The Huffington Post – A Stolen Idea!

Arianna with her buddy Newt Gingrich

Politico has a long piece up about a lawsuit brought by two Democratic consultants, Peter Daou and James Boyce which claims that the idea for The Huffington Post was stolen from them. A while back, I did some research into Arianna Huffington and came across some rather revealing things about Arianna and her MO. The most glaring of these was her teaming up with Newt Gingrich in the early 90’s to help bring about Gingrich’s Republican Revolution, oh and apparently she’s still hanging with him. I’m old enough to remember that bullshit and have always been skeptical of Huffington and see her as an opportunist. Her new book, no plug here, attempts to play on people’s fears about the economic crisis. I hope to find time to write about that soon, she’s been not so subtly appealing to the angry people in the country….there’s money to be made on that anger, you know? From the Politico piece…

The complaint is a direct challenge to the left’s most important media property from two stalwarts of the progressive movement. And it challenges Huffington’s own oft-told story of coming up with the idea in conversation with Lerer and other friends.

“Huffington has styled herself as a ‘new media’ maven and an expert on the effective deployment of news and celebrity on the Internet in the service of political ends,” says the complaint. “As will be shown at trial, Huffington’s and Lerer’s image with respect to the Huffington Post is founded on false impressions and inaccuracies: They presented the ‘new media’ ideas and plans of Peter Daou and James Boyce as their own in order to raise money for the website and enhance their image, and breached their promises to work with Peter and James to develop the site together.”

It certainly doesn’t surprise me to read this, that’s what Republicans are all about, making money on the backs of other people. It completely fits with her opportunistic MO. She is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Every time I hear her introduced as a liberal, I do a spit take with my coffee or Lipton Diet Green Tea…and we all know how painful that can be. She is no liberal, she just shifted her “mark” to liberals. She saw the pendulum swinging away from conservatism with the election of George W. Bush and saw a great opportunity to capitalize on it. Recently, it seems she is jealous of all the money Glenn Beck and his sorts are making off the anger on the right. I see her book as a blatant appeal to those people, she want’s some of that money too. More from Politico…

Lerer, a former AOL executive who once worked as a spokesman for junk bond king Michael Milken, later involved other Internet gurus – the marketing expert Jonah Perretti, and Drudge collaborator Andrew Breitbart – in their launch, and Daou and Boyce aren’t the first to contest the Huffington Post’s lineage.

“I created the Huffington Post,” Breitbart told Wired in March, prompting Huffington to reply that he “wasn’t present” for the initial 2004 meeting.

Can you even fucking believe it, Breitbart was there at the start of The Huffington Post. Now that speaks volumes in my mind. Andrew Fucking Breitbart working with Arianna, and of course this is after she supposedly saw the light and became more progressive….cough, spit. I remember seeing her talk on C-SPAN in the early 2000’s and thinking, wow, a conservative who’s seen the light and grown. As I continued to watch her speak, I had a sense about her that she was slippery. She talked around a lot of issues, was very slick in her appeal to liberals, playing on their dislike for George W. Bush, using clever put downs of him to gain acceptance. I have to admit, I was digging what she was saying, I disliked ole’ W. about as much as anyone. But even then, I was cautious because of her slickness. It was only after I started getting pissed off at the misleading headlines on her site that I started doing some digging and discovered the above links.

Booman, who was the source of the Politico link above, wonders why The Huffington Post is considered left…

Is the Huffington Post the “left’s most important media property”? Really? Because I have never opened the Huffington Post unless directed there by someone else. I have almost never linked to them (probably less than a dozen times in six years). I don’t think I’ve ever been to their home-page. I think if they were really so important, I’d find I couldn’t blog effectively without knowing what was going on there. But, for the most part, the Huffington Post doesn’t even exist for me. It’s like the Drudge Report. I know it exists, and occasionally someone points out to me that they have some interesting material, but that’s it. And why is the Huffington Post considered a left-leaning site? I don’t consider Arianna Huffington to be left-leaning. She’s a critic of President Bush and the current brand of know-nothing politics of the right. But she’s certainly no liberal. Above all, she’s a business woman and a celebrity. She’s not a part of any movement I am aware of. I’m not knocking her, but I just don’t get why her site is supposed to be important to the left. For what?

