Instead Of Whining – Olbermann, Schultz and Hamsher, Maybe You Ought To Listen And Learn!

This is my favorite part from President Obama’s press conference from yesterday about the deal he just cut with the Republicans. It’s the part that pissed off the “amateur left”…formerly the “professional left” and caused them all to throw themselves prostrate on the floor, kick, scream and cry bloody murder. These self appointed people who claim to be or represent the “base” are full of shit and the only thing they are the base of is a big pile of shit…the media. Get them my president…

That is so fucking awesome. A civics lesson for the neophyte blowhards that are completely full of themselves, yet when I mention their names to any of the hundreds of college students I come in contact with weekly, they say “Who the hell is Ed Schultz” or “Isn’t Keith Olbermann that guy with the giant head on MSNBC”….or “I don’t know who you are talking about.”

Thank you President Obama for getting what you could get before the Evil Party takes over in January. The real base understands that you didn’t want to do it, but had no choice. Keep on doing your job and fuck the talking heads who at this point are muffled because their heads are so far up their asses.


11 thoughts on “Instead Of Whining – Olbermann, Schultz and Hamsher, Maybe You Ought To Listen And Learn!

  1. I thought the great part was when he said every economist agrees that leaving the tax cuts in force will result in jobs, private sector jobs. You would think democrats don’t want private sector jobs to be created only government jobs are what they are after.

    It is good to see the leader realize who creates jobs in this country and try to help the job market.

  2. Wait, did Obama really compare his giveaway to rich people to the ending of slavery in this country @2:59? What a fucking tool.

  3. Do you have trouble with the English language. He didn’t say anything like that. I’m not wasting my time responding to you and if you type anymore racist bullshit, you’re gone.

  4. I love, love, love this clip!! And it just reinforced everything I’ve thought all along.

    Did you see Krauthammer’s quote on this on my blog, extreme? I am hardly a Krauthammer fan, but when he’s right, he’s right. Check it out if you get a chance. It’s my last post today.

    Great post, Jim!!

  5. I’d really love it if you could explain why:
    1. That isn’t what he was comparing it to.
    2. How what I said was racist. Keep in mind you do not know my race.

  6. Still waiting on hearing an explanation of how my comment was racist.

    Also when calling his deal a “compromise” and then recalling that the country was built on compromise (and stating a couple of examples, one of which was the institution on slavery in our constitution) he was absolutely comparing his “compromise” with previous historical compromises (like slavery). But you state that he didn’t say anything like that. Please explain what I’m misunderstanding.

  7. Joe chiming in again for an explanation into your charges that my above comment was both mistaken and racist. Please enlighten me as I have repeatedly asked you to. It has now been 6 days since your original charge.

  8. Sorry Joe, like I said, I’m not wasting my time helping you through your problems. If you find anything in that clip where he compares anything, transcribe it for us and then I will talk you through it. I watched it twice more and I think you might have watched a different clip or more likely, heard what you wanted to hear, not what was actually said.

  9. Keith Olbermann is coming back on TV, accepting a deal with Al Gore’s Current TV network. I have never seen that network and not sure it’s even available on COMCAST which has a monopoly over most of Houston. Think I am going back to Direct TV anyway.

    Current TV is considerably less accessible than MSNBC. Current TV is available in only about 60 million homes, and is usually provided only on the digital tier of cable systems, which requires a separate receiver. MSNBC is available in 95 million homes and is almost always available as a basic cable entry.

    Current TV has about 23,000 prime-time viewers compared to the over a million KO had while on MSNBC.

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