How Republicans Ruined Christmas For 1.6 Million People!

Unemployment checks will run out for 1.6 million unemployed Americans before Christmas. That’s a nice big lump of coal from the Republicans who really don’t give a shit about people at all. They are pure evil.


9 thoughts on “How Republicans Ruined Christmas For 1.6 Million People!

  1. I was just on Bob’s site and some of the commneters have became so emo… it’s seriously pathetic.

    They are going on and on about President Obama wanting to be partisan. I stated that there were polls that showed voters wanted that. Someone called me out about missing that information.

    I provided 4 links backing up my info and you know what was said?


    The liberal blogosphere is becoming smaller and smaller.

    And we have the repugs voting against extending benefits and what do liberals whine about? The President’s putting up appearances to work with republicans.

  2. Wait a minute I thought that this was what people wanted! They wanted republicans to run everything and complained nonstop about the democrats not doing anything. When they did try something and it got blocked by the republicans they some how blamed the democrats.

    What people fail to mention is that diplomacy is simply not working. Its a sad state of affairs. It’s not the democrats that don’t want to work with anyone its the republicans yet some how people say neither side wants to work with each other. I guess people are great at deluding themselves.

  3. So how long should unemployment continue? Should it be never ending and just be a precursor to welfare?

    Unemployment was established a supplement to people laid off not a way of life. There are jobs available, just not what people want.

  4. Piggy backing on your thought, can we finally get Democratic Underground booted from the progressive blog sphere? Seriously you got dicks over there talking about well I’m not going to vote for President Obama or asking him to step aside and let someone they feel worthy of support run.

    Honestly Democratic Underground should be called self righteous whining bullshit underground. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have a opinion but at least have an educated opinion. The House Dems passed over 400 pieces of progressive legislation yet these so called real progressives repaid them by sitting at home on election night.

    Again people like Thom Hartmann and the rest of Pourtage Inc are filling these people heads by comparing President Obama to presidents that never existed or playing if I was President I will kick the Republican ass and pass whatever I want game.

    I have to admit when I go job hunting on various job sites I always have our local progressive station on in the back ground now other than Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes I stop listening to Thom and Ed I either watch something on Netflix, listen to sports talk and I don’t know where in Michigan EL is but I tuned into 100.3 and listen to Christmas music.

    What ticks me off about this say if President Obama loses the same people who chose not to vote for President Obama will be the same people complaining the loudest about that Republican president.

  5. wonder how you would feel if you lost your job and your benefits. Wouldn’t feel so hot I’m willing to bet.

  6. A comment by our favorite TROLL Atlanta Ralph was deleted because he disparaged a reader, he can’t seem to control himself for some reason. He is abusive to people like a true Republican. I don’t know why I let any of his comments through to be honest, because he can’t seem to stop attacking people who are just trying to discuss things.

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