Busy Day Open Thread

Today is my crazy busy day, so I won’t be able to post much. Consider this an open thread if anything is on your mind. I might find a minute later to put something up but don’t count on it. :) In the meantime, enjoy another photo.

Photo of Bryce Canyon by Extreme Liberal


5 thoughts on “Busy Day Open Thread

  1. The REICH-wingers spent $65 MILLION in advertising against the San Francisco LIBRUL and FEMALE Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Notice that some of talking heads on MSNBC are campaigning to stop her from resuming her leadership role, too, IOW joining in with Republicans. Pelosi has been one of the most successful speakers in our nation’s history moving hundreds of bills through the House. Some of the comments I have seen from trolls out there are purely sexist and maybe even homophobic since they love to associate her with San Francisco. I hope she sticks to her guns and keeps her role.


  2. What is with people being so anti-Pelosi? It’s almost like they are this way and they don’t even know why. I think she’s stuck to her guns and got quite a bit done over time. I guess I’ll never figure out the American people (sigh)

  3. Tea Party websites such as conservatives4palin.com and Hillbuzz.org have shown readers how and where to vote, have helped keep an untalented Bristol Palin in the running on Dancing With The Stars, even though she has received the lowest votes from professional judges in six episodes of the show. Hillbuzz editor Kevin DuJan has been promoting her DWTS run since the season’s debut in order to give Sarah Palin a lot of free TV face time. He has bragged that he personally voted for Bristol “hundreds of times” via 40 e-mail addresses. “Each address is allowed to vote 10 times. You can also telephone. You can easily vote hundreds of times if you want to take the time to do it,” says DuJan. This website talks about how one can game the ABC voting site recording hundreds of votes:

    BTW, Jane Hamsher on MSNBC saying the TSA pat down is “unreasonable” and “creepy” suggesting that CONGRESS members should be subjected to pat downs. She says that buying these body scanners was a waste of Obama’s STIMULUS money and they give off dangerous levels of radiation.

  4. Fast movement from the right to privatize airport security going for the lowest bidder by security firms. Rep. John Mica (R-FL) who will soon head up the transportation committee in the Republican House is pushing this privatization. Micah has received $81,000 in donations from PRIVATE security companies. Follow the money.


    In 1975, when I worked in Israel I underwent “pat downs” and thought little about it. I was briefly touched but not groped as one hears about now on American TV. Even heard a couple of US men complain then they didn’t get a “happy ending”! And the many Christian pilgrims going to the Holy Land, the Orthodox Jews and Muslims flying El Al didn’t seem to mind. This wasn’t too long after the Munich Olympics massacre and everyone felt more secure flying as a result. As far as I know there have been no terror attacks on El Al in decades. According to an El Al representative on Keith Olbermann, that airlines doesn’t do pat downs anymore, opting more for profiling. Of course, folks would complain about profiling here, too.

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