The Angry Wheel Gets The Grease

Apparently all you have to do these days to get the media’s attention and dominate cable news coverage is to get really angry and make a lot of noise. I propose that we liberals and progressives start getting angry, protesting, showing up at Republican town hall meetings and getting loud. If the media has changed how it does business by only caring about those who are angry, let’s get fucking angry. I propose that during this last election their was a lot of anger remaining from the Bush demolition of our democracy, but somehow all those people got lumped in with the Tea Party people. It’s very similar to lumping all the people who supposedly didn’t like the health care bill, some who thought it was pure socialism and some who thought it didn’t go far enough towards socialism.

Melissa Harris-Lacewell made a similar point last night on The Last Word about so called “independents” that seem to all get lumped together when in reality, you have independents who are all over the political spectrum. Think Bernie Sanders….he’s not in the middle of Democrats and Republicans, he is clearly to the left of Democrats. I guess it boils down to the fact that journalists in general aren’t very bright and like to simplify things, it’s easier for their little brains to wrap around simple ideas. I return to my refrain about the media using polls as crutches, it’s just easier for them to spit out a story when they can just regurgitate poll results. One of my favorite signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear says it all…“A poll about a fact is NOT news!”


8 thoughts on “The Angry Wheel Gets The Grease

  1. Watching Cenk Uygur on MSNBC with guest John Aravosis, both angry with Democrats for not having backbone, and for J.A. both Obama and Reid not strong enough on repealing DADT, saying the president should quit trying to go with Congress and just issue and Executive Order.

    Note that the right-wing Newsbusters is taking issue with Cenk calling George W. Bush a war criminal so I do credit Uygur for not backing off his comments on the EX:

  2. Dylan Ratigan is really hard on Obama today, thinking he was ineffectual and equates BOTH Democrats and Republicans as being bought by special interests. Thought for a minute I was watching Fox!

  3. Off topic but Bristol Palin, who consistently gets the lowest scores from the judges on Dancing With The Stars, got enough teabagger call-in votes AGAIN this week to now be in the remaining 3 couples. The Palins seem to have hypnotized the idiots in America. This week there was video of Bristol practicing in front of Todd and Sarah.

  4. Hey, Jim. I’m back from the abyss. I hope things are going well.

    Grant: I hate to break it to you, dude, but I think Bristol is going to win. I’ve said this since she was announced; those fuckin’ tea party folks are gonna make sure she wins. I wish they would change the rules of the show to voting for the person you want to see leave. :-)

  5. I never watch dancing with the stars. Too boring and it seems pretty rigged, Bristol making it as long as she has is blind proof of that.

  6. When you consider that 28 of the “Democrats” who lost to Republicans were “Blue Dogs”….voting like Republicans anyway, did the Democratic Party really lose as many seats as is being touted? However, losing the speaker’s role, and chairmanships of committees does hurt the Democrats. Now we get to see what Republicans want to achieve change and the so far elusive “HOW”! It was so easy just voting “NO”. Looks like Rep. Issa just wants to waste time with subpoena after subpoena.

    “Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.”
    – Harry S. Truman

    The “YOUTH vote”, those between 18 and 29 really cost Democrats this time with only 20.9% bothering to go to the polls compared to 23.5% in the 2006 Mid-terms. This was far below the 50% of “youth” who voted in 2008. Those young voters who did turn out last week overall voted 56% Democratic and 40% Republican with the remainder going Green or Libertarian.

    In “blue”, or Democratic Party states, turnout was around 18 percent; in “red” or Republican states, it was 22 percent, and in so-called “purple” states where candidates from both parties were locked in a tough fight for the House, it was 23 percent, according to a Tufts University study.

    BTW, notice that the AFP referenced above places the comma above OUTSIDE the quotation remarks when an actual quote is not involved. When I did the same here recently, a right-wing troll (now deleted/banned) tried to blast me on my grammar, calling me an “illiterate fuck”!

  7. I think if Issa does play the subpoena game, it will help swing the pendulum back to the left, people hate that shit after the Clinton years. At least people old enough to remember it.

    How true about the Blue Dogs, you have to wonder why the media isn’t running a narrative about how people rejected the conservadems and how it shows that “The American People” sent a message that they want liberals in office. :) (sarcasm intended)

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