Enhanced Pat Downs, Body Scanners And The Arrogance Of The American People!

I’m sure I will piss off almost everyone with this post, but I’m telling it like I see it whether you all agree or not. “Bring it on!” :)

I don’t give a shit if someone has a black and white, negative image of my naked body. If someone, somewhere gets off on it, good for them. Something has to get them off, right? Give me a break, people, you can’t even recognize faces in the images and if I really wanted to look at pictures of naked people, I would go to one of the many millions of porn websites like The Huffington Post, where I can see them in color, with real skin and everything. If there is a small group of people who get off on these negative images, who gives a shit, really? There are people that get off on fully clothed people too, should we all get naked so those people don’t get off on it. Let’s do it, everyone get naked.

When it comes to the “enhanced pat downs”, I think we should all just deal with it. If it makes some people feel uncomfortable, so what. Who ever said that everything in life should make you feel comfortable. If you’ve ever traveled to Israel or many European countries, you’ve felt this discomfort before. It passes and if it doesn’t, there are other issues that you should probably deal with before deciding to get inside a big metal object that flies thousands of feet above the ground and can be taken down with a small explosive stuffed in someones underoos. Put on your big boy underwear and suck it up. Hell, if the TSA person looks good enough, I might like a little “enhanced pat down”…embrace the pat down, my new motto.

I see this latest populist outrage as just another sign that Americans really think they should be able to have their cake and eat it too. If someone were to actually pull off an “underpants attack” like was attempted last Christmas, what do you think the populist outrage would be then. The sky would begin to fall in and President Obama and the TSA would be completely at fault. People would be asking why we can’t do it like Israel does. People would be telling stories of how lax security at airports is, what an outrage it is that we can’t even protect people who fly. You know it is true, Americans blow in the fucking wind like a damn wind chime…constantly making noise and going whichever way the wind blows. The biggest hypocrites in this regard are the Republicans, of course. Their outrage is particularly nuts, because unless you have been in a cave for the last 10 years, these are the same people who defended warrantless wiretapping, detaining un-charged prisoners indefinitely and starting a fucking war in Iraq for no good reason. And now all of a sudden, they are defending civil liberties, give me a fucking break.

When people say it is an invasion of privacy to get patted down or have a full body scan, I want to ask them how purchasing a ticket from a private company, a choice that is made by the consumer that comes with stipulations, constitutes an invasion of privacy. There are stipulations on all sorts of purchases we make, especially when it can cause harm to others…guns, automobiles, motorcycles, alcohol and many other things that people would claim an invasion of privacy on. Hell, when I went to see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I had to go through a metal detector on the way in and on the way out, almost had my video camera confiscated because I tried to get a shot of the cool set when I was walking out. I was in their private space, and had to play by their rules. I see walking onto an airplane in much the same way, if I want to fly, I have to go through a bunch of hassle to do it. If I want to get to New York in 2 hours instead of 12, I’ll put up with whatever they want to do to me.

The last thing I’ll say about this is that I don’t care what other people have between their legs, but I don’t have ANY junk between mine. I have a precision instrument down there and if someone wants to grab it, they should at least kiss me when they are done.


8 thoughts on “Enhanced Pat Downs, Body Scanners And The Arrogance Of The American People!

  1. Most of the outrage now is coming from the REICH who kept silent about government wire-tapping (which I find much more invasive).

    Faux News even blurs out the “naked pictures” which other networks have not done!


    John Tyner is supposedly a Libertarian (tea bagger?) so his protesting is suspect IMO plus he will probably make some money off his “Don’t Touch My Junk” t-shirts and bumper stickers.

  2. bah I don’t fly but if its necessary so be it. I don’t think its right but thats simply the way its going to be for awhile. Get over it.

  3. Rep. John Mica (R-FL), who has received $81K in political donations from private security groups, and no surprise wants to disband the TSA and privatize airport security. He touts the Israeli system which can take up to 4 hours to clear their security. Matthew Yglesias from the Center for American Progress recently spent 3 hours getting through Ben Gurion security. He remarked…

    “My experience leaving Tel Aviv was by far and away the most unpleasant encounter I’ve ever had with airport security officials in a decade.”


    I was subjected to a full pat down in a booth with a curtain hanging over the door at Ben Gurion Airport twice in 1975 when I was employed in Israel on an IDF base construction project. I was touched all over but was never “groped” (a term our MSM seems to love using) which would mean some tugging and pulling was involved. As I may have said before, I was also forced to play my harmonica, the full musical scale and told to both suck and blow. Gee my Hohner could have been a bomb. Also got a couple give me a round of applause which got some glaring looks from the inspectors. What bothered me most was an inspector opening the back of my 35mm camera ruining a few frames of pictures I had on film.

  4. The good ole’ MSM, taking a serious issue and using words like “groped” and others.

    That John Tyner has played the media from the beginning. I can tell from the audio that he had it all planned out, it was a publicity stunt that the media fell for hook, line and sinker. Balloon Boy anyone?

  5. Our local media types (often the worst “journalists”) are camping out at George Bush Airport here to get opinions over the security measures. One woman was livid as Delta Airlines won’t refund the $1100 worth of tickets she purchased in September to fly their family to Alabama for Thanksgiving. She says her family will now drive the 12 hours to go there as she has told her children all of their lives to never let a stranger “touch them” and she refuses to let “the government do it now!” She demanded that since she wasn’t using her tickets, that Delta should give the money to charity.

  6. Everyone has three choices
    Go through a scanner
    Get a pat down

    It’s not like you have to fly and if you want to be safe, put up with it. The media has blown this way out of proportion. Few people get a pat down and fewer have any issues with it.

  7. From Jen Young, who’s comment somehow ended up on a different post.

    I completely disagree. Although, I agree with nearly all of your political views (in fact, I think I fell in love after I read “about you”).
    You say “big deal” and I say “yes, it is a big deal”. I am and always have been a very modest person even though I have always had a pretty nice bod and an otherwise loud mouth. I live in Germany and the porno scanners don’t come close on the ‘uncomfortable’ scale, imo. I don’t care that they don’t know me- I *know* that ‘someone’ is looking at ME- all of me. You talk about freedom, but I don’t have the “freedom” to choose to fly on an airline that doesn’t use them. I’d take my chances any day rather than be subjected to the porno scanner. I’d also take the pat down any day, as well. So, if the “enhanced” pat down is as effective as the porno scanner, why waste all that money- that we don’t have, that was supposed to go to “pay” people to work- on those ridiculous pieces of technology? How did ‘they’ get away with being able to use stimulus money to ‘buy’ them and thus put more of ‘our’ money into the pockets of that wealthy tech corporation? Respectfully, SoCal Girl in Germany

  8. I think the most problem I have with this whole mess is the TSA. They are a product of the knee-jerk American people. Im with you, I dont care who sees my junk (lol) hell, you want the weblink? but I do have issue with having some random dude feeling me up without a kiss, dinner, or a reach-around. If I have a problem with Uncle Pervy and I react negatively then what? Im thrown in jail and slapped with an $11k fine. Yes I chose to fly, but at the cost of my dignity and my right to say not him, what if I want the Pam Anderson look-alike? (at least throwin a bone wouldn’t be an issue) Oh yea and to be an underwear-bomber you first have to wear underwear! Duhhh!

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