I Feel Great, I’ve Stopped Watching Morning Joe – Please Join Me!

I made the decision this morning to NEVER watch Morning Joe again. I’ve been tuning them out a lot over the last few months, see many previous posts about why they are so bad. I’m now watching American Morning on CNN and I kind of like it. They actually talk about news stories, they have real Democrats on not just Jonathon Capehart and Harold Ford Jr. who smooch Joe’s ass all morning. Or Mike Barnicle who may have a few progressive leanings, but is clearly not a Democrat at all.

I feel fucking great not having watched the propaganda this morning, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I realized that Morning Joe was ruining my attitude for the entire day, it kind of set me off on the wrong track. Just like when I quit smoking 10 years ago, I just made the decision and did it. I will not be turning them on ever again and it feels great. I highly recommend it to you all and I have to give some credit to Roberta in MN for helping me to see the light. Thanks Roberta, I feel like a million bucks. :)


12 thoughts on “I Feel Great, I’ve Stopped Watching Morning Joe – Please Join Me!

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this issue. I have not watched any of the Morning Joe since election day. In fact I have switched off most of the MSM and just using the internet to keep up on what is going on in the world and the US. My stomach and nerves have been much better. In fact I think my blood pressure has gone down. LOL. I will keep reading your post and a few others, but not glued to the internet either. Time to start catching up on my regular scheduled programs. It’s munch saner entertainment. I hope others do the same. It’s called a Boycott.
    Hugs to all the Liberals and Progressives that voted on the 2nd and shame on the ones that didn’t.

  2. I haven’t watched Morning Joe much mostly due to the ever present Pat Buchanan, who was one of the main architects of Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” which actively invited racist Democrats to make a new home in Party of Lincoln. We have been paying for this “strategy” ever since where race and religion have been effectively used as wedge issues by the bigots in the new GOP.

    Smarmy Joe “Dead Intern” Scarborough, however, is the main reason I don’t watch, a “know-it-all” who talks down any guest not sharing his world view. Mika is about as much of a “liberal” foil to Scarborough as Alan Colmes (and now Juan Williams) are to the fascists at Faux News.

    I try to avoid Dylan “Johnny-One-Note” Ratigan, too, whose show is about “banksters” and is another long-winded “expert”.

  3. Why were you watching it in the first place (not a flame)?

    My sister watched it, she liked it, and told me about it, about a year and a half ago.

    I watched it (and also sent her info about an article about the staffer found dead in Joe’s Congerssional office in Florida), but not for long.


    I learned Joe is partisan, thin-skinned, has a problem with women (I used to feel sorry for Mika Brezinsky [sp.], now, if she wants to be abused on national television, it ain’t my problem), and loves yes-men.

    Oh, and he ain’t that bright.

    I sleep in when he comes on; I feel a lot better.

    I think my sister has given him up, too.

    I’ve given up on the on-air-pundits; I’ll get my information on-line (newspapers, blogs,etc.).

  4. “I feel fucking great not having watched the propaganda this morning, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I realized that Morning Joe was ruining my attitude for the entire day, it kind of set me off on the wrong track.”

    -I know the feeling; I got it watching Keith Olbermann one night in April, 2009; he was complaining about what President Obama didn’t do (I think it was something legislative, something Congress should have dealt with), and I felt my blood pressure rise.

    I haven’t watched him since (and my blood pressure is just fine, thank you).

  5. Did you notice how he calls woman “woe man”….and man he has a temper if anyone challenges him. Carl Bernstein did the other day and Joe turned bright red, his lips became even thinner than normal….you could see smoke coming out of his ears.

  6. I have no patience for Trolls anymore, I’ll try to keep their comments out of the discussion without having to moderate every comment, which sucks for some people.

    If they wanted to contribute to the discussion, that would be one thing, but it’s all about abusing people to them, must be a sad existence.

    Thanks to all you who do contribute to the discussion, you all rock.

  7. Well I never watch morning joe… Never had the urge for that matter I don’t care for MSNBC at all. I go on their website but it seems like overwhelmingly they have articles that are ridiculously slanted, maybe not as bad as FOX but almost as bad.

  8. I know this is an old post, but I was so disgusted this morning after tuning in to MJ, that I started googling ‘Stop watching morning joe’ and stumbled on this. I’ve just had it with Joe S and his ranting and raving – especially when he started on wanting sequestration. What an idiot. Ever since Willie Geist left, MJ has become even harder to watch. And Mika honey – you don’t help women by posing with you legs in the air next to a disinterested Joe. I’m done with Morning Joe and feel as fucking fantastic as you do!

  9. As my mom always said, different strokes for different folks. I love Morning Joe and have been watching since 08. It’s taken me a while but my hard core left leaning wife not only loves the show but starts her day at 6 by hurrying up to turn the plasma on. I like the roundtable discussions, the occasional right wing guest, and the fact I do hear both sides. Faux news and CNN just don’t cut it for me. Even my Asst. DA son loves Morning Joe’s show. I enjoy all the MSNBC hosts of the various shows. Often times, having their station run from 6 AM to 10 PM. (I work from home)
    Call me crazy, I don’t care. I won’t call the few that don’t like Morning Joe crazy.

  10. Got up early enough to catch “Morning Joe” and looks like he is trying to “out-Benghazi” Faux News with the word SCANDAL repeated over-and-over sometimes with “Clinton scandal(s)” being used by Scarborough who was always wearing a grin. Joe even showed two new RNC/American Crossroads anti-Clinton video ads where Hillary doesn’t answer the “3 a.m. phone call”. You’d think that Mrs. Clinton had already announced a run in the 2016 presidential campaign.

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