republicans get to take primary credit for all of the tax cuts, and while causing the President to betray his campaign promises and launch an attack on his strongest supporters – an attack taken word-for-word out of the Republican playbook. That is precisely what they’ve achieved. They did not achieve the result through brilliance and they cannot achieve it without cowardice and ineptitude on the part of the Democrats.

The first paragraph and the highlighted portion in particular, is just pure horseshit. He must have shoveled that from the bottom of the pile that they are at the base of. It speaks for itself really, no need to rip that one apart. My favorite part of the second paragraph is the part where he returns to the idea that the President launched an attack on “his strongest supporters”…ROFL again, every time I read it I can’t help myself.

To me it is just bizarre how these publicity whores have succeeded in convincing the cable news networks that they are “the base.” They aren’t the fucking base, no way no how. The definition of “the base” is people who stick with you through thick and thin. I am part of the base, been donating to Democrats since I had my first job. I know that sometimes I have to plug my nose with some candidates, but that whole “lesser of two evils” really does apply. Anyone who just defaults to “they are all the same” aren’t paying close enough attention. Republicans consistently suck way worse than Democrats. I pick the less sucky, personally.


One thought on “Firedoglake, Where Crazy People Congregate For Hate!

  1. First and the chutzpah of this aspect is wondrous those that hate Obama s policies are telling Obama he is demonstrating his strength by surrendering on the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy. Second they claim that Obama moved to the center by agreeing to support tax cuts for the wealthy. Third they claim that Obama s attacks on his strongest supporters are brilliant politics essential to saving his Presidency.

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