I used to frequent her website until I noticed a change in course and their turning on the President. I was often sucked into the misleading headlines which many times didn’t reflect was in the actual article, a blatant bait and switch of sorts. She is very good at making money off people’s emotions, I suspect she will continue to do well in that regard. I just won’t be a part of it.


19 thoughts on “The Huffington Post – A Stolen Idea!

  1. Arianna married gay conservative Republican Michael Huffington who claims he told her he was bi-sexual even before they were married. Michael’s late father, Roy, was a billionaire Houston oilman, a big contributor to Republicans and President George H.W. Bush rewarded his “oil patch” friend with an ambassadorship to Austria. Roy helped bankroll his son’s campaign for a congressional seat in California where Michael was successful. Michael spent much of his family money again to run against Senator Diane Feinstein in California and lost in a close election. Then Michael came out of the closet with a male lover and Arianna divorced him.

    She was a conservative while a student at Cambridge:

  2. Amen, Amen. I used to watch her a lot on the MSM. but I can hardly stand listening to her now. She is a piece ow work that lasy is., And she is on MSNBC all the time. Yuk.

    Welcome back, I have missed your posts. Glad to hear you got your contract and are going to be a busy man.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hard to believe that ONCE AGAIN, Bristol Palin after receiving the LOWEST votes from the professional judges on “Dancing With The Stars” got enough teabagger call-in votes to stay on for another week beating out a better Brandy. Goes to show you that the little teabagger minds care less about how qualified someone else…they vote for CELEBRITY.

  4. I think HP turned on Obama within the first three months of him being sworn into office. I avoid anything directly Arianna like the plague, but she does have some good writers over there. You gotta ignore the headlines though, or you’ll be too pissed off to get anything out of the story. Bob Cesca is a must read every Wednesday, and I like Sam Stein a lot.

    Grant, I told ya a couple weeks ago that Bristol is gonna win. I’m telling you, I just knew it from the moment they announced her. I’ve watched this stupid show every season, and few have made me as angry as this fiasco going on right now. All of the tea party votes are going to her while the rest of the voting public is split between all the other contestants. I don’t think she can be beat.

  5. Extreme

    I wonder what’s your take on Michael Moore’s appearance on “Real Time” last Friday night? Again I have no problem with people being critical of President Obama but damn it seems they want symbolism more than actual progressive legislation. Stephanie Miller and Hal Sparks had a point it seems the reason that the base wasn’t fired up you got people on our side talking down the accomplished.

    Hell how can President Obama take credit for things get pass when progressives are also taking a shit on them? I refuse to believe folks like Thom Hartmann don’t know how government actually works. Sure Barack Obama is president but damn he can’t just say I want this and the Democrats go holy shit yes sir, right away sir. And think about all the misplacement rage some on our side because of them, the House Dem did their jobs they passed truly progressive legislation and they still paid the price for it from the progressive community. It was the senate blue dogs dems that let the Repugs play every card they had to gum up progress.

    From the Cenk Uygur videos I watch he rarely brought up that fact all I saw was video after video whining about the Dems caved in..Is there somethings I wished President Obama had done? Yeah. But I know there is no quick fixes and real progressive change happens over time.

  6. Johnny you are so right. I have had to turn my TV off and the radio because of the Sh#t that has been spewed. But to have our own do the crap they did to our President is just shameful. There are times I can’t even watch Rachel because she goes off on a tangent on the DADT and blames it on Obama. I know most of them have good research staffs but they sure don’t always say what really happens. I like Obama and have supported him and will do so again. I will work for him in 2012 also. There are times I think I need to start taking some Zoloft to get me through some of this yuk. If not for sights like this and The Field, I would go nuts (or nuttier) LOL.
    Have a good day. Off to get my neck straightened and a massage need the RR.

