Quit Your Damn Whining, Democrats, and Help The President Fight!

Nicole at Political Ruminations has a post up that gives some perspective to the deal the President just struck with the Evil Party. It has to suck to be in a Whitehouse that has no one to cover their backs, no one to help you put up the good fight against the lockstep Evil Party, no one to help you sway public opinion, no one to help explain nuance….but a whole hell of a lot of people who point fingers at you, call you names, are impatient and lazy and who are still bitter that an unknown black guy swooped in and won the presidency. From ABC, courtesy of Nicole…

“We wanted a fight, the House didn’t throw a punch,” a senior White House official tells ABC News, pointing out that for months before the 2010 midterm elections, President Obama was making the case against the Bush tax cuts for wealthier Americans. “The House wouldn’t vote before the Senate, and the Senate was afraid they’d lose a vote on it.”

“It was like the Jets versus Sharks except there weren’t any Jets,” the official said. “Senator Schumer says he wants a fight? He couldn’t hold his caucus together.”

“This isn’t a debate in a lab somewhere,” the official continued. “People’s taxes were going to go up, and then we were going to have a Senate with a slimmer margin and House under Republican control.”

Another senior White House official said that under the new Congress, it was likely all the White House would have been able to get as a concession was maybe seven months of extended unemployment insurance, as opposed to the current deal — with a payroll tax reduction, business write-offs for investments, and continued child and college tuition tax credits.


11 thoughts on “Quit Your Damn Whining, Democrats, and Help The President Fight!

  1. It is a total sham. The government just spent a ton of your money and gained nothing.

    Where is all the talk about deficit reduction, less government waste and less government spending.

    The republicans got what they wanted, no tax hike for the “rich” and Obama got what he wanted, increased government dependence. The American public go what they normally get, screwed by both parties.

    Pass the fair tax on pass the reforms the deficit committee drew up. Both parties are disgusting in their treatment of the American Taxpayer.

  2. E.L.

    It seems outside Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes every progressive talk show host has whined about this deal. Ed and whomever that dude who fills in for the first couple of minutes of his radio show were calling it a caved in.

    While I don’t like extending tax cuts for rich bastards it was this or nothing at all for those in the middle class and those unemployed. I said this on Democratic Underground and few other places on Facebook so I’m going to say it here the reason President Obama has to cut deals like this with the Republicans is because the so called progressive base stayed their whining asses home and let the Republicans regained the house.

    If the Dems had kept the house and picked up some senate seats this deal wouldn’t be happening and President Obama and the Democrats would have time to craft a prefect bill. But as usually when some progressives don’t get everything they want, they respond by taking their ball and running home or they vote for some dickhead running on the Green Party side.

    Going back to the whining that’s going on in this so called progressive media, really someone ought to tell Ed Schultz to shut up, because if he had his way i.e. standing firm and saying no to this deal those people he says he’s fighting for wouldn’t got jack shit in the next congress.

    While this deal isn’t prefect Thom, Hamster, Huffy Post, Ed,MSNBC night time line up and super douche Cenk had to take the blame on this one, because they were the ones that demobilized the base which resulted in the Democrats losing the house and losing some seats in the senate which has resulted in this president cutting a deal like this because he’s not going to get anything when the nuts take over next month.

  3. Thank you for point this all out. I wish this post would go viral. I could not believe the vitriol coming from the left on MSNBC Ed Schultz and Adam Green are really way out there. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Thanks for a sane sight to go to.
    Even Balloon Juice commenters have gone nuts. It’s enough to may you get a major upset tummy.

  4. Johnny C,

    It is those rich bastards that create jobs and pay the vast majority of taxes to support those who choose not to contribute.

  5. They’ve had tax cuts for 10 years, Ralph, where are all the jobs? Like we have told you many times, we’ve tried your stale Republican ideas and they didn’t work. Why would you want to keep trying something that has failed. Oh yea, that’s right, you are brainwashed and don’t know any better. I’m sorry, Ralph, I forgot.

  6. EL, the unemployment was very low until 2007 and some of that can be attributed to the tax relief. January of 2007 was a historic day because that is when things started going to hell.

    What would be a fair amount for the “rich” to pay in taxes. They already pay 32% to federal and the upper 10% pay 80% of all income taxes. Please let me know what would be a fair amount. Let me know why the “rich” should support people who are happy to live off the system and never look for work. Let me know how fair it is for a small business owner shows a profit of $300,000, pays taxes of $100,000 on the $300,000 and puts all the profit back into his company to help it grow. If he has a loss, he takes the burden on his own and the government doesn’t come to him and give him $200,000 to stay in business.

    Compare that to someone who chooses not to work and than gets a check every month and a tax refund for not paying taxes.

  7. Typical troll response, change the subject. The question was HOW MANY JOBS DID BUSH’S TAX CUTS CREATE? Is it easier to read in all caps, Ralph?

    Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both explained on This Week how rich people don’t decide to invest or not based on tax cuts. They pulled the curtain back on the rich people and exposed them. Two of the richest men in the world, now I’m sure there is a reason why you would discount them. Good luck trying to sell that one.

  8. It is a real stretch to compare Gates, Buffet and Soros to the Democrats idea of “rich” (250K per year). In a small business earning 250K means you can keep the doors open, not be rich.

    How many jobs did Bush’s tax cuts create. No way to tell but the unemployment rate was very low (until 2007). How did the “stimulus” money work out. Not well because unemployment is on the rise even with seasonal jobs being created. The “stimulus” program did create 60+ jobs for Republicans but it was a wash because 60+ democrats are now going to be lobbyists.

  9. You never cease to amaze me, Ralph. Where exactly did you read in my post a comparison between Gates, Buffet and of course you had to add Soros like a good Fox-Bot….to people making $250K. Where…..do you even read the posts or the comments or do you just copy and paste from Fox News website? Every time you comment Ralph, you show how misguided you are in your thinking. Exhibit A.

  10. “Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both explained on This Week how rich people don’t decide to invest or not based on tax cuts.”

    Gee can’t imagine where I got Gates and Buffet as an example of “rich” BTW I don’t watch Fox but I know you won’t believe that. To me, getting opinions and news from Fox is like getting opinions from MSNBC, NPR or CNN. They are all too slanted to give an unbiased opinion.

  11. OMG. I’m so glad I found this post. I have been SO upset with the progressive media lately. I can’t put it into words. Listening to Maddow, Schulz, etc etc, you’d think Obama had committed treason, and was just giving the house away. STOP your useless whining, you crazy people. Don’t you see that you are just undermining the whole cause. Who do you think benefits from your constant bickering? Do you think Obama can just do anything and has just decided not to? I am going to stop watching MSNBC until they change their tune. If I keep listening to them, maybe I’ll get disillusioned and decide to take my vote and go home too. But I refuse to buy into the negativity and cynicism. I will behind Obama 100%. There is no other horse to ride here.

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