Bushi-leaks – Diplomacy Equals Peace

I was listening to the NPR show “On Point” the other night on my way home and heard a mention about how SIPRnet came to be and it all came into focus for me. In case you didn’t know, SIPRnet was developed in 2005 by none other than the Bush Whitehouse. It is one more fuckup that was left behind by the boneheads who ran our country into the ground for 8 fucking years. This was W’s response to the criticism of the government intelligence agencies not sharing intelligence. So what do they do, put it all up on a server where even privates in the military have access. What a great fucking idea. When you let the village idiots run the country, you end up with this sort of stupidity.

Now I’m all for our government being accountable and I long for the days when the press actually did reporting, investigating and actually sourced their information and made decisions about how – what they say – may affect people. Not anymore, anything goes these days. Anyone can jump up and down now and get attention from the media…”if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested”…was I the only one who could tell that this guy was going for hits on his blog, his 15 minutes of fame. Well he got it, and more. The media fell for it like it was a kid trapped in a silver balloon flying across the country. Now we have Wikileaks, which is a perfect avenue for any disgruntled employee to dump massive amounts of raw intelligence, opinions, innuendo, trade secrets and yes, wrongdoing within the organization. The floodgates have been opened up, there are plenty more people in the world looking for their 15 minutes and Julian Assange has given them a perfect vehicle.

This latest dump of information is starting to set in with opinion leaders and the knee jerk reactions have gone away, replaced with caution and a better sense of how this will impact the world. My biggest problem with this leak is that diplomacy is like a good thing, the opposite of war in a lot of ways. It’s how we deal with other countries, get cooperation, build relationships that benefit real Americans and the world. Julian Assange obviously doesn’t give a shit about what effect his leaks will have on real people, he clearly has an agenda to damage America and the collateral damage of his leaks don’t seem to concern him. I agree with Hillary Clinton that this latest dump was an attack on America.

I see Assange and many on the left like the “firebaggers” (Hamsher and gang) as anti-everything. It is all black and white, you’re either with us or against us…where do I remember that from? They seem to think everything should be transparent, as if anything that is secret or kept internal to our government is inherently bad, it all must be revealed regardless of the consequences. For people who otherwise seem intelligent, this attitude is completely naive and myopic. It must be dark with their heads so far up there asses.


2 thoughts on “Bushi-leaks – Diplomacy Equals Peace

  1. Nice rant Jim! The Fireteabaggers don’t want to be reminded how much of a shitpile President Obama was left to deal with! I’m looking forward to the bank document dump. Should be a good time seeing how soulless those who screw Americans over really are!

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