  7. I always get the podcast of Bill Maher’s show and I’m not sure if that one is up yet on iTunes. I don’t have HBO yet, coming soon once I get that big advance check on the next project. It drives me absolutely nuts watching so-called progressives blame the obstruction by the Republicans on President Obama. It’s like they fucking skipped 7th grade civics class and don’t even know how our government works. They live in a little fantasy world where all a president has to do is wave a magic wand and all is well. Hillary Clinton is president in their little fantasy world. I swear that nearly 100% of the progressives carping at President Obama were Hillary supporters, sore fucking losers. They never intended to support this president and because of that, I think they should be kicked the fuck out of the progressive left. Tell them to piss off and start their own fucking political party where they can whine all they want and show us how they can pass things through the Senate with 51 fucking votes.

    I’m trying to do my part to smack those motherfuckers upside the head. Call them out for their undermining of liberal principles, and educate them about how the fucking process works. YES, it sucks to compromise with assholes like Mitch and Boner, but doing absolutely nothing while the world crumbles around us isn’t exactly a great option either.

    I’ve stopped watching Morning Joe, as most of you have probably read. But I do still watch Rachel, Keith and Lawrence…even though they piss me off sometimes. When they get stupid, I switch over the “Jersey Shore” or “The Kardashians”…not really, but I might just as well. It’s just as stupid.

  8. I just checked for the latest Real Time and it’s not up yet. I’m sure it will piss me off, the last time I saw Michael Moore on Keith’s show, I put a post up with a lot of expletives as I recall. I think I mentioned how I had a chance to meet him and I passed. He gives progressives a bad name.

  9. Real Time will be on hiatus until mid-January.

    Blue Dog Rep. Boren (D-OK) was on MSNBC today saying he had voted against Nancy Pelosi (noted that Smerconish like other MSNBC talking heads had been campaigning against Pelosi).
    Boren said he wanted to extend ALL of the Bush tax cuts and says Obama has to move from the left back to the middle! Wish Boren had been one of the Blue Dogs to have lost his seat but imagine he suits his Oklahoma constituents quite well. That state prides itself as being the “buckle of the Bible belt”.

  10. It’s not only that Obama gets blamed for not getting his message out by the left, the most aggravating part is that they are the very ones stepping on this “message”. We’ve got an electorate that is barely paying attention, but what they do hear every fuckin’ day from the left and the right is bitching about how much Obama is fucking everything up. If you’re that person that’s not really tuned in, it would be fairly easy to assume he must be screwing up since EVERYBODY is mad. THAT is what has worn me down with the political talk show/blog environment – blaming the man for the shit storm they caused and getting positively aggrieved and anguished if Obama or anybody on his staff mentions publicly that they are huge flippin’ whiners and nothing will ever make them happy politically. (I’m looking directly at you Arianna Huffington, Cenk Uygur, Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher)

    Jeez, imagine if Obama had the solidarity in his party that any Republican leader seems to get without fail. Imagine if fuckin’ 60 had really meant 60 and not a shakey 53 or 54. Imagine a Senate without that goddamned filibuster bullshit. Hell, imagine a damn minority party actually participating in governing and not willing to kill the fuckin’ country so they will be able to re-take control. Imagine a stinking media that actually reported facts and where a lying, manipulating, controlling conglomerate like Fox News could never exist. For the magic act that so-call progressives wanted Obama to pull off, he would have had to have all of the above from DC and the rest of us would have remembered that he said repeatedly that this shit would be hard and he couldn’t do it by himself. The majority of us voted in November 2008 and have sat on our ass ever since while the Tea Party took it to the streets and got real loud about what they wanted. They yelled, we whined, they won.

