The Deal In Graph Form – The Cup Is More Than Half Full!

From Steve Benen, THE MAN, in my opinion.

And here is Steve’s explanation of the chart.

I thought I’d go ahead and create a visual for this. The left column shows the cost of the Republicans’ high-end tax cuts in the deal; the middle column shows the cost of President Obama’s progressive priorities like an extension of unemployment benefits; and the right column shows the cost of the tax cuts for those making under $250,000, which both parties generally supported. (The y axis is in billions of dollars.)

And this sentence was also in the post, gotta love real progressives.

Tim Fernholz asked rhetorically, “Was anyone else expecting a $450 billion stimulus this year? Me neither.”


Instead Of Whining – Olbermann, Schultz and Hamsher, Maybe You Ought To Listen And Learn!

This is my favorite part from President Obama’s press conference from yesterday about the deal he just cut with the Republicans. It’s the part that pissed off the “amateur left”…formerly the “professional left” and caused them all to throw themselves prostrate on the floor, kick, scream and cry bloody murder. These self appointed people who claim to be or represent the “base” are full of shit and the only thing they are the base of is a big pile of shit…the media. Get them my president…

That is so fucking awesome. A civics lesson for the neophyte blowhards that are completely full of themselves, yet when I mention their names to any of the hundreds of college students I come in contact with weekly, they say “Who the hell is Ed Schultz” or “Isn’t Keith Olbermann that guy with the giant head on MSNBC”….or “I don’t know who you are talking about.”

Thank you President Obama for getting what you could get before the Evil Party takes over in January. The real base understands that you didn’t want to do it, but had no choice. Keep on doing your job and fuck the talking heads who at this point are muffled because their heads are so far up their asses.