Limbaugh Craziness, THE STIMULUS WORKED WELL and Tom Delay Goes Down (so to speak)!

Sorry for the gaps in posting lately, I’m going to have to do less commenting and more pointing to other bloggers who don’t have two full-time jobs. I’m hoping to have some leisure time over the holidays where I can do more of it.

Rush Limbaugh’s latest craziness and history re-write was covered pretty good by Neiwert at Crooks and Liars and Bob Cesca.

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly has several excellent posts up, if you don’t have him bookmarked, you’re crazy. Here Steve talks about the purification of the Republican Party that has been underway and continues as we head toward 2012. Steve also posts about how stubborn those pesky facts are. THE STIMULUS WORKED VERY WELL AMERICA.

And how about this for irony, Tom Delay was taken down by district attorney who just happens to be a lesbian.