  11. I’ve been telling people it’s the blue dogs Democrats that’s been holding up progress, that’s why President Obama has to reach out to faux moderate Republicans like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe for votes. Think about all the progressive bills the house passed under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership only to see them to get dragged out or killed in the senate but instead of getting the base more motivated to least save the House Dems collective bacon these progressive outlets crapped on them all.

    I never understood this when right wingers get mad at the Republicans they go look for new Republicans but people on our side instead of finding new Democrats that might represent their views they either sit home on election night and bitch or they vote Green and then bitch.

    I was a Hillary Clinton supporter and I was disappointed that she lost but I understood if John McCain and the hot female version of George W. Bush wins we’re all be screwed and from recent actions i.e. having to pick two supreme court justices and saving the auto industry proves we made the right choice by voting for the current president.

    As for Michael Moore the thing grind my gears about him is that he has the money and the connections to fund a true progressive media outlet.

  12. I joined a Coffee Party group near NASA which was supposed to be a CIVIL answer to the Tea Party. However, we didn’t dress up in crazy costumes and raise hell in public so never could get local media cover. Also, I was most disappointed that the majority of the nearly 4 dozen who showed up at the first meeting were mostly senior citizens, many of us veterans of the civil rights and anti-war demonstrations of the ’60’s. There was no YOUNG blood! I was appointed to the committee to meet with Rep. Ron Paul’s administrative head here at his district office. I was a bit put off how the others on the committee only came up with softball questions to relate on to DR. Paul (as everyone referred to him). I imagine Ron Paul was really SCARED of our movement which has dwindled with few showing up for meetings now.

  13. Today, Dylan Ratigan played a trailer to a movie, The Minority Report which makes one want to give up on Democrats!

    Of course Dylan was saying before the election to vote out ALL incumbents which of course would mean a Republican majority in both houses and he got half of his wish.

  14. I can see a scenario where Obama will not run in 2012 and Hillary will “reluctantly” run in the primary. Was this a plan all along?

  15. It’s not only that Obama gets blamed for not getting his message out by the left, the most aggravating part is that they are the very ones stepping on this “message”.

    This. Landmark legislation that is going to change the social fabric of the country for the better and all they can do is talk about how Dems are failure and sell outs because they didn’t meet the PL litmus test. That’s like booing every time your team scores a touchdown.

  16. Dylan is a fraud but a lot of people over on Democratic Underground(I believe the reason for that is because he gives Cenk Uygur a forum)and few other progressive sites believes his bullshit. I heard him on Olbermann before he got his show and he was echoing that false equivalency crap.

    I agree Staci comment, here’s a example of that Ed Schultz is talking down the health care bill that was passed and the same show he was shocked Democrats were running away from it. We know the Republicans will shit on the health care bill but when you got progressives talking it down no wonder people don’t have a firm grasp of it.

    Here’s where I disagree with EL on this one I don’t think a lot of these people are pissed off Hillary Clinton supporters, I think a lot of these people expects President Obama to be the left wing version of George W.Bush. I don’t know what driving folks like Thom Hartman.

  17. Chris Hedges calls out Arriana….

    If Huffington has a conscience, she will sit down when the AOL check arrives and make sure every cent of it is paid out to those who worked free or at minimal wages for her over the last six years, starting with Mayhill Fowler, the blogger who broke the “clinging to guns and religion” story about Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign and spent two years writing and reporting without a salary.

    “She strung me along for two years while I repeatedly asked for funding for three projects, and then I quit,” Fowler told me from Oakland, Calif., as I spoke with her by phone. When Fowler, whom the site nominated twice for a Pulitzer, finally resigned last year in disgust, Mario Ruiz, the spokesperson for The Huffington Post, acidly told Yahoo News: “Mayhill Fowler says that she is ‘resigning’ from The Huffington Post. How do you resign from a job you never had?”

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